Genus of the word corn

Spelling word corn at all times caused difficulties. This was due to the definition of the form of the case and what kind of relationship: she or he (the gender of the female or male).

Often it is mistakenly attributed to the male. The fact is that before and really there were fluctuations between the masculine and the feminine.

No one person puzzles how to properly express their thoughts.

Genus of the word corn


One of the main sources of interpretation of the word is the etymological dictionary, which explains the origin of the word. It is believed that the word corn takes its the beginning of the word mozol, which existed in the pre-Slavic era. Means this word is centuries ago Node, Influx, Growth on a tree in the form of a cone. Gradually name switched to education on the body of an animal or person.

Determination of gender

Corn – a female noun, rather than masculine, but quite often it is mistakenly attributed to masculine. In order to find out why the corns in the genus are female, we find out how they used to write this word.

Writing an ancient word Mozol reveals the secret of the kind of the word corn. In the ancient word there is small letter b. it not a soft sign, a very short pronunciation sound a (and the letter was called yer). It turned out very seem to be on word Corn, but over time, the brief sound “a” turned into a softening sign. That’s why right check callus – she’s mine (feminine), it is correct to say: a sore corn, a large corn, a favorite corn.

In a word stress put on second syllable: corn.

Derivative words

From the word corn formed many other words.

  • Nouns: callus (monkey’s ass), corns (small corn), corniness, callosity, callosum (condition from an adjective), corns (hard work), corns and corns (beggars), callus and cornsweeper (those who callus callosum), callosity ( noun from the verb callous).
  • Adjectives: corn (what refers to corn), callosal and callosum (covered with corns), corn-bearing (as hard as corn), cornspine and calumus, corns (affinity of corns and corns).
  • Verbs: Callus (rub callus), Callus (annoy).

Genus of the word corn

how the word is written and changed Corn and corn when declining:

Genus of the word corn

Compatibility with adjectives

Adjectives are combined with the word corn painful, watery, bone; participles rotting, healing, healed, rubbed, descended, bursting other.

Phrases and sentences

Make up the most common phrases now it is easy: a painful callus, a bone callus, a pressing corn, a rubbed corn. In sentences It will sound like this:

  • The nurse handled a burst corn.
  • The corn that hurt brought pain and discomfort.
  • Looking at the bloody callus, I want to cry.
  • Over time, he forgot about the corns, causing burning pains from the slightest touch.

After a short excursion into the Russian language, for many the problem of speaking and writing about corn will cease to exist, which we are very pleased about.

BUT for babies on this topic you can watch cartoon, how to say the word corn: https: //

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