Gastritis remedies

Gastritis – Causes of Illness – Symptoms and signs of gastritis. Acute and chronic gastritis of the stomach.

Gastritis – This is a disease in which the gastric mucosa is inflamed. The mucosa is inflamed in response to irritation – the action on the stomach of damaging factors: chemicals, infections, high or low temperatures The reasons 1. The bacterium Helicobacter pylori, 2. Malnutrition (irregular, with chemical food additives, too spicy, hot, with spices, smoked meats, canned foods, pickles, lack of protein, iron, vitamins, transmission) 3. Stress 4. Smoking, alcoholism. 5. Some medicines 6. Accidental use of acids, alkalis 7. Improper work of the immune system when mucous membrane of the stomach is exposed to an attack of the immune system (autoimmune gastritis)

Gastritis of the stomach can be acute and chronic. Acute gastritis develops rapidly and is a consequence of infection of the gastric mucosa Helicobacter pylori, or other bacteria that enter the stomach when taking poor-quality food infected with pathogens. Also, an acute form may develop after ingestion of chemicals (acids, alkalis, alcohols, drugs). Acute gastritis can turn into chronic because of the frequent recurrence of the disease, with poor treatment, prolonged exposure to irritating mucous substances. Chronic gastritis develops as a result of acute gastritis or as an independent primary disease. Symptoms of chronic gastritis for a long time may not manifest. With a long chronic course of the disease, the cells of the stomach that produce gastric juice are replaced by connective tissue (atrophic gastritis). Chronic gastritis occurs with exacerbations and remissions.

Symptoms of chronic gastritis 1. stomach pain on an empty stomach or after a meal, 2. nausea after eating, heartburn 3. constipation or diarrhea 4. Unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Symptoms of acute gastritis 1. nausea, vomiting after eating 2. weakness, dizziness, sweating, tachycardia 3. diarrhea 4. heaviness in the stomach

Types, symptoms and treatment of gastritis From the conversation with the doctor of the Institute of Emergency Care. Sklifosovsky, gastroenterologist. Vladimirova E.S.

There are many types of gastritis – atrophic, allergic, phlegmonous, erosive, autoimmune. They are also divided into chronic and acute. Gastritis can occur on the background of low and high acidity of the stomach. Means of treatment can be divided into three types: on helping with any form of gastritis, helping to treat gastric gastritis with high acidity, and means of low acidity. Here is the most universal recipe (but it works better still with high acidity): before meals three times a day, drink decoction of dried paprika (1 tablespoon of herbs per 1 cup of boiling water). After eating, eat 1 tsp. ground into powder bluish blue roots. Sushenitsa relieves spasms, quickly heals wounds on the walls of the stomach, cyanosis has an enveloping and soothing effect. That is, this recipe is able to treat gastritis in all directions. Collecting herbs with increased acidity of the stomach: calamus root, yarrow, mint, nettle, chamomile flowers – in equal parts. Collecting herbs for gastritis with low secretory activity: St. John’s wort – 3 parts, plantain leaves, immortelle inflorescences, wormwood, calendula flowers – 1 part each. Both of these collections brew and take on the same scheme. Brew 1 tbsp. l with the top of collecting a glass of boiling water, hold for 15 minutes in a water bath. Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals Universal remedies and herbs for the treatment of gastritis of any kind with any acidity: sea buckthorn oil, calendula, nettle, shepherd’s purse, yarrow, bed-bed – these means accelerate the healing of the gastric mucosa. Althaea officinalis, flax seeds, plantain, dagil, calamus swamp (powder from its roots is taken after eating 1/4 tsp.) – these folk remedies for treating gastritis when preparing decoctions and infusions give a large amount of mucus that envelop the mucous membrane and protect her, reduce heartburn after eating. With high acidity, the juice of potatoes is good, take it should be 100 g 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals. It is better to take potatoes for the treatment of gastritis with a pink skin. With low acidity aloe juice is useful, it is simply squeezed out of a piece by the movement of fingers and mixed with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. Take on 1 tsp. 30 minutes before meals. Leaves should be taken from a three-year plant and kept in the dark in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. (HLS 2004, №22, p. 6-7)

Gastritis Treatment of gastritis with folk remedies according to HLS recipes.

These simple folk remedies for treating gastritis have helped many patients to cure the stomach. The main thing here is willpower and perseverance, if you started treatment, then you must complete the course, not missing a day

Simple treatment of erosive gastritis with alcohol Buy 250 g of pure medical alcohol. Eat 1 tbsp. l butter and drink oil 2 tsp. alcohol, then drink 2 raw eggs. Do this every day in the morning on an empty stomach. When the alcohol is over, gastritis of the stomach will be completely cured. (HLS 2000, №15, p. 20). Another folk remedy with alcohol: in the morning on an empty stomach to drink 1 tsp. alcohol, then 1 tsp. good honey and 1 tsp. butter. Breakfast is possible only in 1.5-2 hours. The course of treatment is 1 week. With the help of this recipe for a week the woman managed to cure gastritis, which she had with numerous erosions (erosive gastritis). (HLS 2007, number 20, p. 32).

How to treat gastritis by the Chinese method This popular recipe for treating the stomach helped a woman recover from surgery to remove stomach cancer, brought by her relative from China. It also helps to cure gastritis and stomach ulcers. It is necessary to take 7 components of 1 glass: beet juice, carrot juice, cocoa powder, interior pork melted lard, melted butter, sugar, honey. All components are placed in a clay pot, mix and put in the oven (in the oven) at a temperature of 30 degrees for 7 days, smearing the neck of the pot with dough. After that, drink 1 tbsp. l Once a day in the morning on an empty stomach with hot milk. An hour after taking the funds you can have breakfast. (HLS 2000, №19, p. 20)

Folk treatment of gastritis plantain Brew dry or fresh plantain leaves, insist night, wrapped. Drink 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals in a 0.5-1 glass. Plantain infusion is drunk very easily, has no side effects, it is guaranteed to cure gastric gastritis with a plantain. (HLS 2000, No. 19, p. 21)

Flaxseed in the treatment of gastritis folk remedies A young woman was diagnosed with gastritis. Cure gastritis helped flaxseed. 1 tbsp. l flaxseed without top to brew in the evening with 1 cup of boiling water, after 5 minutes, mix and leave until morning. In the morning drink an infusion on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast. The course of treatment of gastritis 30 days. Then a month break. In total, it is necessary to conduct 3-4 such courses. With this recipe, you can also cure a stomach ulcer, colitis, constipation. (HLS 2000, №23, p. 19) Acute gastritis will help cure flaxseed. 1 tbsp. l seed infuse for 1 hour in two cups of boiling water, drain. Take 1 glass 2 times a day, in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime. (HLS 2004, №4, p. 23)

Wormwood treatment Bitter wormwood should be collected before flowering, during budding, only the tops of the plant should be collected. Fill the jar to the top with wormwood, pressing it lightly, but not tamping. Pour vodka or 40% alcohol. Close the jar tightly, wrap in plastic and bury it in the ground for 10 days. Then strain, bottle, store in the refrigerator. To cure gastritis or stomach ulcers, take 1 tbsp. l tinctures 30 minutes before meals, 3 times a day, seizing 1 tbsp. l butter and 1 tbsp. l honey Course 10 days, after 20 days, repeat the course. The man spent only 2 courses to forget about the pain in the stomach, and before that often lay in the hospital, healing ulcers. (HLS 2001, №4, pp. 12-13)

Serum in the treatment of gastritis A 26-year-old woman got gastritis with low acidity to cure him; she was advised to drink milk whey for three months. She bought 2 liters of milk every day, threw black bread into the milk and squeezed milk on the windowsill on the sunny side. After draining the curd, all the whey was drunk during the day. Saw serum for three months, not missing a day. As a result, gastritis was gone, and the stomach was fine until old age. (HLS 2001, №6, p. 16)

Gastritis remedies

How to treat gastritis serum and oats The woman had gastritis with severe pains, even an ambulance had to be called. All this lasted until a relative sent a popular recipe for treating gastritis. It is necessary to take 5 liters of fresh good milk, put in a warm place, so as to become sour. Heat sour milk, do not bring to a boil, fold the cottage cheese. In the whey, boil the washed oats in the ratio of 5: 1 (approximately 900 g of oats). Oats cook in an enamel saucepan for 3-4 hours on very low heat. After cooling, strain, add 300 g of honey and 125 g of alcohol to whey. Keep refrigerated. Take 30 g (room temperature) 15-20 minutes before meals. It is necessary to drink 3 such portions, i.e. use 15 liters of milk. (HLS 2002, №24, p. 18,)

Chronic gastritis – folk treatment of amanita. The woman was diagnosed with chronic gastritis, saw pills, tried to treat gastritis in the hospital, but the pain still returned, the stomach was sick both day and night. One summer, an acquaintance, an honored doctor, came to visit her in the mushroom season. She said that the fly agaric treats many diseases, including the stomach. Thanks to the fly agaric, the disease was cured, and the stomach has never been sick since that summer for 4 years. Here is the recipe for gastritis treatment: dry the young amanita, cut the dried mushroom or break it into small slices about the size of a little fingernail. Every morning from autumn to spring every day on the empty stomach in the morning to eat one small piece of the mushroom. Familiar and relatives at first were wary of this folk remedy, but soon they themselves began to treat various diseases of the Amanita. (HLS 2001, №13, p. 6)

Folk treatment cedar oil The woman’s doctors recognized gastritis with high acidity, there were suspicions of an ulcer, and the symptoms of gastritis were severe: nausea, heartburn, and spasms. We had to strictly adhere to the diet, otherwise there was severe pain in the stomach. It helped to cure gastritis and stomach cedar oil. Every morning a woman took cedar oil on an empty stomach and 1 tbsp. l and 1 tsp. each time 30 minutes before meals. Gradually, all the symptoms of gastritis are gone. To test the performance of the stomach, the woman began to break the diet – spicy foods did not cause any unpleasant symptoms. In addition, the intestines began to work well and overall health improved significantly. (HLS 2001, №14, p. 21)

Potatoes in the treatment of gastritis folk remedies The use of potato juice always gives a stable positive result in the treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcers, often used in folk remedies treatment. Potato juice normalizes the acidity of the gastric juice – lowers high and raises low. To prepare the juice, rinse one large potato well, grate it on a fine grater and squeeze the juice. It should make about 60 grams of juice. In this juice, add 1 tsp. starch and drink. Potato juice is recommended to drink 2 times a day for 60 g. People with high acidity – 15-20 minutes before a meal, patients with gastritis with low acidity – 30-45 minutes before a meal. The course of treatment of gastritis – 2 weeks on the background of a milk-vegetable diet. Then a week break and a new course. Potato juice is drunk easily, quickly relieves the symptoms of gastritis, improves the well-being of the patient, gently relaxes. (HLS 2001, No. 16, pp. 18-19, 2010, No. 8, p. 8). The man managed to cure gastritis with zero acidity with the help of potato juice. Twice a day before meals, he took 100 grams of potato juice. He spent only 2 courses of treatment for 2 weeks each. The illness has passed completely, 44 years have not been reminding of themselves. Before potato treatment, he tried to treat gastritis with a diet and various medications, but this did not help. (HLS 2005, №18, p. 29). The man suffered from gastritis with debilitating heartburn for many years. He managed to get rid of the disease with the help of potato juice: every morning on an empty stomach he took 1 glass of juice, then lay for 30 minutes, even after 30 minutes he had breakfast. He was treated for 10 days, then he took a break for 10 days and repeated the 10-day treatment. (HLS 2012, № 3, p. 32).

The most effective folk remedy for gastritis – plantain The woman managed to cure gastritis with low acidity in one summer using plantain leaves. Every day she chewed for 1 hour before eating the washed plantain leaves (3-5 pieces), sucked the juice, and spit out the cake. For the winter, I also dried the leaves and added tea to the tea leaves. 30 years have passed, and there are no symptoms of gastritis (HLS 2003, №5, p. 28,) A man cured gastritis with high acidity, also plantain. Drugs did not help for a long time, but the plantain was cured forever. In May, he collected many leaves with cuttings, squeezed out juice, added 1 liter of honey to 1 liter of juice, and kept this product in the refrigerator. Took 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. In the course of treatment you need 2 liters of funds. A year later, repeat the course of treatment (2005, №8, p. 29)

Treatment of gastritis with low acidity plantain – a few more recipes 1 tbsp. l plantain leaves brew 1 cup boiling water, insist. Take 100 g 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. This simple folk remedy helps to cure chronic gastritis. (2003, No. 17 p. 27). It is possible to treat the disease not only with infusion, but also with fresh plantain juice. It should be noted that plantain juice stimulates the production of acid, relieves inflammation. Drink juice should be 1 tbsp. l three times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment for 2 months without a break. A stronger combination: 1 kg of fresh honey, 250 g of plantain juice. 150 g of aloe juice – mix, put in the fridge. Take 1 tbsp. l three times a day 30 minutes before meals. (2003, No. 23 p. 11). Another folk remedy for atrophic gastritis with low acidity. To collect a pound of the leaves of the plantain before it blooms in early summer. Wash, chop, shift into a glass jar in layers: plantain layer, sugar layer, etc. In total, you need to spend 1 cup of sugar. Put in the fridge for 2 weeks. The resulting syrup is drained. Take 2 tbsp. l syrup, diluted with 50 ml of water, 20 minutes before meals. The course of treatment of gastritis – until the syrup is over. After a month, repeat the course of treatment, although the leaves of the plantain will not be as young as in May, so the dose can be increased by 2 times. (2004, №10 p. 15).

Treatment with trichopol and cranberry juice Sensing a stomachache, the woman went to the hospital. Sent for gastroscopy. Diagnosis: atrophic gastritis. Prescribed treatment and diet, but the pain did not stop. Accidentally, an article about how a woman doctor of chemical sciences treated atrophic gastritis of the stomach with trihopol and cranberry juice caught the eye of the patient. Using this example of healing, the patient underwent three courses of such treatment, and severe pains disappeared. Later, when the woman underwent gastroscopy in a sanatorium, she was diagnosed with a large scar on the duodenum. So, there was an ulcer, and it healed. The method of treatment of atrophic gastritis is: take trichopol 1 tablet 2 times a day, morning and evening with meals for 10 days. Morse drink without the norm all 10 days, instead of water. Morse cook from crushed berries, pouring them with hot water, but not boiling water, without sugar. After a 10-day course of treatment, rest for 2 weeks and repeat the treatment of the stomach. Then after a month to spend another 10-day course. (HLS 2003, №8, p. 19)

How to treat erosive gastritis with aloe vera For ulcerative erosive gastritis, accompanied by constipation with high acidity, aloe juice will help, 1 tsp. three times daily before meals for 30 minutes. 20 minutes after taking the juice to drink this mixture: 1 tsp. Potato starch mix thoroughly in 50 ml of cool water and quickly drink, chase 1 tsp. honey Instead of starch solution, you can drink 50 ml of freshly pressed potato juice. (2003, №11 p. 23. From the recipes of Clara Doronina.).

Balm against gastritis and ulcers The man had a perforated stomach ulcer and severe bleeding. The anti-ulcer balsam helped – two days after the start of treatment, the gastric bleeding stopped, the man quickly recovered. After some time, this balm was able to cure his gastritis gastritis, which was written off from a transport vessel with severe pain in the stomach, he was very thin, did not eat anything. Examination revealed erosive gastritis, a stomach ulcer. After several days of treatment, the continuous pains stopped. The recipe for this remedy for gastritis and ulcers: Almagel – 100 g, Vinylinum (Shostakovsky balsam) – 100 g, Novocain 1% – 100 g, honey – 100 g, sea buckthorn oil – 100 g, 100 g of aloe juice take 1 tsp. every 2 hours, 5-6 times a day, regardless of the meal. The course of treatment is 2 weeks. (2003, No. 13 p. 24).

Treatment of gastritis at home with hot water Taking 1 cup of hot water in the morning on an empty stomach gives excellent results. A woman drank hot water for several months in the morning, as a result she had gastritis, heartburn, sand from her kidneys came out, her spine stopped hurting. (2003, No. 13 p. 24).

Gastritis remedies

Chronic gastritis – salads treatment The man had chronic gastritis with high acidity, he could not eat many foods, constantly worried about debilitating heartburn, stomach pain. The action of drugs was only enough for 2 hours. Green salads helped to cure gastritis. vegetable oil. When onion, garlic, tops of carrots, turnips and beets appeared in June, I added it to the salad too. The main components of the salad – plantain, dandelion, nettle and knotweed. After the summer season, all the symptoms of gastritis in a man have passed; he has not remembered the disease for 10 years, but every summer he eats green salads (2004, No. 9, pp. 26-27).

Cabbage juice Gastritis with low acidity can be cured with cabbage juice. Drink it for 1/3 cup 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day. The pain in the stomach goes away after a few days, but in order to achieve a sustainable result, take cabbage juice for 1-2 months. After a week break, you can repeat the course. (2004, №10 p. 15, 2005, №15 p. 6-7). The man was able to cure gastritis and duodenal ulcer cabbage juice. After the hospital, he barely got home. He began to drink warmed cabbage juice for 0.5 cups 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course is 2-3 weeks. A month later I went to see a doctor – they did not find gastritis, the ulcer had healed (HLS in 2011, No. 24, p. 33).

Honey for gastritis Honey is better to treat gastritis with low acidity. Here is a good folk remedy: take in equal proportions honey, aloe juice, fresh butter. Grind into a homogeneous mass to take 2 tsp. 15 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 3 liters of such a mixture, then there will be a 100% effect of the treatment. Another recipe for treating the stomach with honey with low acidity. Squeeze the juice of two lemons, add 2 tbsp. l Aloe juice, 200 g of honey, 2 tbsp. l cognac. Drink 1 tsp. before eating. (2004, №10 p. 15). If you take honey 2 hours before a meal, it will lower the acidity of the gastric juice. If the acidity is already reduced, then the treatment of gastritis with honey is made in this order: 1 tbsp. l honey dissolve in 1 cup of warm water and take immediately before meals, 3 times a day. (2005, №15 p. 6-7). Here is another recipe for treating honey and aloe juice, which helped cure gastritis. Finely chop 200 g of aloe leaves, add 500 g of linden honey, 500 ml of vodka, mix, leave for 2 weeks in a dark place. Take 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day, 15 minutes before meals, until the medication is finished. The woman spent two such treatments, gastritis was completely (2010, №21 p. 30-31). Another woman managed to cure gastritis in her youth with a similar folk remedy, but instead of vodka she took Cahors in the following proportion: scroll 1.5 kg of aloe leaves in a meat grinder, add 2.5 kg of honey and 2.5 kg of Cahors. The most effective treatment period is 1.5-2 months, although the symptoms of gastritis disappear within a week. This folk remedy improves the work of all internal organs. (HLS 2012, №7, p. 9). But the method of treating gastritis with honey with high acidity: mix honey and butter in equal parts. Drink 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course is 1.5-2 months. In a glass of milk, place 0.2 g of mummy and 1 tsp. honey Take 3-4 weeks before bedtime (HLS 2012, No. 3, p. 30).

Treatment of gastritis of the stomach with egg and milk At 19 years old, the young man became ill with gastritis, once a relative came to visit and asked why he had such a sour look. The patient told about his illness. Then a relative said that in his youth he also had gastritis of the stomach and he treated him with an egg and fresh milk. It is necessary to treat gastritis for at least a month: in the morning, break a fresh egg into a cup, mix, salt and drink a little. Then slowly drink half a liter of warm fresh milk. Do the same before dinner. The young man lived in the village, he had chickens and a cow, so it was not difficult for him to treat the disease according to this prescription. For a month he ate eggs and drank milk, after which he recovered, now he is already 73 years old and his stomach has always been in order. (2004, No. 12 p. 26).

Simple carrot treatment The woman managed to cure gastritis with a simple and useful folk remedy: every day she ate carrots, grated on a fine grater and dressed with sugar and sour cream. She ate as much as she wanted, as a result, the gastritis has passed and for 15 years she does not remind of herself. (2004, No. 12 p. 26).

Treatment of gastritis fraction ASD-2 15-30 drops of the fraction of ASD-2 diluted in 50-100 ml of cold boiled water or strong tea. Drink 1 time a day – in the morning on an empty stomach 20-40 minutes before breakfast. In case of a stomach ulcer, take the same dose a second time, also 20-40 minutes before lunch. (2007, No. 9 p. 7). For several years after treatment with antibiotics, a woman had erosive gastritis with high acidity, which she could not cure with any drugs and folk remedies, and her diet did not help. Then she decided to use for the treatment of the fraction of the ASD. I drank 15 drops in the morning on an empty stomach, but I didn’t dilute it in water, but in the infusion of dried potatoes, sometimes I added potato juice. The whole liquid for diluting the fraction turned out to be 100 g. The dried fruit helps with non-healing wounds, ulcers. When I started treatment with the ASD faction, after 8 days I already forgot about the pains. (HLS 2010, №16 p. 9).

Treatment of gastritis with low acidity apples A proven remedy for gastritis with low acidity – green apples. 2 apples must be peeled and grated and grated. The resulting gruel immediately eat in the morning on an empty stomach. After that, 5 hours is not. The first month of apples taken daily. In the second month – 3 times a week. The third month – 1-2 times a week. (2008, No. 19 p. 23). The woman had the following diseases: chronic gastritis with low acidity, biliary dyskinesia, liver hemangioma. When Lent began, she decided to apply a folk remedy – treatment with apples (see above). For three months she ate grated green apples in the morning on an empty stomach, followed a diet and fasting, and focused on oatmeal. After three months, all three diseases disappeared, even the moles on the body all fell off. (2010, №7, p. 7).

Atrophic gastritis of the stomach – symptoms – causes – treatment of atrophic gastritis. From a conversation with a higher category gastroenterologist, Cand. Sciences, Senior Researcher, Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology D. S. Borodin.

It is believed that atrophic gastritis is an incurable disease, and if it started, it will only progress. But modern medicine has the means to slow the development of the disease, to avoid its consequences.

Causes of atrophic gastritis Cells of the gastric mucosa should be constantly updated, because they are continuously damaged by contact with acid and pepsin enzyme. But sometimes this mechanism fails, the process of renewal slows down, the number of efficient glands of the stomach decreases – atrophic gastritis occurs. The cause of atrophic gastritis is chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The onset of atrophic gastritis is often bacterial gastritis – Helicobacter pylori caused by the bacterium. This microbe destroys the mucous membrane in two ways: it damages it directly, and also triggers the mechanism of excessive production of hydrochloric acid. Gradually, the cell recovery mechanism begins to falter, the atrophy of the stomach cells begins – death processes are ahead of the recovery processes. If during and properly cured bacterial gastritis, there will be no atrophic. Another cause of the disease is a disorder in the immune system, when the immune system perceives the gastric mucosa as something alien and begins to destroy its cells. Atrophic gastritis for this reason develops more often at a young age, for a bacterial reason – after 40-50 years. In atrophic gastritis, cells that produce hydrochloric acid and the enzyme pepsin, which digests food, die. In addition, pepsin works only in an acidic environment, in addition, the acid disinfects food. Symptoms of atrophic gastritis: feeling of heaviness in the abdomen after eating, bad breath, frequent food poisoning. For a more accurate diagnosis is necessary to conduct endoscopic examination, taking a piece of the gastric mucosa. In addition, symptoms can be stuck to the corners of the mouth, bloating and rumbling in the abdomen, constipation and diarrhea, peeling of the skin, in, yellow-gray on the tongue, hair loss Prevention of atrophic gastritis – cure Helicobacter pylori infection to the end. This requires a 1-2 week course of treatment with 3-4 drugs, two of which are antibiotics. You must follow a diet, abandon canned, pickled and smoked products, beware of stale food, eat small portions 4-5 times a day. Atrophic gastritis treatment. To cure, or rather, stop this disease, you must first cope with a bacterial infection. Then, substitution treatment is prescribed – hydrochloric acid and pepsin, or agents that stimulate their production. Often atrophic gastritis can asymptomatically degenerate into cancer, so you need to be constantly monitored by a doctor. Traditional medicine believes that this disease is treatable, the acidity of the stomach can be restored with the help of herbs. The most effective remedy against atrophic gastritis – plantain leaves. Phytotherapeutist doctor, Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexander Gerasimenko offers such a treatment regimen. Collection: calamus root, St. John’s wort, calendula flowers, peppermint, dandelion and sage, chamomile, plantain leaves, yarrow, three-leaf watch – take equally. All grind, mix and insist 4 full Art. l in 1 liter of boiling water. Strain. Take in the form of heat half a glass 3 times a day. Store in the refrigerator, and not more than 2 days! The course is at least 3 months. (HLS 2008, №15 p. 6-7).

Treatment of chronic gastritis at home golden mustache This recipe was advised to a woman who had been suffering from chronic gastritis for a long time, her friends – every morning on an empty stomach and every evening to eat 1 leaf of golden whisker. This recipe helped her, she did not use any other means, she only ate a golden mustache. All symptoms of gastritis Proshi and do not bother her for many years (2009, No. 19 p. 32).

Acute gastritis – treatment with pine buds 1 tsp. pine buds pour a glass of boiling water, strain. Drink 2 tbsp. l 5-6 times a day. Cure acute gastritis will help and sea buckthorn – 3 tbsp. l berries pour 500 ml of hot water, boil for 10 minutes, add honey to taste and drink in the form of heat instead of tea. (2010, №10 p. 16).

Erosive gastritis – treatment of folk remedies Erosive gastritis is characterized by the presence of erosions in the gastric mucosa, more severe pains. If the diagnosis “erosive gastritis” is made, it is absolutely impossible to starve, you need to eat 5-6 times a day with sparing food. Patients with an erosive form are prescribed enveloping agents, such as phosphalugel or de-nol. Good results are obtained by treating erosive gastritis with herbs. Here is a recipe for effective collection, which normalizes the function of the stomach: 3 parts of cyanosis, 1 part of dried cod, medunitsy, plantain, hop. 2 tbsp. l mix pour 500 ml of boiling water, Wrap, insist 2 hours, drain, strain, squeeze. Take about half a glass three times a day 30 minutes before meals, and another half a glass just before bedtime. The course of treatment is 1-2 months depending on the severity of the disease. Erosive gastritis can provoke other diseases of the stomach, so you need to be constantly monitored by a doctor, once a year you need to do a gastroscopy, including a test for the presence of Helicobacter and the degree of its activity. (HLS 2009, №11 p. 14-15).

Atrophic gastritis – treatment of folk remedies Atrophy is the thinning of the gastric mucosa. And since the mucosa contains a glandular apparatus, then atrophic gastritis is accompanied by low acidity. One of the most important elements of treatment is diet, another element is the use of enveloping agents, for example, the drug de-nol – it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action, envelops the stomach and intestines, protecting it from atrophy. Take this tool should be 1 tablet 30 minutes before meals. With low acidity often prescribed venter, as well as drugs containing digestive enzymes. In the period of exacerbations help and folk remedies – infusions and decoctions. A good remedy for atrophic gastritis is oats decoction: pour 1 cup of washed oats with 1 liter of boiling water. Boil on a quiet fire until 1/4 of the liquid boils away. Strain, drink half a glass 3 times a day before meals. Plantain is a very good remedy, it can be taken in the form of Plantaglucid tablets, as well as in the form of decoction of its leaves. (HLS 2010, №7, p. 32-33).

Erosive gastritis – treatment with eggs In the morning on an empty stomach to drink protein from two eggs, eggs should be fresh from home healthy chickens. Eat and drink only after 2 hours. During this time, the active substance of chicken protein envelops and heals the damaged area. This tool helps to cure gastritis and gastric ulcer. In the evening before dinner, it is also advisable to drink 2 squirrels. In a week you will be healthy. (2010, №9 p. 33).

A recipe for gastritis and stomach ulcers During the course of treatment, it is necessary to take 600 g of flaxseed, grind to powder, pour 500 ml of water, add 2 beaten eggs. Put on the fire, bring to a boil and boil for 20 minutes. Add 500 g of butter, 500 g of honey. Stir for 7 minutes. Cool, put in jars, store in the refrigerator. Take three times daily before meals for 1 tbsp. a spoon. This is a five-year guarantee, then the treatment must be repeated (2010, No. 21 p. 33). How to treat gastritis with low acidity brandy Take 25 g of propolis, 1 liter of brandy, 1 kg of honey, 1 kg of lemons, minced. All mix in a three-liter jar, close the lid, insist 1 month, mixing in 1-2 days. Strain, take 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment of gastritis – until the mixture is over. After some time, the course can be repeated. (2011, №7 p. 31).

Polypous anacid warty gastritis – treatment They found a polyp in the stomach of a man, suggested an operation, but he refused it, began to treat a polyp with a decoction of celandine. Saw a decoction (0.5 tsp. Of grass for 1 cup of boiling water) 3 times a day for 1/3 cup per month. After this examination showed that the polyp decreased by 1 mm, but erosive gastritis appeared. The patient came across an article about how a woman was able to cure polyposis anacid warty gastritis with tincture, which includes pine nuts, propolis, cinquefoot root, celandine grass, honey aloe, and honey. Prepared this tincture, took 1 tbsp. l 30 minutes before a meal without drinking or jamming. He drank half a liter and went for an examination – neither gastritis nor a polyp were found. A year later, the polyp was again found, the man drank another portion of the healing tincture, and everything became clean. Here is the recipe of the tincture: put 30 g of pine nuts shell, 30 g of propolis, 30 g of Potentilla root (kalgan) in a 1-liter jar, add 150 g of 70% alcohol. Infuse for 3 weeks, shaking daily. In another liter jar to place 30 g of celandine and 150 g of vodka, Infuse for 1 week. Aloe leaves to break, wrap in dark paper and put in the refrigerator for a week, then squeeze the juice out of them, add 150 g of honey to 150 g of aloe juice. Strain and mix tinctures from the first and second banks with a mixture of honey and aloe. All this mixture to insist another week. It turns out 600 g of the mixture. This folk remedy for gastritis should be taken in 1 tbsp. l in the morning on an empty stomach, seizing butter. The course of treatment – until the mixture is over. You need to drink this tool 4 times a year with a break of 2 months. (2011, №4 p. 34).

Stroganina against gastritis The man had an exacerbation of chronic gastritis. And the exacerbation lasted for three years, no medications and procedures helped, the pain was constant. An accidental acquaintance, having learned of his illness, declared that he would be able to cure gastritis, since being on the construction of BAM, the old-timers managed to save him from the cruelest gastritis. For treatment, you need to buy 500 g of good beef meat, cut it into 5 by 5 cm bars, freeze in a freezer. Every morning, on an empty stomach, 10-15 minutes before breakfast, cut off sliced ​​meat 2-3 mm thick, so that it shines through, put on the tongue and suck it out, until there are only tasteless fibers that need to be chewed and swallowed. The course of treatment – until the meat ends (500 g). The patient reacted to this advice with great doubt, his wife was totally against it. But what can you do with the pain, I decided to try. It turned out that this was not at all disgusting, especially since a week later there was constant pain. After two weeks, all the symptoms of gastritis disappeared, but the man completed the treatment. 30 years have passed, the stomach is in perfect order (2011, No. 19 p. 10).

Chronic gastritis with low acidity – oat treatment Oats wash, dry, grind in a coffee grinder. 2 tbsp. l chopped oats pour 0.5 liters of boiling water in the thermos in the evening, strain in the morning. Drink 0.5 glass 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment of chronic gastritis with this folk remedy is 20 days, then a 10-day break and a new course. (2012, No. 15 p. 33).

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