Gasket irritation

In the modern world, no girl can do without such hygiene items as gasket. They are used at all times of the year and for different occasions, since there are quite a few varieties of gaskets. So, there are daily pads, for monthly, hygienic after childbirth. But often girls get irritated by these products, which can be caused by allergies or non-compliance with the rules of use, hygiene. When the first symptoms do not need to get upset and panic, we must begin treatment and find out the cause of irritation. Next, consider what can cause irritation, is there an allergy to gaskets and how to get rid of irritation.

Each girl agrees that the pads are very convenient to use, and many of their types allow you to choose suitable in terms of properties and size. There are panty liners, which are of different size, absorption and smell, there are also pads for menstruation, which differ in the production of materials, absorbency and the presence or absence of flavors. In this case, the girls choose those pads that suit them individually, without any advice and testimony.

However, it happens that after using the pads, the girls notice irritation in the bikini area or in places bordering the bikini area. Thus, the question arises: why there is irritation and how to get rid of it?

Gasket irritation

Irritation of pads for monthly

It is necessary to first consider the pads for menstruation, since from them irritation appears more often. So, during the monthly pads should be used only by the rules of hygiene, and those that are suitable for absorbency. Depending on the abundance of menstruation, girls can choose completely different pads, from minimal abundance to maximum (usually night).

Gasket irritation

Irritation after the pads for menstruation may occur due to non-compliance with the rules of hygiene and regime change gaskets.

Often in the summer, girls have irritation and redness in the bikini area of ​​the pads. This is due to the fact that the gaskets are applied in the hot season and for a long time (for example, a whole working day) the girl is not able to take a shower, so the bikini area ceases and this causes irritation. Also, redness and itching can be caused due to the fact that the pads rarely change. According to the instructions and the rules of hygiene, gaskets should be changed every 3-4 hours, and whenever possible take a shower.

An important role in the selection of gaskets is the material of which they are made. So, they can have a natural or synthetic top coating, which can cause the development of allergies. Natural material is often quickly crushed, and this is not very suitable for girls, causing inconvenience during their use. Synthetic material may cause skin irritation due to its composition.

Also, gaskets can have fragrances that neutralize the smell of secretions, and this is a kind of allergic provocateur, since fragrances can irritate the skin. Due to the fact that the pads do not provide air access to the bikini area, diseases and infections can develop, which will lead to serious diseases of the genital organs.

Symptoms of Allergy to Gaskets

Symptoms of allergies are a traditional rash in the groin area and on the priest, redness and pain, itching and burning, and discomfort when walking. If at least one symptom appears, the girl should consult a doctor so that he can prescribe a treatment and advise which shims to use.

Irritations from panty liners

Daily pads are not as comfortable and safe as it seems at first glance. So, even despite the name of the pads, they can not be used every day. Pads provide cleanliness underwear girls and comfort during discharge, but it is worth noting that they are harmful to women’s health.

Doctors insist that panty liners should be used only in special cases, for example, if it is not possible to carry out personal hygiene procedures, on the first day of menstruation, and possibly on the last day of menstruation. Daily use of pads does not allow air to penetrate to the genitals, thereby provoking the development of infectious and fungal diseases.

Girls who do not have diseases of the vaginal microflora can feel comfortable without pads, especially since you only need to wear underwear made from natural fabrics, and this ensures the health of the genital organs and the excretory system. To maintain hygiene, girls need only a few times a day to take a shower and change linens daily, not linings.

Gasket irritation

In addition, irritation symptoms can cause multi-colored pads with fragrances, so you only need to buy pads without the smell of natural material, without the use of dyes.

Treatment of irritation and allergies

Treatment of irritation and allergies should begin immediately to protect their health from the consequences. So, you first need to take a cool shower and make a compress or to wash with chamomile decoction. At the same time, the bikini area should be thoroughly wiped so that moisture does not remain. You need to buy an ointment or cream for pain relief and healing of skin irritation. Folk remedies also help to relieve inflammation and itching, you can also use alcohol or vodka in a diluted form.

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