Gardnerella men treatment

Gardnerellosis is one of the most unpleasant diseases in the representatives of the stronger sex. Doctors say that such a vaginal disease may appear after an intima with a sick girl or woman, and the symptoms of the inflammatory process will be specific and may lead to undesirable problems. Symptoms and treatment of gardnerella in men deserve the attention of many people at risk.

Features of the development of gardnerella

Gardnerellosis develops due to the presence of vaginal fungi Gardnerella. The inflammatory process will have similar symptoms with ureaplasmosis, and over time, the concentration of foreign agents can only increase. The risk of infection is significantly increased if the man refuses to use condoms. However, the best option for protection is to have an intimate relationship with only one permanent partner.

In many men, the bacterium can be in the urethra and not cause any concern, as a result of which the person will not even be aware of the existing problem. At this time, the man turns out to be contagious, as a result of which sex with him is undesirable for women.

Often the question arises, where does Gardnerella come from in men, the symptoms and treatment of which deserve careful study and consideration of the numerous nuances.

Gardnerella in men

Dangerous bacteria get only after an intimate connection, and a woman may also not be aware of the existing vaginal problems.

With the onset of symptoms, treatment of genital infections becomes important, since an increase in the concentration of bacteria leads to an inflammatory process on the mucous membrane of the male genital organs.

The development of the disease begins only after sexual contact with an infected partner or using a common towel, but in ordinary domestic situations the risk of infection remains minimal.

Symptoms of Gardnerella

Symptomatology usually appears dim and blurry, so it is not always possible to make an accurate and reliable diagnosis for further treatment.

  1. Greenish scanty discharge. Usually such secretions are marked in the morning and remain hardly noticeable.
  2. Unpleasant smell when urinating. This smell is associated with rotten fish.
  3. Frequent urination.
  4. Discomfort (pain and burning sensation) at rest.

Fungal bacteria are usually present in the urethra and genitals. In advanced cases, symptoms such as erosion and reddening of the male organ are manifested.

Complications of Gardnerella

Symptoms and treatment of gardnerelosis in men deserve special attention

Otherwise, there is a risk of complications:

  • prostatitis;
  • vesiculitis;
  • cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • sepsis and abscesses.

Initially, we are not talking about complications, and the symptoms remain blurred, and the man is not aware of the existing intimate problem. With the existing complications, a long and specific treatment with a doctor is required.


Examination becomes mandatory for making an accurate diagnosis and determining further possible actions regarding treatment.

  1. It is recommended to pass tests for known sexually transmitted diseases of men. Fungal disease is a venereal disease, so the results will deviate from the existing norms.
  2. Analysis of secretions. Leukocyte elevation is considered potentially dangerous.
  3. Checking the status of the prostate gland. This will require rectal palpation and ultrasound.
  4. Checking the secretion of the prostate gland, as it is necessary to eliminate the suspicion of prostatitis.

Comprehensive diagnosis allows you to make the correct diagnosis with a clear understanding of what could be a man’s health and how to recommend treatment to ensure that current health problems are resolved.

The basic principles of treatment Gardnerella in men

Gardnerella treatment is primarily based on the use of specially selected antibiotics and preparations to restore the immune system. The need for the use of vitamin complexes, bifid preparations. The doctor diagnoses and determines the effective drugs produced in the form of tablets, injections. Additionally, physiotherapy can be offered, instillations into the urethra.

Gardnerelosis in men

Usually, treatment involves the administration of specially selected antibiotics. If the disease progresses, intestinal dysbiosis or minimal sensitivity to the prescribed medication is noted. Medical monitoring remains mandatory, as a specialist must follow the dosage of medicines to determine the effectiveness of treatment of the disease. Any deviations from a well-thought-out treatment regimen will worsen the health condition of the man.

Gardnerella men treatment

Specific treatment is required if there is an increased content of not only gardnerella, but also other pathogenic bacteria.

To improve the effectiveness of treatment, the patient refuses intimate relationships, alcohol and follows a strict diet.

Folk remedies

Symptoms and treatment of Gardnerella in men require special attention, because further state of health largely depends on this. Folk remedies often contribute to the effectiveness of the main treatment.

  1. An infusion of pine buds is useful in the destruction of bacteria. A tablespoon of pine buds fall asleep in a container of boiling water and leave overnight. The tool is taken several times a day several hours before meals. For the treatment of a few weeks.
  2. Tea tree oil is considered effective. It is taken internally several times over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Tea tree oil is added to milk and immediately drunk.
  3. It is recommended to strengthen the immune system. For this reason, black currant leaves insist on boiling water for half an hour and filter. Broth squeeze and drink hot for half a glass. For the course of treatment take up to 2 months.
  4. Decoction based on orange peel has an antibacterial effect, so its use is recommended.

Symptoms and treatment of gardnerella in men require the mandatory use of standard methods of dealing with the disease and folk remedies. In the future, prevention remains relevant, so the man should still take care of maintaining immunity and lead a correct life without unnecessary stress, prefer sex with a reliable partner and refuse potentially dangerous connections.

Gardnerellosis is considered a sexually transmitted disease, so an appropriate approach for treatment is required.

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