Frequent headaches

Headache is one of the most frequent complaints of admission by a therapist or a neurologist. At the same time, a headache is considered something not very serious: for occasional pain, most prefer to drink an analgesic pill and consider the problem solved.

In Russia, the prevalence of migraine is higher than the world average; more than 15% of the population suffers from the disease. Learn how to distinguish it from other types of headaches and how to reduce the number of attacks to a minimum.


In terms of its variety, headaches have no equal. It can be long and aching or harsh and unbearable, it can cover the entire head or be felt only in the temples.

Remember what disease plagued Pontius Pilate? That’s right – migraine.

Headache in children

Many people think that the headache is an attribute of solid age.

Headache sex or vice versa

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the headache associated with sexual activity is a benign disease.

Headache – no need to endure

According to research results, more than 70% of the population of developed countries complain of episodic or persistent headaches. However, these statistics do not really reflect the real situation, since medical patients, as a rule, are resorted to patients with an intense headache, preferring to do this alone to cope with attacks of mild to moderate severity.

Is it possible to recover from a migraine?

People met with migraines long before the birth of Christ. Ancient Egyptian papyrus survived with a description of migraine headache and ways to combat this ailment.

Headache? Do not strain

There is hardly a single person in the world who never had a headache in his life. Sometimes the pain is frequent and prolonged, but usually people are faced with the fact that the head hurts from overwork, from time to time. And then doctors diagnose tension headache.

Migraine: how to live without pain

Acute headache, which is aggravated by bright light, loud noises, strong odors, nausea, depressed state … Many people know the symptoms of a migraine attack, remarkably described by Mikhail Bulgakov in The Master and Margarita. In the novel, Pontius Pilate, being unable to get rid of a painful headache, cowardly dreamed of poison. Fortunately, in our days, medicine has gone far ahead – now there are more progressive ways to combat migraine.

First lumbar puncture, 1890

On December 9, 1890, Heinrich Quincke made the first lumbar puncture to save the boy dying from meningitis.

Headache sex or vice versa

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the headache associated with sexual activity is a benign disease.

Vegetative dystonia: how to get rid of all diseases

It often happens that a person feels sick, goes to doctors, does a lot of examinations, but no one can diagnose him. Why it happens? As medical practice shows, often one symptom of various diseases is vegetative dystonia. Many have heard about this disease, but few know something definite.

Frequent headaches

Not at all terrible epilepsy

In everyday life, the term epilepsy refers to a whole group of diseases with very different clinical manifestations and different outcomes. Today, medicine knows more than 60 of these diseases.

Weather sensitivity is true or myth

Many people listen attentively to the weather forecast not only to decide what to wear tomorrow. They are firmly convinced that their well-being depends largely on the vagaries of nature.

Frequent headaches

Conductors against cerebral palsy: the beginning. April 15, 1945

The day when cerebral palsy patients had hope.

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