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The question Do you know your blood type? until recently, it was interesting only for blood transfusions and organ transplants. In 1901, it was found that there were various blood types. In 1928, the following designations for blood groups were established: 0 (I), A (II), B (III), AB (IV). It has been proven that blood groups are distinguished by the presence of a corresponding antigen (sugar-like substance) on the surface of erythrocytes.

Red blood cells of group 0 (I) do not contain antigens, groups A (II) contain A-antigen, groups B (III) – antigen B, groups AB (IV) – antigens A and B. When ingested, for example, blood of group B is in the body A patient with group A antigen A signals the introduction of a stranger, and his immune system begins to form antibodies. They adhere to the B-erythrocyte, forming an immune complex, which must subsequently be destroyed.

Thus, knowledge of one’s own blood type is the secret of a healthy life, full of energy, able to withstand various stresses, withstand intense physical and psycho-emotional overloads, the secret of longevity and the key to the secrets of the disease. The blood group reflects the individual biochemical structure, susceptibility to infections, performance, mood, and depends on the diet. You, probably, paid attention to the fact that different taste habits are inherent in different people: each person has his own favorite and intolerable foods, drinks, herbs, medicines.

It is impossible to maintain health without attaching to this your own labor. It is known that the maximum positive effect of medical or therapeutic and preventive measures is achieved with an individual approach. No one on Earth is the same people. Every person has accumulated during his life only his own, strictly individual baggage of problems and diseases.

Applying healing practices, especially treatment, one should strive to maximize the individual program of using health-improving means, which, without fail, includes lifestyle changes, nutrition correction. These are not exhausting diets, but the selection of appropriate, “individually needed” nutrition, that is, nutrition that complies with the constitution, blood type, nature of work and lifestyle, age, chronic diseases, behavioral type.

Food for your blood type

French scientist Jean-Louis Degandezi argues that the blood type of every person on Earth is the foundation of his character (psycho type) and health. Genetic characteristics of the human body – blood types – closely related to the type of behavioral reactions, features of disease development. Violations in the genetically determined balance, including unhealthy diet, create the conditions for the occurrence of diseases.

Blood group 0 (I) is the most common on Earth: 45% of the population has this blood type. Group A (II) accounts for approximately 35% of the world’s population; however, the closer a person lives to the East, the less chances he has to get this particular group. It has been established that in England 43% of people have group II, in Russia and Ukraine 30%, and in India only 15%. Group B (III) is very small, there is only 13% of the population. Most people with this blood type live in the eastern part of the world; in the West, representatives of this group are quite rare. The fourth group of blood are only 7% lucky.

The fact that, feeding in accordance with their blood group, many people improved their health, lost weight, it is no secret to anyone. Today there is already reliable evidence that the genetic properties of a person, determined by his blood group, directly depend on his nature of nutrition. Peter D’Adamo and Catherine Whitney created the theory of dietary nutrition. They proved that, for example, if for blood group 0 (I) meat products are quite acceptable food, then blood of group A (II) perceives them with bayonets, and antibodies of blood of group A (II), which are part of the defense system, They will begin to bind the incoming food proteins (lectins) no worse than the partisans of the fascist invaders, thereby filling the human bloodstream with lumps of captive enemies.

As a result, the blood hardly passes through the vessels, worse supplies all organs with oxygen, and this is the way to diseases. In other words, if your digestive apparatus is historically (genetically) set to process carbohydrates, and its acidity is reduced, like in a person with group A (II), then he will digest the meat for a long time, tediously, until the end it will not process it into energy, but put in the form of fat where you never dreamed of. So people (in our case, blood type A), even following a diet by blood type, but continuing to use the fresh red meat and poultry recommended by D’Adamo, risk improving their health and not getting rid of excess weight. Another American scientist Christopher found a way out of this impasse.

However, in our daily life it is not always possible to adhere to the instructions on nutrition, including separate meals and blood type. Living and working conditions in modern industrial society require an additional amount of micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants – to ensure the protection of the body from aggressive environmental factors and maintain metabolism at a satisfactory level. We all understand that dietary supplements are especially useful in cases of correction of deficient conditions, pre-illness, accompanied by courses of drug therapy. But in order to provide effective prevention of such conditions as aging, oncoprophylaxis, adaptation mechanisms to the increasing loads of modern life, that is, for a long, lifelong intake, we need dietary supplements that respond individually to each organism.

It is noticed that, taking dietary supplements, people perceive and feel these natural complexes in different ways. Some people quickly recover their strength, develop a positive effect, improve mood. And sometimes there are people whose improvement and effect develop more slowly. There is nothing surprising. The same complex cannot be equally suitable for all. After all, dietary supplements are, in fact, food and carry herbs, cereals, mushrooms and other organic components, to which genetic factors of blood groups are ambiguous.

Individual selection of micronutrients and phytocompositions taking into account blood type is desirable. That is why a truly revolutionary event was the appearance on the market of dietary supplements complex vitamin and mineral supplements – Vitalov.

Based on the results of years of research, scientists have developed the most advanced dietary supplements in Europe, designed to strengthen and restore people’s health, taking into account the blood group.

These complex preparations contain not only vitamins, minerals, medicinal plants that are necessary for humans, but also take into account the type of nervous activity, metabolism, and predisposition to diseases in individuals with a particular blood group.

Vitaly allows you to strengthen the protective mechanisms of the body from the harmful effects of environmental pollution or stress, to strengthen the weak links of health associated with this blood group.

Vital 0 is a vitamin-mineral herbal complex created especially for persons with the first group of blood – hunters. As you know, people with blood type I are meat consumers; genetically predisposed to all infectious diseases, influenza virus, suffer from increased acidity of gastric juice, erosive gastritis, duodenal ulcer and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. They have a predisposition to oncopathology, especially of the breast, tongue and lungs; predisposition to bronchial asthma, pneumonia, myocardial infarction. They have a tendency to hypothyroidism (thyroid function failure), and hence the symptoms – weight gain, swelling, fatigue, constipation and

Food for your blood type

Vital 0 for persons with the I blood group, it takes into account the recommended dietary habits of this blood type (restriction of cereals, cabbage and dairy products), an increase in the content of B vitamins in food, vitamins K and C, rutin, quercetin, calcium. Vital 0 includes herbs that are especially useful for people with blood group 0 (I):

    Licorice (licorice) protects the mucosa from hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, promotes healing of ulcers, reduces heartburn. In addition, licorice has expectorant, immunostimulating, diuretic, antidepressant and mild phytoestrogenic action.

Powder yucca, part of Vital 0, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevents bleeding, lowers low-density cholesterol, helps normalize blood pressure.

Very powerful antioxidant turmeric has an anticancer effect, reduces irritable bowel syndrome, reduces inflammation, has a choleretic effect, normalizes digestion, blood sugar levels, and prevents blood clots.

Parsley and root horseradish enhance the anti-toxic effect of Vital 0, promote the removal of toxins from the body, provide anti-tumor protection, stimulate the function of the thyroid gland, liver and kidneys, reduce edema.

  • Fruit plums, berries blueberries contribute to the strengthening of blood vessels, normalization of pancreatic function, improve vision.
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