Folk remedies for the treatment of pneumonia

An acute infectious disease of predominantly bacterial etiology, characterized by a focal lesion of the lungs, is called pneumonia. Herbal medicine for this disease can be carried out only with strict adherence to the regime and adequate patient care.

Traditional recipes for pneumonia

After an accurate diagnosis of the doctor, you can try herbal medicine. It is possible to get rid of cough, chest pain, mucus and sputum in the lungs by means of traditional medicine. Here are the most effective folk remedies.

Mix the root and leaves of coltsfoot with oregano. Pour boiling water and let stand for about an hour. Take in the filtered form of half a glass twice a day before eating a meal.

In the same doses, take Althea roots, sage leaves and licorice, pine buds, aniseed fruit. Pour hot boiled water. Drink a week of one-fourth cup every three hours.

After folk treatment, you will surely feel lightness in the lungs, get rid of pain in the chest and cough, as herbal infusions clear the airways.

Bring to a boiling state a mixture of a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of aniseed seeds and salt. Drink a folk remedy filtered every 2 hours.

Folk remedies for the treatment of pneumonia

Balsam of Agave

A few leaves of aloe pour over the cahors with liquid honey, leave for 14 days. Eat before eating three times.

Plantain Compress

Ask a relative before bedtime to put clean plantain leaves on your back and chest. Put a towel on top and roll in a plastic bag. Wear a wool sweater or a warm blanket. In the morning all the unpleasant symptoms of pneumonia will disappear.

Excellent help herbal teas. These are linden, sage, virgin, raspberry, oregano, willow, string, elder and many others. They are taken hot, you can add honey.

You can take propolis, which is a great way against infectious diseases. Honey Vodichka also eliminates the symptoms of the disease and greatly facilitates breathing.

A home remedy that restores the lungs very well, is prepared on the basis of one tablespoon of Hypericum and three tablespoons of elecampane, this collection should be poured over 0.5 lire of boiling water. Boil all this for 30 minutes, then cool the broth, strain. In the already cooled broth add two glasses of liquid honey and two hundred milliliters of olive oil. All mix thoroughly until smooth and leave to infuse in the refrigerator for two weeks, after which the remedy for pneumonia is ready to receive. To treat pneumonia, you need to eat one teaspoon thirty minutes before meals five times a day.

Topical and most effective is the treatment of balm. It is prepared on the basis of 250 grams of aloe, half a liter of cahors, 350 grams of liquid honey. Aloe leaves must be carefully wiped, in no case be washed. After that, they need to grind and put in a jar, pour the honey mixed with Cahors. The resulting mixture to insist in a dark cool place for two weeks. Then the filtered mass must be pressed. Acceptance of this balm three times a day, one tablespoon will relieve from all sorts of diseases of the lungs, and will act as a general tonic.

The elderberry is also an effective remedy for pneumonia, we take four preferably large umbrellas of elderberry, we pour 0.5 liters of vodka for fourteen days and we are done. It is necessary to take an hour before meals, one tablespoon.

It is very important to do inhalation. A bow rubbed bandage should be placed in a mug and try to breathe over it for ten minutes at least seven times a day. This type of inhalation is very effective in treating any even the most advanced stage of the disease, as well as in case of bronchitis and angina.

Effective ways of treating pneumonia charges

The grass of the lungwort, plantain large, sage medicinal, centaury umbrella, wormwood for the treatment of pneumonia – equally.

Folk remedies for the treatment of pneumonia

Knotweed herb, aniseed fruit, dill fruit, pine buds, thyme grass, licorice root (chopped) – equally.

Althea root, leaves or buds of birch, root of elecampane, St. John’s wort grass, meadow grass, succession grass, eucalyptus leaves, angelica root, motherwort grass, clover grass, mullein flowers, bluebush grass, dill fruits – equally.

Folk remedies for the treatment of pneumonia

Oregano grass, clover flowers, raspberry leaves, coltsfoot leaves, chamomile flowers, yarrow grass, thyme grass, grass of yasnotka, wild rosemary sprouts, tricolor violet grass – equally.

Oregano grass, viburnum bark, fireweed bark leaves, coltsfoot leaves, mint leaves, dandelion root, plantain leaves, licorice root, rosehips, medunitsa grass, primrose root, cuff leaves – equally.

Calendula flowers, clover flowers, plantain leaves, pine buds, sage leaves, rose hips, gravilate root, motherwort grass, Veronica grass, bluebush grass, dill fruits, hawthorn fruits are equally used for the treatment of pneumonia by folk remedies.

Birch buds, Deviace root, viburnum bark or berries, raspberry leaves, sage leaves, lilac flowers, Althea root, wormwood grass, motherwort grass, wild rosemary shoots, mullein flowers, coriander fruits – equally.

Fruits of dill, grass of oregano, grass of nettle, leaves of coltsfoot, pine buds, leaves of eucalyptus, grass of yarrow, gravilat root, grass of violet, leaves of a cuff – equally.

Birch leaves or buds, viburnum bark, meadowsweet grass, mint grass, clearwood grass, St. John’s wort grass, calendula flowers, thyme grass, angelica root, cyanosis grass – equally.

Oregano grass, chamomile flowers, rosehips, plantain leaves, licorice root, lungwort grass, thermopsis herb – equally.

Treatment of pediatric pneumonia folk remedies

For children, it is recommended to prepare infusions and decoctions in the following daily dose of dry medicinal collection: up to 1 year – 1 / 2-1 tsp, from 1 to 3 years – 1 tsp, from 3 to 6 years – 1 dec. l., from 6 to 10 years – 1 tbsp. l., over 10 years old – 2 tbsp. l

Plants, pre-crushed (in a coffee grinder or meat grinder), mixed, 2 tbsp. l collecting pour 1 liter of boiling water, bring to a boil, boil over low heat for 10 minutes in a sealed container, poured together with the grass in a thermos, insist night.

Take during the day, 100-150 ml for 30 minutes before eating. To improve the taste, you can add honey, sugar, jam. The course of treatment of pneumonia is 3-4 months.

Herbs can be used in combination with other medicines. Before taking a particular collection, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the contraindications to the herbs that make up this collection.

We must not forget that if pneumonia with complications, herbal medicine can only serve as an addition to the main forms of treatment and to the course of taking antibiotics. It is strictly not recommended to engage in self-treatment, it will only complicate your health. With a sharp rise in body temperature, fainting and lack of breath, immediately contact an ambulance. An accurate and correct diagnosis can only be made by an experienced doctor with laboratory tests and X-rays.

After a full recovery, it is recommended to have a rest in a sanatorium or a dispensary, where there is good nutrition, inhalation, acupuncture, gymnastics, exercise and professional massage.

Rules of care for pneumonia at home

For treatment, you can take a variety of measures:

Pleural chest pains in pneumonia in adults can sometimes be alleviated by applying an electric heating pad to it, wrapped in a pillow case from a pillow and applied over the patient’s underwear. At the same time, care must be taken if the patient is restless, immovable, or has a confused consciousness.

If a patient has a high temperature, then bedding and underwear made of cotton will be a good help to maintain body hygiene, as well as washing the patient and using talcum powder if necessary.

To facilitate the patient’s condition, regular brushing of the teeth, rinsing the mouth, washing dentures (who have them), as well as sucking ice cubes help.

It is very important in the treatment of pneumonia at home to give the patient regularly to drink, because the high temperature is associated with dehydration. (dried fruit compotes, juices, fruit drinks, teas and herbal teas, milk with honey, mineral water). For fever, take at least 3 liters of water. It’s okay if the patient loses his appetite during an acute attack of the disease – as soon as he feels better, his appetite will return.

In the period of pneumonia, bed rest should be strictly observed. Sometimes sit down to cough up sputum.

The room where the patient is located must be kept in constant cleanliness, often ventilated. The air must be moist and clean. The room should be cool.

The food of the patient should be high-calorie, vitamin and containing trace elements. This is all kinds of vegetables, fruits. In case of intoxication of the body, food rubbed with a blender is recommended.

It is necessary to follow the intestines, to prevent constipation and the development of flatulence.

For a better discharge of sputum, mucus from the lungs make a special massage. With the help of relatives or a masseur, massage the chest area and the back, arms and legs in a circular motion. There is a point (light stroking touch, pressing the sore point with your finger for ten minutes) and classic segmental massage. Respiratory gymnastics, which helps eliminate respiratory failure, is also effective in treating. Exercise, which facilitates breathing and phlegm, activates blood circulation.

For ease of breathing with pneumonia in adults, salt and alkaline inhalations help.

You can treat pneumonia at home using cans, mustard plasters, make warming compresses, wraps. This promotes cough sputum.

It usually takes several weeks for complete recovery, although it depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. In the recovery period, bouts of depression often occur. All the above measures for patient care can be applied in case of bronchitis.

Prevention of pneumonia by folk methods

Many doctors recommend for the prevention of pneumonia to strengthen the body and immunity herbal decoctions. Honey – a universal remedy for the prevention of the disease in 1-2 tablespoons with a hot drink, the same norm with raspberry jam. Increase the use of onions and garlic. Recommended herbs: raspberry leaves, elderberry, mother-and-stepmother and other anti-inflammatory herbs.

But any disease can be prevented if you deal with your body and strengthen the immune system. First of all, it is hardening for the prevention of pneumonia. For young children, this process should become the norm. Patting back and chest massage for improved blood and air circulation. The prophylactic course of the vitamin complex for the prevention of pneumonia has not hurt anyone yet. And remember, forewarned – armed, and therefore ready! Your health and the health of your loved ones in your hands!

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