Folk remedies for the potency of men

Folk remedies for potency are widely used to reduce sexual function in men.

Folk remedies for the potency of men

But the recipes of traditional medicine should be used only in cases where functional impairment of the nervous system, controlling the work of the genitals, is the cause of the decrease in potency.

Violations can be caused by stress, severe fatigue, sleep disturbances, psychological experiences, high physical and mental stress.

In these cases, natural remedies and folk recipes will be the best treatment option.

If the basis of sexual dysfunction and reduce potency are organic diseases of the urogenital sphere, such as prostatitis, prostate adenoma, then men need to see a doctor and get tested.

But many men, having encountered a similar problem, are in no hurry to go to a sex therapist or urologist. Try various pharmaceutical preparations or what friends will advise.

In some cases it helps. But self-healing is dangerous. If the reason for the decrease in potency is not established, there is a risk to miss the time and carry out at all the treatment that is required. That is why, folk remedies are best applied after consultation with a specialist.

What can help people with low potency folk remedies?

  • Soothe the nervous system and relieve stress;
  • Strengthen physical strength and immunity;
  • They will improve blood circulation and ensure the blood filling of the cavernous bodies;
  • Stimulate the production of male hormones;
  • Remove inflammatory reactions of the urogenital sphere.

Just do not think that starting to drink a decoction of any useful weed, you will immediately get a visible effect. This is what I write to, so that there are no unjustified illusions. We’ll have to work hard, folk treatment will definitely help, but for this you need to work with complex methods:

  • Overcome your fears and believe in the success of therapeutic interventions;
  • Analyze your situation and understand what causes you stress. Try to eliminate the causes of stress. Does not work? Then change the attitude towards him: the worst thing is to lose a life, the rest is fixable;
  • Physical education and sport, special exercises to improve erection;
  • Massage of the prostate and penis;
  • In nutrition, give preference to products with aphrodisiac properties;
  • Medicinal herbs, natural stimulants of animal and vegetable origin.

Increase male potency herbs medicinal

Ginseng – This medicinal plant is called The Root of Life. The best metabolic stimulator, increases male potency. It contains the mass of valuable glycosides, aromatic oils, peptides, vitamins and minerals.

Best of all, ginseng will help those people who have decreased sexual strength against the background of general collapse. If the processes of imbalance prevail, fears, excitability, insomnia, ginseng can strengthen these processes. It is better not to take it in such cases.

Ginseng is produced in the form of tinctures, capsules, tablets, drinks and dried roots for independent preparation of various forms.

Aralia Manchu, Rhodiola Rosea, which is otherwise called the golden root, Eleutherococcus, red root – these plants also have tangible tonic properties and have a positive effect on erection and duration of sexual intercourse. They can be used individually in the form of alcoholic tinctures, capsules and tablets, you can procure them yourself or buy dried raw materials at the pharmacy.

Ginkgo biloba – the foliage of these trees is used in traditional and traditional medicine as a means of expanding the lumen of the capillary network,

Ginkgo biloba has a positive effect on the blood supply to the blood vessels of the heart and brain, so it is recommended for men in old age.

Euphorbia pallas, which is also called man-root – There are many varieties of this plant. Many on the windowsill of the house grow this interesting ornamental plant. At incision of stalks plentiful milky juice is allocated. The plant is poisonous, so you can not take it alone. But in ready-made collections, tinctures, it is widely used for so many diseases.

Its tonic, blood purifying and stimulating properties are appreciated. Apply it with boils, to remove corns and warts, spots on the face, with ulcerative conditions of the intestine, as a laxative, to enhance male potency, strengthen the immune system. Even with leukemia and other oncological diseases, the plant prevents the metastasis of malignant tumors.

Nettle – the centuries-old experience of traditional medicine shows that nettle infusion copes well with the problems of erectile dysfunction in men. When systematically taking this simple weed, the libido gradually increases, sexual potency is restored.

All that is needed is to brew a tablespoon of green mass with a glass of boiling water, insist and drink before meals during the day in three doses. Drink up to six months.

Careful with the use of nettle need to be in cases where there is a thickening of the blood. Nettle can enhance the process of blood clots, which is the threat of heart attack or stroke in the elderly.

Sagan Daylya – strong energy stimulator. It enhances the metabolism, is important for strengthening the immune system, it is also a great antiseptic, removes unnecessary waste from the body.

It is used to increase sexual potency, improve the function of the kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system, returns vitality. To use the plant is very simple – when brewing ordinary tea, add 3 leaves of milkweed and wait just a few minutes.

Thyme – A very useful medicinal herb for men. It contains a lot of zinc, which enhances the synthesis of testosterone, sperm motility, improves sexual function. Make an infusion: a spoon of chopped dry herbs and a glass of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes and drink during the day. Gradually increases sexual desire, restored erections and ejaculation.

Folk remedies for the potency of men

Natural stimulants to increase potency

Bee products – have long established themselves as biogenic stimulants honey, propolis, perga, bee pollen, bee submor. These drugs increase sexual potency and stimulate immune mechanisms.

On the basis of honey they prepare various and wonderful nutritional mixtures:

Recipe 1. Take a glass of honey, mix with aloe juice and add half a liter of natural red wine. Infusion should brew for two weeks. Then take three times a day (a tablespoon before meals) for at least a month. If necessary, it can be longer.

Folk remedies for the potency of men

Recipe 2. You can prepare a mixture of honey and honey. Take 300 grams of walnuts, aloe juice in the amount of 100 ml, 50 grams of ginger root and a glass of honey. Stir and eat after eating in the morning and evening, also a month.

Mustard plaster footsteps

On the feet are the points on which all human organs are projected. Stimulating the feet, we have a positive effect on the functions of the whole organism, including the potency. In addition, mustard plasters provide blood flow to the lower body, which also reduces erectile dysfunction.

Dampen cheesecloth in sunflower oil and attach to the feet. Now soak two mustard plaster and put them on the gauze. Press firmly with parchment paper and put on cotton socks. Keep up all night.

Garlic for strengthening the immune system, blood circulation of the heart and blood vessels, building muscle, increasing sexual potency is super important! Read about the recipes for its use in the article “Why garlic is good for men”.

Green herbs – parsley, celery, lovage. Very useful for potency. They have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, cleansing, wound-healing properties. These herbs contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Just add them to food as often as possible.

Mumiye Altai – natural biogenic stimulator, enhances metabolic processes in all organs. If a man suffers from impotence, a course mumie will restore potency, strengthen the nervous system, improve physical health. Get on our website comprehensive information about this amazing substance.

Stone oil – For many people, this is a meaningless concept. But those who have tried them for treatment always get positive results. After all, it is a storehouse of mineral substances, without which it is almost impossible for biochemical reactions to take place in our body.

Zinc, calcium, selenium – so necessary to increase sexual potency! Stone oil is a super remedy for health. Learn about it from the article Reviews of stone oil.

Well, friends! As you can see folk remedies for potency in men are different and there are a lot of them. Men in general should sometimes support their body with them. It will not bring harm, and will add man’s force!

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