Folk remedies for strong cough

Experienced parents know that it is quite possible to treat children’s cough with folk remedies at home. True, with the observance of some important rules and recommendations, as well as with precise knowledge of what exactly they are treating. This article will try to figure out whether it is possible to treat cough without the use of medications in children older than two years and how to do it correctly.

Determine the type of cough

Treatment of cough should begin with finding out its causes, since such a condition is not considered an independent disease. It is always a symptom of some kind of disturbance in the body. Naturally, the doctor must deal with the diagnosis. Therefore, anyone, even home treatment, must begin with a trip to the clinic.

There is a cough that can not be cured at home, because there are many reasons for causing a cough reflex in children. Most often these are respiratory viral infections (influenza, ARVI, ARI). Cough is a manifestation of allergies.

There is one more reason peculiar to children of 2 years. They often inadvertently inhale solid food particles or small parts of toys. Foreign body in the trachea or bronchi is a common problem of toddlers.

Children sometimes react with cough to too dry or too humid air, to its pollution. The cough reflex can appear for quite a long time in children who have survived a strong nervous shock, in children who are in a traumatic psyche, or simply in overly impressionable and impulsive children.

Coughing can also be an alarming symptom of cardiovascular diseases, tuberculosis, coronary disease, evidence of malfunctioning pancreas, as well as an indirect sign of problems with blood formation.

As we understand, it is absolutely impossible to treat such diseases with home remedies, it is so important for the poet to go to a doctor’s appointment. Diagnostics is his profession.

Parents can determine for themselves the nature and type of cough. These data will help professionals as soon as possible to find the cause and give or not give permission for the use of traditional medicine.

The nature of cough is determined by its duration:

If the child is “breathing” up to 2 weeks – this is a sharp cough.

About a month – it’s lingering.

If the cough continues already more than a month This condition is called subacute.

Reflex that plagues the baby throughout two months or more – chronic.

It is important to know the type of cough to determine the tactics of therapy. A dry cough is treated with antitussive drugs, and a wet cough – mucolytic, because with a dry cough, the child needs to reduce the intensity of the reflex, and with a wet cough, a more rapid and effective removal of large amounts of sputum.

Defining the look is quite simple.

It is a rather painful, frequent, exhausting cough, with which temporary relief does not occur. There is no phlegm. A child may complain of chest pain. Usually dry is a cough at the very beginning of a respiratory viral illness, with a cold, allergic. Nervous cough, too, is usually dry and unproductive. With tracheitis and pharyngitis, a child often has a dry, barking cough, accompanied by hoarseness. At night, the unproductive reflex is enhanced.

This is a productive cough, each attack of which is accompanied by sputum separation. A large amount of secretion is formed in the bronchi, the task of which is to resist pathogens and viruses. This is phlegm. The task of parents and doctors is to help her get out, otherwise severe complications can develop. A wet cough is always clearly audible. – during seizures in a child, wheezing and gurgling are heard in the bronchus region.

When it is impossible to manage only with folk methods?

Folk methods are not suitable in the presence of a foreign body in the respiratory system. While parents who do not guess the true cause of the problem, prepare warm drinks and make baby compresses with honey, in a place where food crumbs or toy parts are stuck, inflammation develops, which can have more than sad consequences.

Folk remedies do not work on foreign bodies, an urgent bronchoscopy procedure and the removal of a foreign object are required.

The statistics of the Ministry of Health of Russia scares: about 40% of toddlers (from one and a half to three years), who come to the reception with complaints of a long cough, which is not removed by anything, are sent to the procedure of foreign body extraction, that is, babies inhale foreign objects much more often than adults think.

Some folk remedies can not rid the child of allergic cough, since complex treatment, finding and elimination of the source of protein-antigen is required. If a cough is only a small manifestation of a big problem (with the heart or blood formation), there can be no talk of any folk media.

For all cases of cough in children, it is true that the cough will pass by itself, but only when its true cause is found and eliminated. Otherwise, the cough reflex will not respond to any therapy.

Effective folk remedies and methods

Doctors quite often give consent for home treatment in children with viral infections and acute respiratory ailments.

At the age of over 2 years, recipes should be selected with extreme caution, because nursery children are very sensitive to many herbal preparations.

Until the age of three is not recommended to give honey, propolis, Cow milk is contraindicated for many babies, because they have an increased sensitivity to cow protein, which is an antigen. Honey, milk and various plants – the three pillars of traditional medicine in the treatment of cough. Most of the recipes that can be found on the Internet are based on these ingredients. So beware!

Children from 2 years in the absence of their tendency to allergies can be given decoctions and infusions of herbs. For these purposes, you can use pharmacy chamomile, coltsfoot, licorice root. Barley decoction, currant leaf tea, cranberry juice is very effective.

If the crumbs do not have an inadequate reaction to milk, you can use the “grandmother’s” recipe: warm milk, butter, a spoon of soda. Or cook milk onion broth (onions are boiled in milk).

With garlic, or rather with a piece of grated garlic, you can rub your heels for the night. It helps to save the baby from the exhausting night cough.

The cottage cheese, which is put on gauze, will relieve a strong night cough and wrap it on both sides. A layer of food film is placed on the child’s chest, and a curd compress is placed on top. It can be left for the night.

Mustard pllows for two-year-olds and children under three are contraindicated But you can make a dry mustard compress on the legs. To do this, put some mustard powder in woolen socks, put on socks for the child and make him walk for about 15 minutes. Then you need to remove the compresses and wash your feet with warm water.

Banks that enjoyed the well-deserved respect of our mothers and grandmothers, modern pediatricians are not advised to use. This procedure violates the already fragile balance of heat transfer in the child’s body.

As an auxiliary treatment, inhalations with decoctions of healing herbs are recommended. Baby can add a drop of essential oil of eucalyptus or pine, if he does not have a tendency to allergies. Inhalation is usually reasonable to use only at the final stage of treatment and only with the permission of the doctor.

But the vibratory drainage massage when coughing is very effective at any stage of treatment. The baby should be placed on his knees, his head should be below the level of the priests, face down. With fingertips, an adult taps on the back in the lungs and on the ribs. Then the child is asked to stand up sharply and cough. The exercise is repeated 7-10 times in one session. You can do up to 4-5 sessions per day. This massage contributes to the discharge of sputum from the bronchi and a speedy recovery.

Microclimate correction

Parents should provide the child with proper and favorable conditions for normal breathing. It can not cough up a child, in whose apartment the air is too dry, and the mothers care so much for the crumbs that they melt the room. Dry air dries mucous membranes, including in the bronchi, mucus becomes thicker, its discharge turns into a difficult task.

In order to cure the baby faster and easier, you need to change its microclimate. The optimum temperature of the air in the house is 18-20 degrees, not higher. Humidity of air – 50-70%.

If you do not have a humidifier, you can hang wet towels and bed sheets to the house. They should remain wet, they should be wet again when dry.

Folk remedies for strong cough

Safety precautions

You can not do inhalation and put warming cough for children with fever. This can enhance the inflammatory process. The ban also applies to children in whose sputum are visible fragments of blood or pus. Additional heating will lead to the early spread of infection further.

General recommendations

Walking, breathing fresh air, running, jumping, playing sports with a cough is not only possible but necessary. Physical activity improves the process of thinning and sputum discharge from the bronchi. Naturally, if the child has no fever.

As soon as the fever has subsided, bed rest should be canceled, as it will lead to the stagnation of bronchial secretions.

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