Folk remedies for hemorrhoids potatoes

Hemorrhoids, a disease familiar to people of all ages, professions and genders. Pharmacies have means of alleviating the condition, but the disease existed even before the pharmaceutical era. How did you fight it?

Treatment of hemorrhoids with potato candles

The final section of the rectum is always experiencing a mechanical effect when the muscular tension of its walls, sitting, difficulty defecation. All this leads to the expansion of the veins of the anus and their inflammation.

This is hemorrhoids, having different forms. It manifests itself not only by pains during bowel emptying and prolonged sitting, but also becomes a cause of constipation. Hemorrhoids are also manifested by dull pulling abdominal pains that people are not inclined to associate with him, considering these symptoms to be a manifestation of other diseases.

But regardless of the belief that the disease is so many-sided, you should know that the best remedy is a candle made from potatoes for hemorrhoids. Verbal and written reviews confirm this. The rules of such treatment are not complicated, but they must be known and taken into account:The depth of the potato should be juicy and elastic.

Before making it thoroughly washed with cool running water. Each time a tuber takes a different one. Flush candles are not harvested.

Beat out a knife candle no larger than the little finger for the first time. In the future, you can increase both the length and its thickness.

To introduce a candle is better at night, before bedtime. When the patient has mastered such treatment and is no longer afraid of the perceived discomfort, then in the morning, after a bowel movement, you can repeat everything and walk with such a candle all day.

Before the introduction, the potato candle is dipped in cold water, which can be replaced with any oil, even fresh cow. Lubrication is needed only to facilitate the introduction. We must remember that the main active ingredient is fresh potato juice.

The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the situation, but less than 5 sessions does not make sense. And it is better if it lasts 2 weeks and will be combined with a special diet and a gentle lifestyle.

Immediately after the introduction, discomfort, and even dull pain can be felt. The main thing is not to panic. After a short time, everything will be normalized.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with candles made from fresh potatoes is not complicated and not expensive, but it does bring relief.

Potato enema has healing power for hemorrhoids and colitis

Potatoes are valuable not only in carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin C contained in it. Its juice is also curative. It helps with burns, local inflammatory reactions, colitis and hemorrhoids. To prepare the enema use fresh juicy potatoes. There are 2 approaches.

Potatoes rubbed on a fine grater, and squeezed juice with gauze. Dilute it with cold boiled water in the ratio of one to one. The total volume of the mixture is not more than 150 ml. Using a small syringe, the solution is injected into the rectum in several steps.

It is advisable not to get up after half an hour after the procedure. If the urge to defecate, then they should not be ignored. Then, after the toilet of the anus, the enema is repeated or any pharmacy suppositories are used. This method of therapy is appropriate for internal hemorrhoids.

Often, this disease is combined with inflammatory processes of the lower parts of the large intestine. In this case, the enema is prepared as follows. Potatoes grated on a fine grater, with a volume of 200-300 ml are poured with boiled water, with a volume of one and a half liters, t 40-45 ° C.

After a brief stirring, without waiting for cooling, the mixture is filtered. The resulting solution is injected with an Esmarch cup. You need to hold water in your intestines as long as possible.

After the enema toilet is required perineum and the use of candles or ointments.

Thus, the treatment of hemorrhoids with potatoes is effective, reviews confirm that it can also be used for the preparation of enemas.

Potatoes in the form of juice and compress with hemorrhoids

Grated potatoes can also be used as compresses. They relieve unbearable pain in case of burns and reduce the size of blisters, relieve the edema of certain parts of the body, soften the flaky skin of the hands.

Use potato compress and with external hemorrhoids, and eczema of the anus, accompanied by incessant itching.

A slurry of fresh potatoes is placed on a thin piece of cloth, no larger than a children’s handkerchief. The volume of the mass is 1 teaspoon with the top.

It is necessary to squat down deeply and attach the napkin tightly to the anus. To rise, and in this position, attach a napkin to the site of a compress to catch excess juice.

With such a compress is better to lie, but you can move. The desired exposure time is 1-2 hours.

Freshly squeezed potato juice has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, and also strengthens the walls of blood vessels. It is taken for ulcer, gastritis, duodenitis. All this is required and with hemorrhoids. Of course, the use of juice inside in this case can not be independent, but only part of a comprehensive treatment.

Thus, potato juice should be used in the complex treatment of hemorrhoids, but compresses can be used for self-therapy.

Steam potato baths in the treatment of disease

From the cleanings of non-sprouted potatoes prepare a decoction used for steam baths. This treatment is particularly well suited in case of complications of hemorrhoids caused by hypothermia. This method can only be used (important!) In case of confidence in the absence of tumors in the rectum. Cooking baths is not difficult, but care is needed to avoid steam burns.

Take cleaning well washed tubers. You can use unpeeled tubers completely. Grind raw materials, pour water or milk, cook and place in a stable metal dish.

On her put a wooden base-seat with a hole for the rectum. Carefully sit down and warm up until the mixture cools.

At the end of the procedure, it is appropriate to use any candles, ointments or medicinal oils.

It turns out that in the treatment of hemorrhoids in the absence of tumors in the rectum, the heating of potato broth with steam is effective.

Side effects, contraindications and reviews of the treatment of hemorrhoids with potatoes

Treatment with raw or boiled potatoes has virtually no side effects, since this product is of natural origin. But still it is not advisable to resort to him with significant hemorrhoidal bleeding.

Small bleeding is not a contraindication. Allergic reactions, potatoes, as a rule, do not cause, they can occur only if during the cultivation of potatoes fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are abused.

People have confidence and reasonably that the treatment of hemorrhoids with folk remedies is effective and safe. According to reviews of those who resorted to the treatment of potatoes, this is certainly a blessing. Since this juicy vegetable contains a lot of biologically active substances, it is widely used in traditional medicine.

Folk remedies for hemorrhoids potatoes

And above all, in this case, raw potatoes from hemorrhoids are good. Reviews note the multivariate of its healing properties. But, in any case, with repeated manifestations of hemorrhoids, a visit to the doctor is necessary.

This suggests that the potato can be successfully used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. For this purpose, candles, lotions, and juice are made from its fresh tubers at home. Boiled potatoes are used for steam bathing.

The positive side of this treatment is the naturalness of the remedy, the insignificance of contraindications, the absence of side effects and low cost.

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