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Warts are viral, benign skin tumors. There are:

Flat wart looks like a smooth plaque from 3 to 5 mm of light brown color with a pink shade, which protrudes quite a bit above the skin. This type of warts is located in groups on the face, on the eyelids. In addition, flat warts can appear on the hands and legs.

The diagnosis is made by a dermatologist after a visual inspection and analysis, histological examination of the sample of the removed tumor.

How to determine the ownership of warts

An experienced dermatologist is able to distinguish warts by visual inspection. The doctor will also use dermatoscopy and histological examination of the sample. All examination methods are painless, with the exception of histology sampling.

A visual inspection will help distinguish a flat wart from others using the following criteria:

  • the tumor is raised above the skin in the form of a papule or nodule with a flat surface;
  • in the area of ​​damage there is no keratinization of the skin;
  • the color of the formations is distinguished by a special shade;
  • in diameter warts range from 3 to 5 mm;
  • placed in groups do not merge;
  • localized on the face (chin, forehead), hands and legs.

The main cause of the disease is HPV (human papillomavirus), which is topically manifested in the form of skin tumors and is determined by the polymerase chain reaction. Additionally, patients with warts are recommended to be screened to determine the carcinogenic risk.

Nontraditional treatments

Removal of warts is carried out with the help of various home remedies, medicines or surgical treatment. Non-traditional methods include the treatment of celandine and garlic.

Break off the stem of fresh celandine and smear the wart with the yellow juice of the plant. Repeat the procedure twice a day until the warts on the face disappear.

With the help of garlic, warts are also treated: cut the plate, then attach to the formation. The procedure is done twice a day until the neoplasm disappears.

Doctors do not recommend self-treatment, because the effectiveness of folk remedies is a big question, and they can also cause allergic reactions or damage the structure of the neoplasm.

Local treatment will not be effective without affecting the human papillomavirus, because this is the root cause of flat wart. In addition, the use of alternative medicine can lead to complications or the spread of warts.

Traditional treatments

Official methods include treatment at an aesthetic medicine clinic or beauty salon, as well as in a hospital according to the instructions of the dermatologist. The basis of proper treatment is accurate diagnosis. After diagnosis, the doctor is determined with the choice of the method and means of treatment, which in each case are individual.

  • antiviral therapy (drugs aimed at the destruction of human papillomavirus);
  • destructive (cauterizing drugs: verrukatsid or feresol, cryodestruction, laser removal, electrocoagulation);
  • immunomodulatory therapy.

Cautery drugs

Special drugs include Verrukacid and Solkoderm with cauterizing effect, which are used only externally.

Verrukacid has an antiviral effect. Pharmacological effects include cauterization and detachment of the wart and destruction of the virus in the affected cells around it.

When using the drug, a possible danger is a burn of healthy skin around the neoplasm. To avoid burns, lubricate the area around the wart with Vaseline or baby cream before applying verrucacid. The medicine can be spread on the wart up to 10 times with an interval of 2-5 minutes.

Also refer to destructive drugs salicylic acid and Solkoderm, but more often they are used in beauty salons.

Cryodestruction, laser and surgical wart removal

A quick and effective method of dealing with warts is cryodestruction or treatment with liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is applied to the formation for 30 seconds to kill the tissue (necrosis).

An hour after application, a bubble appears on the skin, which dries out within a week.

At the site of the cryodestruction there is a crust, which eventually disappears, leaving no trace of the treatment.

There are preparations for home cryodestruction – Cryopharma and Wartner Cryo, but their effectiveness is very controversial.

Laser removal of tumors is performed using a pulsed laser that glues the vascular walls of blood capillaries that feed the wart. After the procedure, a bruise occurs, which disappears after 7-14 days, scars do not appear.

Photo before and after

So, according to the doctors, the patients look before and after applying laser therapy. Keep in mind that any serious clinic has its photos in the portfolio and they will show you if you want to undergo the procedure. Well, if the doctor has nothing to show, then, probably, you should not trust him.

Another method of treatment is based on cauterization of the neoplasm by electric current. Removal of the wart is carried out by an electrocoagulator, the procedure lasts 15 minutes, a crust forms after it.

Of all the options, laser wart removal is preferable. It is less traumatic for the skin, the scar after removal of the tumor does not occur. In any case, be sure to consult a dermatologist before starting treatment.

Patient Reviews

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[su_quote cite = Elena, 27 years old]

For two years she tried to remove the warts on her face with the help of various essential oils, salicylic alcohol, she took “Viru Merz”, additionally “Immunal”. Unfortunately, the number of warts only increased. When I visited a dermatologist, he appointed a cryodestruction. After three treatments, the small warts disappeared, and after seven, only the spots remained.

[su_quote cite = Svetlana, 34 years old]

After the examination, I was diagnosed with flat warts. Prescribed medication and surgical treatment. I refused the procedure because I prefer non-traditional methods. Began to strengthen the immune system, learning about the cause. Every morning, on an empty stomach, I drank 2 teaspoons of grated ginger with honey, washed down with warm water. In addition, she took the prescribed antiviral drug. Iodine was applied to each wart along with oxaline ointment. I carried out these procedures for 6 months, but the warts eventually disappeared only after laser removal.

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