Finger burn how to relieve pain

Types of burns

Depending on how deeply and extensively the skin on the fingers is damaged as a result of exposure to a temperature factor or chemical substance, there are several types of such injuries:

Finger burn how to relieve pain

  1. The first degree of burn is easy. Clinically, it is manifested by reddening of the skin and unexpressed pain syndrome.
  2. The second degree is characterized by the appearance of one or several bubbles with a transparent liquid. Soreness in this form is more pronounced.
  3. At the third degree, the tissues become necrotic, and a scab appears on the surface.
  4. At the fourth stage, not only is the complete death of the soft tissues, but also the damage of muscles and bones occurs.

Methods of medical care for various burn injuries will be different. If the burn of the finger corresponds to the first two degrees, then it can be treated at home.. Violations of the third and fourth degree are considered severe, and the patient needs assistance in a specialized unit.

You should also consult a doctor if necessary to remove the vial. It is not recommended to do it yourself, as it is possible to infect the infection. It is important to consult a specialist in the event of infection. This condition is accompanied by a rise in temperature, redness of the skin around the wound, swelling, discharge of pus, and acute pain.

First aid

[adrotate banner = 4 ″] Once the damage has occurred, you need to take immediate action:

  1. To cool down the place of burn, for this you should lower a finger into cold water. It is believed that the duration of such a procedure should be from 15 minutes to half an hour. Be especially careful to flush the point of entry of an aggressive chemical. The use of cold can prevent the expansion of the burn area and damage to the deeper layers of the skin. You can use a cold compress, it will remove the swelling that often accompanies the burn.
  2. To prevent infection by washing the wound with an antiseptic solution. For its preparation, you can take a tablet of Furacilin in 200 ml of water. A light solution of potassium permanganate also helps.
  3. Apply a clean, sterile dressing to the affected finger. This will prevent pathogenic microflora from entering the wound.
  4. In the presence of severe pain, take an analgesic agent.

What not to do

When you get a burn on a finger or toe, you cannot do the following:

Finger burn how to relieve pain

  1. To use ice or a compress with it for cooling, since a frostbite of the tissue may occur on the background of a burn.
  2. Use for the treatment of wounds alcohol solutions (Zelenko or iodine), as well as toothpaste.
  3. Do not apply fatty or oily topical products in case of an open wound..
  4. Apply a too tight bandage or glue the damaged surface with adhesive tape.

With extreme care should be treated with a surface of bubbles, so as not to violate their integrity.

Folk remedies

When there is a finger burn, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine.

  1. Aloe leaf helps to improve the condition of finger burns. A piece of the plant must be wound to the wound. It should be changed as it dries, continue until the pain stops. Aloe more effectively heals wounds, if you pre-put the sheet for a day in the refrigerator. It is advisable to have a small margin just in case.
  2. With thermal or chemical damage to the skin, as well as with suppuration, you can use a decoction of veronica drug. To prepare 20 grams of dry plants, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse until cooled. It should be used for washing and lotions.
  3. You can rub a raw potato or pumpkin, put the mass in gauze and attach to the damage. Repeat several times a day.
  4. For lotions should be made eucalyptus infusion. It is taken in the amount of 10 grams per glass of water, and kept in a water bath for about half an hour. Apply after straining.
  5. Traditional healers recommend using cabbage leaf. It needs to be crushed and mixed with egg white in equal proportions. Cabbage can be boiled in milk and mixed with rye flour. Attach to the sore spot and fix like a compress.
  6. Sometimes boiled onions are used to speed healing and improve condition. It should be placed in a container and cooked as a whole until softened. After that, the husk needs to be removed, and the flesh is crushed and applied to the burn.
  7. Help with burns of fingers of the second and first degree rose petals. They need to be freshly applied and kept under a bandage until completely dry.
  8. It is recommended to make lotions with vegetable decoctions. For this purpose, you can use the flowers of clover, dog rose, and coltsfoot. These medicinal plants allow you to quickly get rid of damage and prevent the appearance of a scar.
  9. Even with the formation of necrosis helps oil from the seeds of sea buckthorn. It should be applied in a small amount under the bandage.
  10. The initial stages of burns are successfully treated with oil made from Hypericum. It must be done in advance. A glass of vegetable oil is taken on one large spoon of grass, this drug is infused for two weeks. From time to time you need to shake it. Use as an external agent.
  11. As an ointment, a mixture of vaseline and calendula tincture (1: 2) is suitable. They need to be mixed and immediately processed.

Finger burn how to relieve pain

Before using folk remedies for the treatment of second-degree burns should consult a doctor.

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