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Every woman at any age tends to stay beautiful, attractive and desirable. However, when it comes to sexual opportunities and the ability to achieve a bright and powerful orgasm, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can hear hundreds of complaints about how difficult and rarely it turns out to be.

And this is at a time when this is not at all a problem for their partners. After all, if we talk about men, the question of them sexual arousal most often behind the problems of physiology. In the case of women, the presence or absence of their libido is associated with both nervous or psychological disorders, as well as lack of confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Many women perceive the problem of declining libido as a real fiasco in the sexual arena. Doctors beat the real alarm, declaring that every fourth woman suffers from incurable frigidity. Some of them even believe that these figures are understated, since half of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are in no hurry to admit to their intimate problems.

However, is everything as bad as experts say? Hardly. In this article we will try to understand the reasons for the occurrence of such an unpleasant disorder, as well as the most effective ways overcoming it and analyze the pathogens for women in our pharmacy.

Increase female libido drugs

Drug treatment of reducing the level of libido in women consists in taking a specific group of drugs that have a stabilizing effect on hormonal abnormalities normal degree of their content in the body.

It is fair to say that before starting a comprehensive treatment in order to eliminate the problem it is worth going consultation experienced specialist. Diagnostic examination will allow you to find out the root cause of the occurrence of the disease, determine the level of hormonal changes, as well as identify the most optimal way out of this situation.

Our pharmacy has a large range of products that completely eliminate female sexual dysfunction, eliminate erectile dysfunction and forget about any sexual problems for a long time.

Among the most common types of drugs are the following drugs to increase female libido:

Shpanskaya Fly Photo

Composition: 100% natural composition

Action time: up to 5 hours

Start of action: in 5-10 minutes

Method of application: in 5 minutes

Taste: no taste or smell

Taking with alcohol: you can

Category: Pathogen for women

Availability: In stock

Price: 1300 rubles 4 sachets

Silver Fox Photos

Composition: 100% natural composition

Action time: 3-4 hours

Start of action: in 5-10 minutes

Method of application: in 5 minutes

Taste: no taste or smell

Taking with alcohol: you can

Category: Pathogen for women

Availability: In stock

Price: 1300 rubles 4 sachets

Female Viagra Photos

Action time: 4-6 hours

Beginning of the action: in 30-40 minutes

Acceptance with alcohol: not compatible

Category: Pathogen for women

Availability: In stock #128578;

Price: 790 rubles 4 tablets

Ingredients: 100% natural

Action time: up to 10 hours

Start of action: after 10 minutes

Acceptance with alcohol: compatible

Category: Pathogen for women

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Price: 950 rubles 6 tablets

Various groups of pathogens in the form of tablets, capsules, lubricants, sprays, creams and gels. Allow to experience a storm of emotions due to a sharp increase in the level of secretion of female secretions.

Female Libido Enhancers

Decrease in female libido causes

What is the reason for not wanting to have sex?

As mentioned earlier, the main reason for the decline arousal level, desire and sensitivity during sexual intercourse in women is associated with psychological trauma, nervous disorders, overwork, fatigue or indisposition.

The complete absence of libido can be associated with prolonged overstrain or frequent stress. Usually this applies to those women who have a difficult, intense and exhausting work.

Another common cause of declining female libido can be called self-doubt. Sometimes the reluctance to have sex is associated with prolonged depression or apathy.

In this case, to psychological aspects It is also possible to add physiological factors, active elements produced in the brain in a state of stress and dejection block the centers that are responsible for the duration of sexual attraction.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the physical reasons for the decrease in the level of female libido, manifested in:

Diabetes or anemia

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Constant intake of antidepressants or low-quality contraceptives

  • Diseases of the genitourinary and reproductive systems (thrush, vaginismus and
  • However, the strongest effects on the state of libido have immediate relations between man and woman. If a couple has cooled to each other, has ceased to feel interest and attraction, then the level of libido, respectively, decreases.

    After all, if a man can easily have sex with a partner, regardless of the degree of development of their relationship, then for a woman such an idea is simply intolerable.

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    Increase female libido at home

    Folk remedies, cooked at home are the most popular and affordable way to combat low levels of libido in women of different age categories.

    Use such tested For many generations, almost half of all patients prefer the method. Back in Ancient Egypt, women used special Shpansky front sight and dietary supplements based on extracts and infusions of medicinal herbs to raise female libido.

    Today, folk medicine can be divided into three the main groups:

    Each of these areas is a separate science, radically different methods of application and action.

    Hirudotherapy – This is an effective way to increase sexual desire in women due to the positive effect of leeches. In the case of a particular problem in the sexual arena, leeches are placed on the necessary zones and areas of the small pelvis. It is necessary to carry out such procedures exclusively under the supervision of a qualified specialist.

    Apitherapy – is a method of recovery, based on regular intake of honey. Honey is a tasty and healthy product, widely known for its healing properties, unusual flavor and rich history. He is loved by representatives of the most diverse age categories, ranging from babies to women in very advanced age.

    Among the many advantages Honey can also be distinguished:

    Female Libido Enhancers

      The presence of antiviral and antibacterial substances

    The possibility of long and safe storage

    The ability to destroy pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic bacteria in the patient’s body

    The presence of such trace elements as chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, as well as various vitamins, amino acids, hormones and biostimulants

  • The ability to increase the energy tone of a person, a positive effect on all without exception of the system in his body.
  • Positive effect of holding Apitherapy does not take long. After a few days, the woman is able to feel relief and long-awaited sexual arousal.

    It is necessary to eat honey every day:

      in the cold season – 3-4 spoons per day;

  • in the warm season – 6-8 spoons per day.
  • Such a distribution is explained by the fact that in summer honey is maximally fresh a product that has several times more nutrients than in winter. However, phytotherapy can be called the most popular and most popular way to restore female libido at home.

    Herbal medicine is effective treatment consisting of increasing the amount of estrogen in the patient’s body. Quality herbal medicine is to eat foods that contain the maximum amount of these substances.

    These products include juniper, rosemary, walnuts, ginger, blackberries and blueberries, dill, parsley and cilantro, soybean and linden, as well as sage, ginseng and other medicinal herbs. Most often from such plants produce a variety of teas, nourishing infusions, decoctions, lubricants and gels. They are used both in boiled and raw.

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    Increase female libido with products

    For both the male and female body is very important proper nutrition. It not only gives strength and energy for the day, but also contributes to a three-fold increase in libido. Products that increase women’s passion and sexual attraction, have long been called aphrodisiacs.

    These were set diverse hot spices, seasonings and spices. Onions, bitter peppers, garlic and cinnamon, horseradish, ginger and fennel – all this can provoke a violent outburst of partner’s emotions and desires.

    However, it is unlikely that a woman can eat only one seasoning for a long time. Erogenous In this case, stimulants in this case also serve the customary provisions: fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, dairy products, eggs, stewed or fried liver, vegetable or butter, citrus fruits and fresh vegetables, cabbage, nuts, sweet chocolate.

    Due to the large amount of fatty acids in its composition, various types of passion can also cause seafood: shrimps, oysters, clams, fish, caviar, lobsters, squids. Do not forget about the wonderful effects of greens (dill, parsley, lettuce, cilantro, spinach), pumpkin seeds and abundant drinking.

    When restoring libido, stop drinking sugary carbonated drinks and alcohol, stop smoking. Be extremely careful with hormonal contraceptives, antihypertensive drugs, antispasmodics, neuroleptics, as well as agents with anticholinergic action.

    Female Libido Enhancers

    Increasing female libido with therapy

    Ways to combat low libido

    In addition to the use of various gels, lubricants, ointments, capsules and tablets, a woman should to try conduct a special therapeutic rehabilitation, which is based on the following ways to combat a decrease in the level of libido:

    Drug Patch Application

    This product has a special adhesive backing, as well as healing components that produce an enhanced effect on the skin due to the effects of natural and hormonal substances.

    Regular kegel exercises

    Kegel exercises – This is an effective and fast physical exercise that increases the tone of the muscles of the pelvis. For most women, this type of muscle is rarely involved, so that over time it can lose its elasticity and become weak and thin.

    Reflex massage of the vagina

    Permanent massaging specific points makes it possible to increase the sensitivity and susceptibility to external factors of the female body. Recreation, communication, relaxation. What does a woman need in order to feel attractive and sexy? Enough time to relax from the daily hassle.

    Obligatory A component of such a holiday is listening to good music, back massage, a delicious dinner, a fragrant and aromatic bath, talking heart to heart alone with your loved one. Quarrels, irritations, omissions and altercations destroy not only the emotional connection between partners, but also their intimate life.

    Get involved in sports, sign up for aerobics or dancing, start running in the morning or do morning exercises in the form of elementary physical exercises – and you will see how quickly your life will change for the better!

    Increasing female libido with drug treatment

    TO benefits the use of drug therapy in the event of a decrease in female libido include:

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