Female cold

In the cold season, the female genitourinary system becomes vulnerable to low temperatures. Lower abdominal pain causes women to consult a doctor. Timely diagnostics and medical care provided will help avoid a number of adverse effects.

Causes of common cold as a woman

The development of the inflammatory process in the appendages, ovaries and bladder causes a number of unpleasant symptoms that affect the general well-being of women. In medical practice, there is no such disease as a cold like a woman. This is the collective name for the inflammation of the genitourinary system.

The nature of most diseases in a feminine manner is infectious. So the body fights against pathogenic microorganisms. Experts identify 2 forms of the disease: acute and chronic. In the first case, the symptoms are pronounced, can manifest in the form of fever, severe lower abdominal pain, discharge, which are accompanied by an unpleasant smell and a general decline in vital energy.

The disease becomes chronic, if you do not seek help from a specialist in time and do not carry out the necessary medication.

One of the causes of cold in a female is hypothermia. It may occur due to wearing light clothing in the cold season, swimming in icy or cool water. Diseases can occur for the following reasons:

  • lack of personal hygiene
  • use of contraceptive intrauterine devices
  • the presence in the body of other inflammatory processes
  • damage to organs of the genitourinary system
  • general weakening of immunity
  • neuroendocrine disorder

Inflammation of the female urogenital system: signs and symptoms

It is not possible to confuse the symptoms of inflammation in the bladder, ovaries or appendages with simple indisposition. Symptoms of a cold in a female have a number of characteristic differences:

  • Constant urge to urinate, which may be accompanied by cutting pain.
  • Drawing or sharp pain in the lumbar region, ovaries, thighs. They may increase after exercise.

Lower abdominal pain

It is impossible to ignore such manifestations. This can adversely affect the reproductive function of women. Doctors note that the consequences of improper treatment are manifested in ectopic pregnancy, adhesions of the fallopian tubes and pain in the lower abdomen, giving to the back or leg, which only strong painkillers can help.

How to cure a woman’s cold: a review of effective remedies

Timely care for your health will help to avoid adverse effects for the whole body. It is better to start treatment in the early stages, with the first manifestations of even the most minor symptoms.

Female cold

Selection of drugs and medical procedures should be comprehensive and comprehensive. Properly designed treatment regimen should: eliminate pain, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It should be remembered that local treatment may be ineffective. In order for the disease not to become chronic, it is necessary to increase the overall immunity of the body and detoxify the blood.

Antibiotics are rightfully considered the most effective method of dealing with a female cold. However, they can only be prescribed by a doctor after taking blood tests, isolating and testing for antibiotics.

The most common manifestations of colds in a female are adnexitis and cystitis. In severe cases, the disease proceeds in parallel.


If you can not see a specialist, and unpleasant symptoms interfere with a full life, you can buy drugs that relieve pain and improve well-being. But it is important to remember that they should stop taking them before the visit to the doctor, otherwise they will distort the clinical picture and the specialist will not be able to determine a reliable diagnosis.

    Candles, cream and pimafucin tablets. Used to treat diseases that have a fungal nature, such as thrush or vaginal candidiasis. The drug is low toxic, so it is not contraindicated in pregnant women. The choice of the form of the drug, its dosage and regimen depends on the stage of the disease.

Female cold

It is important to remember that when taking antibiotics should take care of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system. In parallel, it is recommended to take drugs to restore it.


Folk remedies are designed to enhance the effect of drug treatment, but they cannot cope with the disease on their own. The most popular are the following recipes:

    Twice a day, after meals, drink half a glass of broth from the bark of birch and alder. It will help reduce inflammation and get rid of aching pains.

In the process of treatment, complete sexual abstinence is necessary. This will help speed up the healing process. It is desirable to treat and sexual partner in order to avoid re-occurrence of the disease. Comprehensive treatment will allow you to forget about the unpleasant and dangerous female cold. After an intensive course of treatment, general strengthening therapy should be carried out, control tests should be performed and an ultrasound scan should be performed.

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