Feet tingle at night

A situation where the legs go numb below the knees becomes an alarm signal, not always associated with the lower limbs. Sometimes the thigh begins to go numb, then goes to the lower parts of the leg. To determine the causes of the disease, to get an idea of ​​treatment, you need to contact a medical professional.

If the sensitivity of the feet from the feet and above is disturbed, there is a greater likelihood of deviations in the body.

Signs associated with leg numbness:

  • legs swell from the feet and up to the knee;
  • changes the color of the skin of the legs;
  • aching pains in the area of ​​the foot and the knees;
  • the condition of the patient’s body worsens;
  • tingling of the right or left foot;
  • in selected cases, fainting is observed.

Causes of leg numbness

More than 80% of leg numbness situations occur in diseases of the spine or nervous system. The cause of the disease is often associated with a sedentary lifestyle, nervous diseases, vascular diseases. In the latter case, the thigh becomes numb.

Reduced sensitivity below the knee is mainly found in actively working people. Accompanied by a state of burning, the disappearance of the sensitivity of the skin, the appearance of a feeling of cold in the toes.

To establish the diagnosis and prescribe treatment, it is important to know the time of occurrence of the trouble. Often the situation happens during sleep or immediately after waking up. Sometimes the right and left leg and hip through the physical overload become numb.

The diagnosis depends on the leg with which the numbness began – left or right. Symptoms need to remember to determine the cause of the disease, the appointment of the correct treatment.

Why can this happen?

If the tissues do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients due to improper blood circulation, the leg becomes numb and tingles in the problem area. Numbest capable plot, above the numbing place. A more detailed account of the situation in specific cases is set out in the article.

  • Blood circulation is disturbed due to mechanical stress. As a result of sitting in an uncomfortable position, the right or left legs go numb, the blood circulation in the transmitted area is disturbed. After changing the position of the foot begin to tingle. After some time, the motor activity in the area of ​​the knee is restored. Squeezing the blood vessels for a long time can lead to hard-to-cum gangrene.
  • Lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body. There are known substances without which metabolic processes in the body are impossible. In this case, treatment is to fill in the missing elements.

Diseases associated with the spine

The spine becomes the connecting link of nerve endings. Sometimes the nerves are squeezed, as a result, the fingers and limb become numb below the knee. Symptom can occur in people with osteochondrosis, ridge hernia, osteoporosis. Numbness leads to a fracture or dislocation of the lower limb.

In the cases described, medical assistance is obligatory; an experienced specialist is capable of inserting ridges into place.

Methods to help the recovery of vertebral divisions:

  • special therapeutic massage;
  • manual therapy;
  • surgical care;
  • the use of drugs that anesthetize and eliminate inflammation, drugs that treat arthrosis.

If limbs become numb due to nervous diseases

If the cause of numbness of a limb has occurred due to a nervous breakdown, symptoms appear:

  • cold toes;
  • tingling below the knee;
  • right or left extremity loses sensitivity;
  • movement around the knee is difficult.

Feet tingle at night

Numbness with neuropathy

When neuropathy changes the structure of the nerve fibers. This happens as a result of infection in the body through a violation of blood flow or severe intoxication.

The treatment consists in resuming the functioning of the affected nerve fibers. Treatment methods remain diverse – laser therapy, electrophoresis, acupuncture.

Vascular diseases

Blood circulation is disturbed through vascular diseases. As a result, the right, left leg from the knee to the foot becomes numb. We list the diseases due to which blood circulation is disturbed:

  • With thrombosis, the blood tends to stagnate. The leg may swell, the skin in problem areas changes color, it becomes dry. The treatment is carried out with the help of drugs that thin the blood and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In some cases, use anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Blood circulation is disturbed through obliterating endarteritis. The disease leads to a violation of the sensitivity of the legs, the fingers begin to tingle, then numb. Treatment of pathology occurs with the help of drugs that improve the quality of blood.
  • Raynaud’s syndrome – a pathology in which there is vasospasm. In the described situation, treatment is associated with the expansion of the walls of blood vessels and the elimination of spasms.
  • Heart Disease. If violations of the heart are found, the blood in the vessels cannot provide oxygen to important organs.

Numbness of the limbs as a result of pregnancy

In this case, the reason is associated with changes that occur in the body of the future mother. The heart of a pregnant woman should work for two, leading to impaired blood circulation. A woman may feel numb at night during sleep or after.


As a result of frostbite of the foot, the knee, the supply of necessary substances to the organs is stopped. If time does not take action, it is possible to get gangrene or tissue necrosis.


The disease manifests itself more often in people of retirement age. Accompanied by numbness and tremor in the area below the knee.

Stroke numbness due to stroke

The cause of a stroke is numbness in the area of ​​the left leg. If you suspect a stroke, it is immediately recommended to seek medical help.

Methods of treatment in the absence of sensitivity of the lower limb

After a full examination, when the correct diagnosis is established, doctors prescribe a course of treatment.

There are a number of procedures that have a beneficial effect on the body and eliminate the difficulty. Following the recommendations of the doctor can reduce numbness in the foot area, legs below the knee, partially relieve tension in these organs.

Preventive measures

The known number of ways to eliminate the discomfort associated with numbness of the foot. The most common are:

  • Physical therapy classes;
  • Walking;
  • Bicycle rides;
  • Refusal from cigarettes and spirits;
  • The use of meals, including a sufficient amount of iron, trace elements;
  • Use of a contrast shower or bath;
  • Avoiding hypothermia.

In order not to bring the disease to exacerbation, it is important to follow the recommendations of the doctors, apply the prescribed means. It is important that the toes and feet are not supercooled. It is recommended to wear high-quality shoes for the season, beware of bruises, infections.

Treatment of numbness by using folk remedies

To restore circulation, it is permissible to use folk remedies:

  1. If the toes of the feet go numb, it is advisable to eat eggshells. Required to release from the film and grind into powder. The composition should be added to food in a teaspoonful, once a week. Once a month, areas can be lubricated with iodine, provided there is no allergy.
  2. The method helps to remove numbness in the foot: pour 2 buckets of cold water and 1 bucket of hot water into a deep basin. Become at the bottom of the pelvis alternately right, then left foot for 30 seconds. In total, 5 dives are required for each leg. At the end of the foot smeared with turpentine ointment and wrap with woolen cloth.
  3. If toes and feet go numb, healers recommend using honey. The product is applied in a thin layer on diseased areas, covered with thin paper and wrapped with woolen cloth. 4 treatments are enough to numb the pain.
  4. If the toes go numb, garlic will help. Vegetable pre-pressured, put in a half-liter jar, filling it a third. The remaining volume is filled with vodka, put the container in a dark place, so that the agent infused. After two weeks is allowed to use. Five drops of the product are mixed with a teaspoon of boiled water, drunk for 4 weeks.
  5. Numbness of the toes is treated with black pepper, which is mixed with vegetable oil (100 grams of pepper per 1 liter of oil). The mixture is boiled for half an hour, rubbed on the fingers after cooling.
  6. Lilac flower, infused with alcohol, helps to eliminate puffiness and restore blood flow to the legs.

Medical gymnastics to eliminate leg numbness:

  • Lie on your back and slightly raise the legs above the body. Move your left and right toes simultaneously. Exercise is done 100 times.
  • Stand on your toes, raise your arms as high as possible, spreading your fingers, try to stay in a busy position for a minute. Exercise repeat 10 times.

To summarize: why the legs can go numb

Legs go numb due to mechanical action. Sometimes the trouble becomes the cause of serious diseases, to treat first of all, the identified diseases will be required.

The treatment of numb leg areas depends on the diagnosis, which is determined exclusively by the attending physician. Fundamentally, it is necessary to know in which leg numbness occurs more often. The cause of the tingling of the left leg should be clarified, this may be a precursor of an impending stroke.

Not only medication treatment becomes the only way to eliminate the disease. Alternative means of treating the legs are described that can eliminate numbness, relieve puffiness and reduce fatigue.

Among the effective ways to fix the problem are the methods:

  • Walking, exercise, swimming and cycling. Any kind of sports can increase blood circulation and eliminate the state of foot discomfort.
  • Refusal of coffee, tea, cigarettes, alcohol.
  • The use of contrast baths that help reduce leg discomfort associated with numbness.
  • Avoiding hypothermia.

Get rid of the numbness will help folk remedies eliminate discomfort. Used infusions, all sorts of lotions based on garlic or black pepper. Lilac infusion is recognized as an effective way to restore blood circulation.

Prevention of the disease becomes strengthening the immune system of the body. In the case of numbness of the legs below the knee – prescribed timely treatment to your doctor for help. It is necessary to clearly understand, only the doctor will be able to establish the true cause of discomfort, answer questions of interest to the patient.

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