Feet burn from the inside

Each of us at least once in our life felt that our feet were burning. What to do in this situation? Can such an unpleasant symptom signal the beginning of a serious illness, or will the problem go away by itself, and you can simply ignore it?

Feet burn from the inside

Diseases leading to burning in the feet and legs

Everyone knows the feeling when, after removing tight or uncomfortable shoes, there is a burning sensation in the legs. The same feeling can occur in various diseases that require immediate treatment.

Causes of discomfort in the legs can be:

  • vascular diseases of the lower extremities: varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis;
  • congenital pathologies of the development of muscles and bones;
  • infectious and fungal skin lesions of the feet;
  • endocrinological and metabolic pathologies (for example, diabetes mellitus);
  • avitaminosis.

Vascular pathology

With thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases of the legs, blood circulation is disturbed in the tissues, ischemic changes occur, muscle atrophy.

If the legs are burning because of the disease of the vessels of the lower extremities, then the burning symptoms usually accompany:

  • the presence of edema,
  • numbness of the legs above and below the knees,
  • feeling of bursting in the vessels.

The treatment of such pathologies should be carried out under the close supervision of the attending physician. In some cases, surgery may be necessary.

Endocrinological problems

Often the legs are burning and with endocrine diseases. First of all, with diabetes. This disease affects the blood vessels throughout the body, including the lower limbs, which often leads to a complication, called diabetic foot.

The sole of the feet usually indicates the onset of diabetic foot syndrome: a burning sensation occurs on one or both feet. Later on this place a small ulcer appears, which is very difficult to treat, and in advanced cases it can even become the cause of limb amputation.

Against the background of endocrinological disorders metabolism is noticeably deteriorating. With such diseases, the skin of the feet, especially on the heels, becomes dry, thin, covered with cracks. The treatment of such problems should deal with a qualified doctor.

Infectious and fungal lesions

Burning can occur in the presence of infectious or fungal infections of the feet. With fungal infections, the toes and nails are affected the most. In such a situation, it is necessary to urgently seek medical help and undergo a course of drug therapy.

Causes of burning in the legs, not associated with diseases

Very often, the cause of the burning of the feet is an allergic reaction to tissues and substances in contact with the skin. In this case, the feet are not only experiencing a burning sensation, but also become covered by a characteristic allergic rash, which increases in places of close contact of the skin and the allergen.

The cause of allergies may be the wrong composition:

  • the material from which the shoes are made;
  • fabrics of socks, tights, shoe insoles;
  • shoe glue;
  • creams, lotions and other foot care products.

Sometimes, patients note that the feet burn with fire only in certain shoes. In such a situation, you should suspect an allergic reaction to the material from which it is made. Most often, such a reaction appears after wearing silicone, rubber and dermatinic shoes that do not meet the requirements and state standards.

In addition, application of various cosmetics to the skin of the feet, including depilatory creams, lotions, tanners, as well as contact with poor-quality synthetic fabric of socks or tights, can lead to an allergic reaction.

Inconvenient shoes, long standing

As we have already mentioned above, burning in the feet, especially in the evening and before bedtime, can result in:

  • long standing on the legs during the day (standing work);
  • excessive exercise;
  • wearing tight, loose or uncomfortable shoes, and shoes with heels.

Why are the soles of the feet burning in these cases? It’s simple: uncomfortable shoes, high heels, long standing in a standing position lead to a sharp expansion and spasm of blood vessels below the knees.

This process is accompanied by increased blood supply to the tissues of the feet, which gives a burning sensation. This situation is especially pronounced in women who like to spend the whole day in high heels.


Complaints that burn legs can be heard from women during pregnancy. The symptom of burning during pregnancy is not a pathology and is associated with the increased weight of the expectant mother, impaired blood circulation of the lower extremities and fatigue.

Usually, in such a situation, no medical treatment is required and it goes on its own after delivery. In order to prevent and minimize burning in the feet, pregnant women are recommended to have a good rest, and at night it is advisable to sleep with their legs raised on a bolster.

What to do when there is a burning sensation in the feet and calves?

Unfortunately, very often when the first symptoms of almost any disease appear, we try to cure it on our own, and only with the neglected form of the disease we seek medical help. This approach is fundamentally wrong and can have negative health effects.

If day by day you feel your feet burn with fire from within, visit a doctor as soon as possible!

As a matter of urgency, you should contact the medical institution if you noticed a burning sensation for the first time, but at the same time, it is accompanied by symptoms such as:

  • change in the usual color of the skin;
  • the presence of swelling and numbness of the legs;
  • dryness and microcracks of the skin;
  • erosive lesions on the feet;
  • rashes and ulcers on the legs of unknown etiology.

If you are sure that allergies caused the burning of the feet and / or legs, you should stop skin contact with the allergen as soon as possible (get rid of poor-quality socks, shoes or foot cream) and make an appointment with a doctor.

If you are waiting for a child or have spent all day on your feet, and besides the fact that your feet are burning, you do not observe any symptoms, it is enough to perform the following procedures to improve your well-being:

  1. Immerse your feet in a warm bath with sea salt or a decoction of herbs;
  2. Make a light massage.
  3. Apply to the foot nourishing cream;
  4. While resting, take a prone position with your legs raised on a pillow.

Features of the treatment of burning in the feet and legs

The most reliable and effective method of treating burning feet in healthy people is wearing comfortable shoes and careful hygienic care. Daily it is necessary to carry out hygienic baths, douches, put nutrients.

If, after a visit to a specialist, it turns out that the cause of the unpleasant symptoms was a disease, it is necessary to influence the root cause of the disease:

  • with vascular lesions – taking venotonikov, anti-inflammatory drugs of non-steroidal origin, wearing compression underwear;
  • in case of an allergic rash – desensitizing treatment with drugs for systemic and local exposure;
  • with infectious lesions – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Please note: only the doctor should prescribe all drugs for treating the legs, taking into account the causes, stage and neglect of the disease, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient’s body!

Preventing burning in the legs below the knees

To prevent the occurrence of foot diseases will help the following simple measures:

Feet burn from the inside

  1. Maintain daily foot hygiene.
  2. Contrast douches of the legs (douche).
  3. Relaxing bath with sea salt or decoction of herbs.
  4. Application to cleansed skin nourishing cream, while carrying out a light massage.
  5. Full night rest, not less than 8 hours a day.
  6. The choice for everyday wear quality and comfortable, if possible from natural materials, footwear that meets orthopedic requirements.
  7. Control your own body weight.
  8. Rejection of bad habits.
  9. Maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.
  10. Fencing yourself from unnecessary stress.

Feet burn from the inside

And most importantly, in order not to face the situation when the soles of the feet hurt, itch and burn, never try on and do not wear other people’s shoes!

Carefully monitor your health and the health of your children: do not self-medicate and promptly consult a doctor, even if the problem seems insignificant.

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