Feeling nauseous after eating.

Feeling nauseous after eating.

In some cases, a pleasant meal ends with a disgusting manifestation – a feeling of nausea after eating. You can skip the main signs of the disease, if you do not give it a value, and attribute the symptoms to poor health and poor quality products. Ultimately, you have to fight not only with the symptoms, but also with the disease itself.

Feeling nauseous after eating.

Feeling sick after eating – the main reasons

one Diseases of the gallbladder. Cholecystitis and other similar diseases

2 Inflammation of the pancreas

3 Pancreatitis

four Heart attack and other pathologies of the heart

five Gastroduodenitis

6 Endocrine diseases

7 Food poisoning with poor quality or spoiled food

Feeling nauseous after eating.

eight Gastric ulcer, intestinal ulcer

If there is nausea after eating, then the causes of nausea can be very diverse. If you feel sick after eating, then most likely the food eaten was of poor quality or was prepared incorrectly.

Nausea is always the result of an attempt by the body to get rid of toxins, slags, and toxic substances in it. Therefore, if you feel sick after eating, the reason is either in the food itself, or in the human diseases that presuppose a diet, and not eating fatty, salted, smoked, or cooked foods.

If nausea after eating, eating first appeared, then there should be no particular cause for concern. If there is severe nausea after eating, which led to vomiting, then this is a serious symptom that is similar to food poisoning and requires the provision of necessary assistance to a person. If the symptoms of nausea, which lead to vomiting, are aggravated, repeated vomiting appears, you should call an ambulance.

Feeling sick after eating, after eating, reasons, what to do?

If you regularly feel sick after eating, if you often feel sick after eating, then the reasons for the onset of such a symptom as nausea after eating can be very serious. Constant and regular nausea is a sign of the development of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, if there is a constant nausea, you should sign up for a visit to a gastroenterologist.

Causes of nausea after eating

Wrong way of life, various nervous tension, eating fast food, the use of refined food, rare walks in the fresh air, all this lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which are the main causes of nausea after eating.

If you feel sick after eating and there is heartburn, belching appears, then these symptoms most likely indicate the development of such problems as gastric dysfunction.

If you feel sick during a meal, the reason may be in the inflammatory process in the liver or in the gallbladder. These symptoms in diseases of the liver and gallbladder are usually accompanied by such problems as pain in the right hypochondrium, pain in the right upper abdomen. If you have problems with the liver or gall bladder, there can be a strong bitterness in the mouth and nausea, sometimes there are symptoms of flatulence.

Nausea after eating during pregnancy, seasickness, alcohol

Another reason for nausea after eating and eating is: seasickness, the first months of pregnancy, the presence of parasites in the children’s body, as well as the uncontrolled use of drugs, all this can also lead to such sensations of nausea. Alcoholic beverages, the non-recognition of the body of some products can also lead to this feeling. After all, the fact that after a meal the body tries to clear itself of food – this is not correct.

Symptom: nausea after eating, what can be the disease?

The feeling of nausea after eating is a sign of such serious diseases as duodenal ulcer, thyroid disease, myocardial infarction, intestinal infection, gallbladder disease, gastritis, pancreatitis, duodenitis and cholecystitis. And these are just the main diseases.

You need to know the associated symptoms of serious diseases in order to deal with the problem yourself. After all, for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the feeling of nausea during eating does not even appear, but begins to increase only after the meal was over. In this case, the feeling of nausea is accompanied by severe heartburn, belching, pain in the abdomen and flatulence. Also, this may cause a headache and, consequently, the general condition of the person worsens, drowsiness appears. If the feeling of nausea after eating is accompanied by strong jolts that occur along with pain, and at the same time they have a surrounding character, then pancreatitis is suspected. If there is a taste of bitterness and not severe pain while eating, and nausea is also present along with pain in the right hypochondrium, then the source is laid in the liver or gall bladder.

Nausea a couple of hours after eating, causes

If the feeling of nausea arose only a couple of hours after eating, the body temperature greatly increased, sharp cuttings in the abdomen and with diarrhea, after which the feeling of nausea gradually decreases, and again arises with no less force, then this indicates an intestinal infection. Only urgent washing of the gastrointestinal tract can cope with it. To do this, it is necessary to provoke the gag reflex by drinking tablets of activated carbon, and constantly drink plenty of liquid that will help to flush the stomach. You can brew and chamomile tea, which will have a beneficial effect on the internal environment of the abdomen.

Nausea after eating with hypothyroidism

If not a strong feeling of nausea after eating, accompanied by weight gain, severe body fatigue, refusal to eat, constant sleepiness, and also slowness and weak understanding of reality, then this indicates hypothyroidism. If the feeling of nausea occurs both during and after a meal, and also without cause, then perhaps it is a myocardial infarction, which is treated in a medical institution.

Nausea after eating when overeating

Also, often a feeling of nausea after eating can occur when overeating, and when used in food of low-quality products. As a rule, if after a meal to exercise, then this unpleasant feeling of nausea can appear. In states of anxiety in the body and during depression, patients may periodically experience this feeling, and not depending on the meal. Also, this feeling of nausea appears in the first months of pregnancy, and it is its first symptom.

To combat this problem, it is necessary to remove annoying products from food for at least a week. In the diet should include dietary foods: boiled, steam. As well as cereals and dairy products, and at this time you can not eat vegetables, fresh fruit.

Nausea after eating and medication

The feeling of nausea after eating may occur in the treatment of the disease with drugs that are not suitable for the patient. In this case, it should be discussed with your doctor and, if possible, the doctor will be able to replace drugs. But of course in serious cases, such as cancer treatment, it is impossible to make such a substitution of drugs, so this unpleasant feeling can be eliminated only at the end of the course of chemotherapy.

Pregnant women with nausea after eating, the gynecologist can prescribe drugs that help alleviate this symptom in the first months of pregnancy and avoid it.

What can be done if you feel sick after eating, after eating?

It is necessary to observe such simple things so that the internal organs of the body work normally:

Feeling nauseous after eating.

one When eating, do not allow air to enter the esophagus, for which you should not talk or rush;

2 It is not allowed to consume excess amount of food;

3 Do not eat non-quality products;

four After eating, do not exercise;

five Go to bed with a full stomach.

If the feeling of nausea appeared, and it is not a symptom of any major changes in the body, then you can try to reduce its manifestation in such ways:

one It is necessary to stabilize the emotional state, for this use deep breathing

2 Eat starchy food, as it reduces the rhythm of gastric contractions

3 Drink water

four Ventilate the room, which can reduce the gag reflex

five Lie down in order to create a state of rest

If these things are observed, and the feeling of nausea appears after eating all the same, as a rule, this may indicate the presence of the disease. Therefore, whenever possible, it is necessary to conduct an examination of the body as soon as possible to make sure that there are no visible reasons that lead to a serious illness.

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