Epstein-Barr treatment

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The defeat of the body with a herpetic infection requires special attention, since there is no general tactic for eliminating ailment. Treatment of EBV infection in a patient is selected individually, based on the severity, features of the disease, the presence of complications and the general state of immunity. Acute infection does not require treatment. If the symptoms of the Epstein-Barr virus are pronounced, long-lasting, hospitalization of the patient with heavy medication is required. Additionally, people who are in contact with an infected person are examined. If necessary, they are prescribed general antiviral therapy.

General principles of treatment

There is no specific scheme that allows to completely destroy the Epstein-Barr virus or herpes in the body. For the selection of the course of medication is required:

  1. Examination by an infectious diseases specialist and general practitioner / pediatrician.
  2. General blood tests, urine, feces.
  3. Delivery of specific tests for antibodies.
  4. Passage of immunological examination.

Epstein-Barr treatment

With unexpressed symptoms with uncomplicated course, the patient is provided with:

  • complete peace;
  • drink plenty of water;
  • antipyretic at high temperatures.

You may need to take painkillers, hormones, antiviral drugs and drugs with interferon. If infectious mononucleosis has developed, the patient will be hospitalized. In this case, appointed:

  • antibiotics – to suppress the virus;
  • antihistamine medicines – for the relief of symptoms;
  • immunoglobulins – for the correction of the immune system.

Treatment aims to eliminate the clinical manifestations of the virus.

If complications, such as tumors, appear, a course of antitumor drugs is required. The basic principle of treating a defeat with an EB virus is the suppression of the clinical picture of the disease. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, therapy includes:

  1. Appointment of a comprehensive, medical course in order to eliminate the symptoms and relieve diseases developed during infection.
  2. The use of non-pharmacological methods of treatment – recipes from herbs, herbal medicine.
  3. Successive rehabilitation treatment in a hospital or rehabilitation center.
  4. Selection of an individual treatment regimen, taking into account:
  1. age of the patient;
  2. stages of infection;
  3. immunological and clinical indicators.
  • The passage of an intensive course of vitamin therapy.
  • Not all cases require treatment for EBV infection, for example, in children, it can occur hidden with blurred symptoms. In case of difficulties in recognizing the disease, the doctor may decide on continuous monitoring of the patient’s condition and its appointment:

    • anti-inflammatory drugs;
    • Erosorbents – to remove toxins from the body;
    • recipes of traditional medicine in order to relieve symptoms and alleviate the condition.

    Drastic measures in the treatment of EBV infection require cases with severe or complicated course of the disease, when other organs are affected.

    Drug therapy

    Methods for treating EBV infection are based on the prescription:

    • antiviral medications such as Arbidol, Acyclovir, Isoprinosine, Viferon, Valtrex;
    • interferon drugs that are administered intramuscularly: Roferon, IFN-EU;
    • antibiotics for a course of 1.5 weeks with the addition of a bacterial infection, for example, with angina with a strong coating: Tetracycline, Sumamed, Cefazolin;
    • immunoglobulins that are administered intravenously: Intraglobin, Pentaglobin;
    • vitamin complex: Sanasol, Alphabet;
    • antihistamine drugs: Tavegil, Fenkrol;
    • immunomodulators for stabilization of immunity (Immunoglobulin, Licopid, Derinat), cytokines (Leukinferon), biostimulants (Actovegin, Solkoseril);
    • antipyretic: Nurofen, Paracetamol;
    • anti-cough drugs: Libexin, Mukaltin;
    • nasal drops with nasal congestion: “Nazivin”, “Adrianol”.

    The general course of treatment varies in a wide range – from 2 weeks to 6-8 months. Duration is determined by the form, degree of severity, the presence / absence of complications of the disease.


    This group of drugs effectively fights a secondary bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. In EBV, more often the body is affected by staphylococcal, streptococcal infection, hemophilus bacilli, Candida mushrooms. The list of used medications includes: macrolides, cephalosporins II — III generation, antifungal medications. If the microflora consists of several types of pathogenic microorganisms, Metronidazole is prescribed.

    Against viruses

    If interferons are ineffective in combating infection with the EB virus, chemotherapy drugs are prescribed, which are aimed at inhibiting the production of the virus DNA. These drugs inhibit the cellular replication of the pathogen. Effective drugs that are analogues of nucleosides: Acyclovir or Zovirax, Valacyclovir, Penciclovir, Famvir. Treat herpes with antiviral agents should be no more than two weeks.


    To relieve pain in the treatment of throat can be appointed:

    1. TeraFlu LAR with lidocaine and mint.
    2. Strepsils Plus with lidocaine and antiseptic.
    3. Strepsils Intensive with anti-inflammatory action.
    4. Flurbiprofen – NSAIDs.
    5. Tantum Verde from pain and swelling.
    6. Anti-Angin with chlorhexidine and tetracaine.
    7. Antiseptic Neo-Angin with menthol.
    8. Kameton with chlorbutanol hydrate, menthol, eucalyptus extract, camphor.

    These medicines are not recommended for use in children under 3 years of age due to the risk of laryngospasm.

    As the recommended vitamin complexes with the defeat of the Epstein-Barr virus, you should drink Sanasol, Alphabet. If necessary, you may additionally need Immunoglobulin. As an additional vitamin therapy, it is recommended to enrich the menu with freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Such measures will increase the resistance of the immune system to the Epstein-Barr virus, which will speed recovery and prevent the development of complications.

    Hormone therapy is required for a severe form of the disease with obstruction of the respiratory tract, hematological and neurological disorders. To alleviate the condition and alleviate the effects of infection, Prednisolone, Hydrocortisone, Dexamethasone are prescribed. They relieve inflammation and protect other organs and systems from damage.


    Treatment with folk remedies is used as an adjuvant therapy for infection with the EB virus. Especially useful are herbs such as:

    Herbal Fees

    It is possible to treat the infection with healing herbs by monofilters, herbal teas, and collecting. Popular recipes:

    1. Collection of mint, coltsfoot, chamomile, calendula, oak root, ginseng. 1 tablespoon chopped mixture should be poured 250 ml of boiling water and insist. Drink the drink should be in small portions three times a day. This herbal tea improves immunity, soothes the tense nervous system, gives the body the strength to fight infection.
    2. Green tea with honey and lemon. Green tea can be classic or prepared from a collection that includes centaury, chamomile, immortelle, mullein, yarrow.
    3. Echinacea extract. Take should be 30 drops three times a day or put compresses on the affected areas of inflammation and boils.
    4. Ginger tea. 1 ginger root is boiled in water in an enamel saucepan. Drink tea throughout the day. Sweeten the drink can be honey.
    5. Broth from the leaves of fresh cabbage. Sliced ​​leaves should be boiled for 10 minutes in an enamel saucepan and set aside 1 hour. Drink decoction twice a day, 100 ml.

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    Ginseng tincture

    Pharmacy in the form of ginseng tincture should be taken to improve the immune system of the body. Doses:

    • for babies – from 5 (for the smallest) to 10 drops (for adolescents);
    • for adults – 15 drops.

    Epstein-Barr treatment

    Allowed to drink the appropriate dose of tincture with warm tea.

    Essential oils

    Essential extracts of juniper and clary sage will help reduce inflammation and plaque on the throat. Oils need to lubricate the affected areas several times a day, provided that there is no allergy.

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