Enlarged lymph node in the neck

In humans, the role of the biological filter is assigned to such organs of the lymphatic system as the lymph nodes. They are small formations (the size of a pea or bean) that contain white blood cells. Such organs protect the human body from various bacteria and viruses.

If the lymph node is sore, then this indicates that the site of infection is located next to it. It should also be noted that such discomfort is often associated with an inflammatory process.

Causes of pain

The lymph node aches and constantly whines. With what it can be connected? Lymphadenitis, or the so-called inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes, is not an independent disease, but only a fairly common symptom of an infectious disease or other pathological conditions.

If the lymph node in the neck under the jaw hurt, then this suggests that there are some serious disorders in the human body.

In addition to white blood cells, the lymph nodes contain a yellowish clear fluid called lymph. According to experts, it washes all the cells of tissues and organs, carrying dead cells, bacteria, viruses and toxins into the lymphatic capillaries, which were ingested with food, water and air. It transfers the useful substances from blood to cells. As a result, the tissue fluid is continuously updated, and the cells are nourished.

So, along with lymph pathogenic bacteria and other harmful microorganisms enter the lymph nodes. The latter retain the infection and do not allow it to spread throughout the body. After this, all viruses and pathogenic bacteria, as well as reborn cancer cells, are destroyed.

When the human body cannot get rid of alien cells on its own, lymphocytes multiply actively. Because of this, they can quickly and better cope with the infection. As a result of this phenomenon, the lymph nodes grow and begin to ache.

Symptoms of the disease

If the lymph node hurts, then along with the discomfort in the neck, the patient may experience the following symptoms:

  • fever;
  • general weakness;
  • headaches;
  • pain when swallowing and palpating;
  • chills.

In addition to these symptoms, in the area of ​​the cervical lymph node, the skin may redden, there is severe pain. Such symptoms indicate the beginning of a purulent process.

It should also be noted that a slight increase in the size of the lymph node indicates that it works more actively than others. As a rule, such a condition can be triggered by an incipient disease.

Types of cervical lymphadenitis

Why is the lymph node in the neck inflamed and sore? Sick and inflame such organs on the neck by themselves can not. Their pain and an increase indicates the presence of pathology.

After a bacterium or another harmful microorganism enters the lymph node, the lymphocytes begin to actively resist and destroy the pathogenic flora. Quite often, this process of destruction provokes the occurrence of pain and other associated symptoms.

Inflammation in the lymph nodes in the neck is divided into three types:

    With pain of weak intensity. In the normal state, it is not felt, but it manifests itself with palpation. In this case, a clear increase in the lymph node is not observed. It prochuvatsya under the skin, but does not act above the surface of the skin. In this condition, the patient does not experience increased body temperature, headache and weakness, although there may be a slight soreness in the throat.

What should I do if my lymph node hurt? To identify the causes of this condition and its treatment should immediately consult a doctor.

The lymph node on the right hurts

If pain occurs in the neck to the right, then this indicates an inflammatory process in the throat. Also, such a pathology may be associated with an increase or inflammation of the right lobe of the thyroid gland or inflammation of the right tonsil.

It can not be said that the pain in the right cervical lymph node may occur due to any infection that spreads from the teeth, tongue, mouth, or soft tissues of the face.

With such sensations in no case can you warm the place of inflammation, put compresses on it and generally do self-medication.

The lymph node is hurt on the left.

If pains occur in the neck to the left, this may be due to the same causes as described above. However, here it is necessary to add the fact that such unpleasant sensations often arise due to damage to the organs of the retroperitoneal space and the abdominal cavity.

Inflammation of the left submandibular lymph node indicates infectious diseases such as cytomegalovirus, infectious mononucleosis or toxoplasmosis. Most often, these diseases are characteristic of children.

If a child has a lymph node in the neck, then you should immediately contact a pediatrician. The doctor must identify the cause of the disease. For this, he prescribes a biochemical and complete blood count, as well as a general urine test. In some cases, in order to make a correct diagnosis, the child is recommended to undergo an ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs or the lymph node itself.

Severe pain in the lymph node in the neck

Severe and severe soreness of the lymph node indicates the neglect of any disease or acute inflammatory process occurring in the body at a given point in time.

Enlarged lymph node in the neck

It should also be noted that such a state often occurs when:

  • allergic reaction to insect bites;
  • allergic reaction to medications;
  • negative reaction of human immunity to vaccination.

Such reactions are characterized by a clear increase in the lymph node and its pronounced pain. In addition, such conditions may be accompanied by swelling of the face, chills, fever and fever.

If the lymph nodes in the neck hurt badly, then it is forbidden to wait when the person’s condition normalizes on his own. It should immediately contact the doctor.

Treatment methods

Now you know what happens in the human body if he has a lymph node pain. How to treat this pathological condition?

Trying to eliminate the pain in the lymph nodes alone is undesirable. To do this, contact a specialist. Treatment of an inflamed lymph node is prescribed individually, depending on the stage and type of the disease.

If discomfort bothers you not only during palpation of the neck, but also in a normal state, then during this period you should stop any physical activity and keep a more relaxed daily routine.

Most often, pain in the lymph nodes occurs as a result of the inflammatory process. To effectively eliminate it, you need medical intervention.

As a rule, for such diseases, doctors recommend taking anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, as well as various antibiotics. However, treatment for inflamed nodes is prescribed only after a full medical examination of the patient is carried out. After all, anything can be the cause of pain in the neck.

Traditional methods of treatment

As for alternative medicine, in case of an inflamed lymph node, using traditional recipes makes sense only as an auxiliary therapy. Home remedies should in no case replace the main drug treatment.

For pain in the lymph nodes during colds and flu, you can take Echinacea tincture in the amount of 10-15 drops four times a day. Such a tool removes inflammation and improves immunity.

Vitamin C intake may also be an effective treatment for this disease. This is due to the fact that this element contributes to the production of white blood cells in the human body.

As for physiotherapy, patients with pain in the lymph nodes are most often recommended to undergo UHF therapy.

With neglected diseases, surgical intervention is performed. During the operation, there is a puncture of the lymph node or its complete removal.

Let’s sum up

Even a slight pain in the lymph node requires an urgent appeal to the doctor. If the disease start up, it can lead to serious consequences.

According to experts, pain in the cervical lymph nodes in all cases are a warning signal and indicate a serious malfunction in the body. Without inflammation or infection, discomfort does not occur. Therefore, careful attention to the state of your own body and health in general will allow you to avoid radical therapy and significantly reduce the risk of complications of the disease in the future.

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