Enlarged axillary lymph nodes photo

Inflammation of the lymph nodes under the armpits may be associated not only with infections in the body. Treatment of inflammation of the lymph nodes under the arm, primarily aimed at eliminating the source of infection. So, armpit can be from 12 to 45 lymph nodes. Inflammation of the lymph nodes under the armpit may indicate breast cancer, in which case it is better to detect the disease at an earlier stage. With non-inflammatory enlargement of the lymph node under the arm in case of cancer of the breast, blood diseases, the pain may be absent.

Armpit lymph nodes are often increased. A person has up to 1000 lymph nodes of different localization. An enlarged lymph node is called lymphadenopathy and can occur in a number of diseases. Since the consequences of an incorrect diagnosis can be severe, the reasons for which the lymph node has swollen and enlarged, under the arm or somewhere else, must be clarified.

As an enlarged axillary lymph node looks like a lobule of the mammary gland, during pregnancy and lactation, sometimes appearing in the armpit. Lymphadenitis can be acute and chronic. If you see that the lymph node under your arm is swollen, the skin over it is hot and reddened, you feel pain during palpation, this is acute lymphadenitis.

The role of lymph nodes in the body

It is necessary to see a doctor. After all, the reasons for the increase in axillary lymph nodes and their consequences may be different. Therefore, if the lymph node is swollen, a visit to the doctor is required. He knows what lymph nodes look like in different pathologies, he knows the symptoms of diseases that may be accompanied by their increase.

It is believed that if for more than 3 weeks there are symptoms of intractable lymphadenopathy, a puncture is indicated, and often a lymph node biopsy. Currently, there is a puncture biopsy, in which tissue from the lymph node is obtained using a special biopsy gun. When mastopathy in women during an operation on the mammary gland, a biopsy of the axillary lymph nodes is required. It is less traumatic for women than removing a large number of lymph nodes under the arm.

If the enlarged lymph node in the armpit bothers, treatment with its home remedies, not knowing the reason, is unacceptable. Especially carefully to the enlarged lymph nodes under the arm should be treated women, in case of swelling, you should immediately consult a doctor for advice.

The reasons for which increase the axillary lymph nodes

Also, inflammation of the axillary lymph nodes may contribute to shaving, as in this case, the infection enters through the damaged skin. The task of axillary lymph nodes is to cleanse the body of inflammation and infection.

It is necessary to carefully treat the inflammation of the lymph nodes, since this is the first signal that notifies that the body is not all right. The structure of the axillary lymph nodes includes connective tissue, due to which bacteria and viruses enter the lymph. If the inflammatory process has begun in the lymph nodes, then the number of bacteria and viruses attacking the body has increased significantly.

The sensitivity of the lymph nodes increases with the inflammatory process that goes on in the body, it can be anything from an abscess to a cancer.

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The lymph nodes, with inflammation and tenderness, signal the fight against infection. Allergic reactions can also cause lymphadenopathy. Injuries, bruises, cysts, lipomas – all this leads to changes in the lymph nodes. If purulent foci appear in the inflamed lymph nodes, the symptoms become more pronounced.

What are lymphadenopathies?

There is a general program for testing for inflamed lymph nodes. Inflammation of the lymph nodes under the arm with a superficial acute form is determined visually, as well as by palpation (palpation). The common cold is a very common cause of swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, therefore, to increase the body’s resistance, the immune system needs to be strengthened. When squeezing pimples, an infection can get into the wound (for example, through dirty hands), which will cause inflammation.

Enlarged axillary lymph nodes photo

Their hyperplasia is included in the symptoms of some diseases, the treatment of which requires special attention. Let’s see why this is? What role do they perform, which is why interest arises in those of them that are in the armpit? Peripheral localized on the neck, on the back of the head, in the pits under the knees, in the elbow area, armpits, in the groin area. First of all, those of them that are close to the source of infection or the organ affected by the pathological process are involved.

It turns out that all the lymph nodes perform a protective function. By bringing vessels to them going to the lymph from the tissues and organs, which is cleared in them. They also deposit part of the lymph in themselves, redistribute the fluid between it and the bloodstream.

Enlarged axillary lymph nodes photo

If the lymph node in the armpit is swollen, it has increased, which means that its activity is increased, it helps the body to fight infection, and other damaging factors. A banal reason for the armpit pain is blockage and inflammation of the sweat glands and hair follicles, an attempt to treat them with home remedies.

With colds, sore throat, inflammation of the axillary lymph nodes may occur. The easiest and most effective way to help relieve inflammation of the lymph nodes under the armpits is to take Echinacea tincture (sold in a pharmacy). Symptoms of an enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits are characteristic of cancer, especially in breast cancer, lymphogranulomatosis and lymphomas. With an increase in lymph nodes, both under the armpits, and other localization, a number of viral diseases can occur in children.

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