Enema how to put

How to put an enema to a child correctly – parents can not always answer this question immediately, especially if they haven’t had such experience before this point..

It is terrible to do something wrong, because in the hands – a little man who may be hurt or unpleasant.

In order to avoid negative feelings in a child, it is important for parents to be sure of what they are doing and remember that enema is not a problem, it is important to just know some rules and follow them.

How to put an enema and how it can help a child in general, we will tell in our today’s article.

What is an enema and what is it for?

Enema – procedure for introduction into the rectum fluid with therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.

Depending on the purpose of their use, enemas are subdivided on:

  • cleansing – help to release the intestines from the feces;
  • medicinal (medicinal) – are carried out in order to expose the drug through the intestines
  • nutritional – will help with severe vomiting;
  • oil – are long-acting laxatives.

Enema how to put

For carrying out an enema, young children are most often used. syringes – small pear-shaped rubber cylinders, with a soft tip made of the same material (continued syringe) or with removable tips made of hard plastic. The volume of such syringes can be from 30 to 360 ml.

An older child can do an enema using Esmarkh mugs, for this you need a special children’s tip. Also in pharmacies you can buy disposable sterile plastic cylinders with tips and ready-made solutions for cleansing enemas of various sizes, including for very young children.

Of reasons, on which in the treatment of the child can resort to using an enema is enough. For example, children are given an enema in order to cope with bloating and constipation, with antipyretic drugs are introduced for therapeutic purposes. churn the temperature with herbal infusions.

How to make a baby enema

We have prepared for you step by step instructions, which will help to carry out this delicate and difficult business without harm to the health of the child and the psyche of the parents.

Before starting the procedure pay attention directly to the enema itself. It is important that its edges are not sharp, they have no burrs, it is better if they are slightly beveled or rounded. Sterilize enema.

For enema needed boiled water, therefore pre-boil water and cool it to 28-30 degrees.

Type in an enema water or herbal solution:

  • for a newborn baby – 30 ml.
  • for a baby 3-6 months – 50 ml.
  • for a child of 6-12 months – 70-100 ml.
  • baby from 1 to 3 years old – 150 ml.
  • baby from 3 to 6 years old – 200 ml.
  • a child from 6 to 12 years old – 300-400 ml.
  • a child over 12 years old – 500-700 ml.

Grease the tip enemas cream, petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. So the enema will be easier to enter the anus of the baby.

Raise the enema tip up and slightly squeeze, in order to excess air left. As soon as the first drops of water appeared on the tip, the air went out. Now the main thing do not unclasp your hand, so that the enema is again not filled with air.

Turn the baby on your left side, put something absorbent under it, such as a towel or disposable diaper.

Spread the baby’s hands on the free hand and slow,slowly, enter the enema tip at a depth of 2-3 cm., no more.

After the introduction of a little bit, calm and not sharp pour content enemas.

After completing the process, simultaneously squeeze the child’s buttocks to hold fluid in the intestines and pull out the enema without unclamping it. The child needs to lie in the starting position for some time, how much he can be patient, better than 5-10 minutes. During this time, the intestines of the baby must be cleaned.

Sometimes desired effect does not come from the first time. In this case, you will need to repeat the enema, but not earlier than after 6 hours.

Pediatrician Oksana Gritsenko tells: “Parents need to understand that therapeutic enema is placed after cleansing. That is, initially the child needs to do a cleansing enema, and only then a healing one. The therapeutic solution that is injected can be much less, in this case you should carefully follow the doctor’s instructions. Also categorical is not recommended to do at high temperatures just a water enema – only solutions, at least salt, or herbal decoctions. At high body temperature, ordinary water, administered through an enema, is actively absorbed by the intestine, and harmful metabolic products enter the blood. As a result, the child’s condition may deteriorate sharply, intoxication occurs. ”

Therapeutic enema put in order for the intestines to absorb the right medicine, and cleansing serves to cleanse the intestines. These are various processes.

Before and after use, enema must be sterilized, and our readers are told about their experience in this matter.

Our mother-forumchanka Sveto4ka tells: “I always do a small enema at a high temperature, and since the sterilization process during the illness is quite nervous and I myself jerked off, I decided for myself this question in this way. After the enema is done, I wash it in my free time and boil it. Then I cool it on a clean towel, put it in a sterilized one-liter jar and close the lid. This is how it is kept by me, and when it is necessary, the tool is always at hand in full combat readiness. ”

More about the types of enemas

Enemas are different and the principle of each of them is necessary for parents to understand.

Oil enemas most often used in children as a cleansing, less often they are used in inflammatory processes in the large intestine.

In the case of spastic constipation, the oil introduced into the intestine envelops dry fecal masses and facilitates their removal. In addition, the microbial flora of the large intestine partially breaks down the oil, and the fatty acids that form in this process irritate the intestinal mucosa and increase peristalsis.

To perform the enema, sunflower, hemp or vaseline oil is taken, heated to a temperature of 37-38 degrees, and collected in an enema. The amount of oil depends on the age of the child, and varies from 50 to 150 g. The peculiarity of the oil enema is that after the introduction the cleaning effect does not occur immediately, but after 6-8 hours.

Have hypertensive enemas – cleansing effect, they are shown in atonic constipation. For such an enema, it is necessary to prepare a hypertonic solution, mixing 10% sodium chloride (salt) and 20-30% solution of magnesium sulfate. Approximately 50-70 ml. solution of room temperature (25-30 degrees) enema is introduced into the intestine. The cleaning effect occurs in 20-30 minutes, which the child must lie down, keeping from defecation.

Our mother-forum Kofe_s_lekker tells: “When a small one had acetone in the urine, we, of course, drank it, but the enemas helped well. First we did a cleansing enema – solution 1

As medicated enemas in case of flatulence, convulsions, colitis, diarrhea and vomiting, as we have already written, chamomile decoction, 2% solution of chloral hydrate, antibiotics and other drugs are most often used. Medicinal solutions are introduced into the intestine after cleansing enema.

We think after our material questions about why putting a child an enema and how to do it correctly, you will have much less.

We wish you and your child good health!

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