Empire Kesy 26 series in Russian

Anastasia did not know how amazing and difficult her future would be. Being the daughter of a merchant, she was going to live a life unremarkable for her environment. But the sudden abduction instantly makes her reconsider her former thoughts, because very soon she will be the wife of the Ottoman ruler. Now she will have to quickly get used to countless court intrigues and the struggle for influence. The audience, which will be the series Kosem Sultan Watch online for free in good quality all the series, agree that Anastasia can no longer be weak, because any mistake can deprive her well-being and even life. A girl should be forgotten about the past calm, because there will be no more for sure. The heroine must learn to exist in unusual conditions and not be afraid of their enemies.

Released: 2015-2016-2017 original name: Kösem Sultan Season 1 A country: Turkey Genre: drama Release date in Russia: autumn 2015

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57 series voice acting

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39 comments on Kösem Sultan 2 season in Russian 57,58,59 series

Yes, everything went under

they are already starting to suck from their fingers, and it is clear that the budgets are allocated from season to season below, now they are already beggarly …. the series dies …. I went to revise the first seasons of the magnificent century, I ponostalgiruyu … I don’t see any further look.

Empire Kesy 26 series in Russian

And the mother of Bayazid? Was it really impossible to find an actress with a more noble face who could play the sultana in any way? Does this actress have to stand at the door to open them …

Ayshe’s cruel children took with them. (((you can tear your hair!

When the 51st episode will be released, I look forward to it, generally a great movie!

just recently released the 50th. next week, as usual, there will be a new series.

I do not understand, they closed Kosym in Uncle Mustafa’s apartments with him. Is he still alive? This is really a cruel one, to take into account the whole life in the connection, death would be more humane in this case.

Great movie! But the actresses are really ugly! Even look no one to hold! Princess Faria is a miracle!

Ahaha, 6 series, “how dare you play chess with the master’s concubine!” Here is the rogue Kasym, she loves to play chess, could not resist

I also like the series. It plays very well

Here I like people who complain about the lack of similarity with history. Wake up, people, what a story, you don’t have to go far and refer to the absence of some historical events, you only look at the harem: women run wherever they want without hiding their faces and unaccompanied (accompanying other concubines do not count, they are also women from the harem) , weave such shameless intrigues that only blind serial sultans do not notice them, arrange scandals without hiding, and their clothes, you just look at these decolted dresses, well at least for the sake of decency in the second season they thought of delicately covering the plateau Chekim, with Pashi found quite as if it should be, and they even confess their love. I think that, against the background of all this, it seems that other discrepancies with history do not seem surprising. You should not judge too harshly, historical figures are only a cover and warmer for a good man, do not compare this series with the “historical” genre.

I do not like the new Kesem at all. It is not clear what she depicts, one emotion of anger. She began to act like Safiye when she behaved …

Hello when will be the 45th series in Russian?

The voice of the 45th series is added, it usually always comes out towards the evening.

When creating the series “The Magnificent Century”, the creators studied history for a long time and thoroughly; when creating the series “Empire Kesem”, the creators decided to neglect history! That is, in general, decided not to adhere to historical facts! It’s a pity! Disappointed! Meral Okay was gone, without her could not do anything.

Gefherhan dies or not? Judging by the description, Silahtar will go on an incline, so Hefherhan will not ((((((((

I looked at one go all 43

Great movie, great artists, each has a great role to play. You look. live everything with them

When can I see the 42nd series?

Everything is based on historical facts, fictions and ideas LOT IN THESE Soaps HALF not true, If you rely on history, that KOSEM SULTAN KILL FOR AREAS IN ORDER concubines her grandson, who at that moment will be Sultanov EMPIRE Turks and buried it without pomp, it will be ALREADY ABOUT 62-64 YEARS, ACCURATE FACTS NO. SULTAN MURAD WAS A VERY CRUELY GOVERNOR, VERY STRONG AND WAS BENT TO COMPLETELY, AND A VERY BIG DISCUSSION AND DEATH WILL FIND IT FROM THESE EXPERIENCES

The series has ceased to be interesting after the “death” of harem educators. Not funny now. Sadness Could come up with something.

Sharshadym kүtіp, kүtіp Nege barlyқ serikasyn tүgel kөrsetpeysіңder 41-42 series aryғaray

Қashan bolad қalғan serieslars sharshadym kүtіp, kүtіp 41-42 series of aytam

I Mustafa from the first part so sorry I was so crying. Poor child, he did not blame hurt because of the ombitsy other people.

Honestly very good series, but there are also inventions. If we compare it with the TV series “The Magnificent Century ,, and“ Kesem Sultan ,, then the “Magnificent Century ,, ludshe, but this one is also not bad! I love this show too. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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