Elbow contusion

Very often, people suffer from a collision or injury. Bruising the elbow joint is a fairly frequent phenomenon in medical practice, since this part of the body is most involved in the daily activities of an active person.

Reasons for elbow injury

He can be at any age: children, adults and even elderly. However, if in children and adolescents, damaged bones and joints recover very quickly, then in older people bruises can become a serious problem, as there is a likelihood of osteoporosis.

The main causes of elbow damage can be:

  • direct blow;
  • the fall;
  • squeezing joints.

It is necessary to treat elbow injury with all responsibility and to see a doctor immediately at the first signs of serious violations.

Symptoms of elbow contusion

An elbow contusion (ICD 10) has many different symptoms. The main ones are strong painful sensations, which are greatly enhanced by any hand movements. They can gradually move into the fingers and forearm. Another sign may be a swelling of the elbow immediately after the injury. The increase in the area of ​​injury may be slight or pronounced, it all depends on the intensity of the damage and the characteristics of the organism. If a hematoma forms at the injury site, it means that the blood vessels have been affected. The mobility of the elbow joint is limited for some time, and a strong blow can provoke the occurrence of complications.

What to do when bruised elbow

If the patient has a bruise of the elbow joint, it is necessary to carry out a series of activities that will help get rid of the painful sensations and minimize the consequences of the injury. Therapy implies:

Elbow contusion

  • first aid;
  • taking painkillers;
  • the use of local drugs to eliminate pain;
  • bandage application;
  • treatment of folk remedies.

Each method has its own pros, cons, indications and contraindications, so you must first consult with a doctor.

Timely delivery of medical care can significantly reduce the unpleasant effects of injury. First of all, it is necessary to fix the elbow joint, thereby providing it with immobility and complete rest. To lower the blood flow, the arm must be fixed in a raised position. To slow down the bleeding, reduce pain and swelling, you need to work on the hurt place with cold. All further actions for the treatment of bruised elbow should be entrusted to the doctor.

Treatment of elbow contusion

If there is an elbow contusion, how to treat it so that you can reduce pain and prevent complications? It is necessary to carry out therapeutic measures immediately after the first signs appear, since the recovery rate of the damaged area largely depends on this, and this will prevent the occurrence of complications.

Elbow contusion

  • drug treatment;
  • physiotherapy;
  • massage and exercise therapy;
  • the use of folk techniques;
  • surgical intervention.

The choice of the most appropriate treatment method largely depends on the nature of the damage and the presence of complications. Only a doctor can determine the complexity of the damage and select the most appropriate way to eliminate the symptoms.

Elbow contusion

Drug treatment

An elbow contusion is very often treated with the use of drugs that help eliminate acute symptoms and accelerate the healing of tissues. As a rule, such groups of drugs are used for therapy:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • decongestants;
  • chondroprotectors;
  • vitamins;
  • drugs to improve microcirculation.

Initially, injections are used, and as the inflammatory process subsides, tablets and ointments are prescribed.

A good remedy is the drug Wobenzym, which helps to eliminate pain, swelling and inflammation. When cartilage tissue is destroyed, chondroprotectors and hyaluronic acid are used, which promote rapid recovery. The effectiveness of these tools is enhanced if they are used in combination with traditional methods.

From the second day, the treatment can be continued not only with the use of tablets and injections, but also to use ointments, gels, creams. A limitation can only be tissue damage.

Folk remedies for treatment

In medicine according to ICD, an elbow contusion has a code of 10 and is considered a rather serious injury. Eliminate the pain and other symptoms of injury can be with the help of folk remedies. In particular, “Badyaga” helps well. The finished powder should be poured with a small amount of water and the resulting gruel put in place of the injury or make a compress using gauze or bandage.

To reduce bruising and eliminate the inflammatory process, you can make decoctions of arnica flowers and take this tool inside. For good local exposure, iodine net, burdock leaves or spirit tinctures of medicinal plants are very well suited.

A compress of fresh potato gruel will help reduce swelling and eliminate inflammation. Only a comprehensive, well-thought-out therapy will help to quickly get rid of existing symptoms and protect against the occurrence of complications.

Physiotherapy for treatment

Injury of the elbow joint, the treatment of which must be started immediately, implies the use of physiotherapeutic procedures. Such measures are shown not only in the acute period of injury, but also during the recovery phase, since this method has a very good effect, especially in combination with the use of drugs.

For a good result, you need to carry out such procedures as:

  • electrophoresis;
  • laser therapy;
  • paraffin treatment;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • wave therapy;
  • balneotherapy.

To speed up the recovery of the patient, it is necessary to conduct a complex of physiotherapeutic procedures.

Massage and exercise therapy for treatment

Therapeutic exercises should be carried out even during the recovery period, provided that the joints are intact. After removing the bandage shows a complex of massage treatments and the development of damaged areas. Special exercises are applied to the hand, which become more complex as the damaged joint is restored, and then it is necessary to gradually introduce exercises with simulators and weighting. For each patient, the doctor selects the optimal complex exercise therapy.

Surgical intervention for elbow contusion

If there is a bruise of the elbow joint, the fluid accumulates in the damaged area, then it is necessary to puncture the affected area. After that, the pumping of excess fluid and blood is carried out, and then the resulting cavity is washed with antiseptic agents.

In the event of a fracture, it may be necessary to fix the fragments formed using special metal screws.

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