Easy logic puzzles

The logic of the child should work! Not to prevail over creative activity, but to be in harmony and balance with it. Therefore, like creative abilities, the ability to think logically needs to be developed in children.

And those logical riddles with the answers that we have collected for you on this page, we hope you will be helped in this. Some of these puzzles are very simple, they are for swinging or for very small ones. And others – more difficult. Although, of course, not as difficult as logic puzzles for adult children. But kids will still not be able to cope with them without your help and without answers. Help them, do not be too serious! #128578;

However, enough talk to the point!

1) Grandma Ani’s grandson Sergei, the cat Fluff, the dog Bobby. How many grandmothers grandchildren?

2) Thermometer indicates plus 15 degrees. How many degrees will two such thermometers show?

3) How to say: “I do not see the white yolk” or “I do not see the white yolk”?

Answer: (The yolk can not be white)

4) A truck was driving to the village. On the way, he met 4 cars. How many cars went to the village?

5) My father’s child, I am not a brother. Who is it?

6) There are 4 oranges in a vase. Question: how to divide these 4 oranges between four boys so that each boy gets one orange and 1 orange remains in the vase?

Answer: (Leave the fourth orange in a vase)

7) Twelve brothers One after another wander, Each other is not bypassed.

8) The famous magician says that he can put the bottle in the center of the room and crawl into it. Like this?

Answer: (Everyone can crawl into the room)

9) What scallop can not comb?

10) My name is Misha. My sister has only one brother. What is the name of my sister’s brother?

11) Can it rain for two days in a row?

Answer: (No, between them is night)

12) What is the shortest month?

Answer: (May, since there are only three letters in it)

13) Say a word that contains 40 vowels.

Easy logic puzzles

Answer: (Forty, namely forty A)

14) There are 8 benches in the park. Three painted. How many benches were in the park?

Easy logic puzzles

Answer: (Eight remains)

15) There are 25 coconuts in a box. The monkey pulled all the nuts except 17. How many nuts are left in the box?

Answer: (17 nuts left)

16) Which hand is better to stir the tea?

Answer: (It is best to stir the tea with a spoon)

17) Each of the 5 sisters had two brothers. How many brothers were total?

18) You are ahead of the skier, who was in second position. What place do you occupy now?

Answer: (Overtaking a skier, you take his place, namely the second)

19) Mistress must bake 6 pies. How can she cope in 15 minutes if only 4 patties fit on the pan, and on each side the patty should bake for 5 minutes?

Answer: (first put 4 patties and fry them for 5 minutes, then turn over 2 patties, and remove 2, then put 2 new patties and fry for another 5 minutes. After that, remove 2 ready-made patties, fry all the others)

20) Where was Moses when the candle went out?

21) The conjurer has 2 bags: one contains cards, and the other contains balls. Each of the bags is signed: one with the cards — correctly, the other with the balls — obviously false. On 1 it is written: There are no balls in this bag; on 2 – Balls and cards here. Which card pouch?

Answer: (cards in the first bag)

22) What is the tail of the floor you will not lift?

23) The 12-storey building has an elevator. On the first floor there live only 2 people, from the floor to the floor the number of residents is doubled. Which button in the elevator of this house is pressed more often than others?

Answer: (button on the ground floor)

24) Baton cut into three parts. How many cuts made?

25) Who walks sitting?

Answer: (A chess player is sitting)

26) A pan was placed on the edge of the table, tightly closed with a lid, so that two-thirds of the pan hung from the table. After some time, the pan fell. What was in it?

Answer: (there was ice in the pan)

27) The more you take from it, the more it becomes … What is it?

28) What wheel does not turn at the right turn?

29) It was a husband with a wife, a brother with a sister, and brother-in-law and brother-in-law. How many all?

30) What does half an orange look like most?

Answer: (On the second half of the orange)

31) What can be cooked but not eaten? Answer:(Lessons)

32) Two boys played checkers for 2 hours. How long has each boy played?

33) What do all people on earth do at the same time? Answer:(Get older)

34) How can an abandoned egg fly four meters and not break? Answer:(You need to throw an egg more than four meters, then the first four meters it will fly by one)

35) What can travel around the world, staying in the same corner? Answer:(Postage Stamp)

36) There is a story about a little boy who, having received a New Year’s gift, asked his mother: “Please take off the cover. I want to stroke the gift. What is this gift? Answer: (This gift was turtle)

37) What kind of dishes do not eat? Answer: (From empty.)

38) If it is raining at 12 at night, can we expect that in 72 hours there will be sunny weather?

Answer: (No, after 72 hours it will be midnight again)

39) Which elephant has no trunk?

Answer: (The elephant has no trunk)

40) What are we eating for?

Answer: (We eat at the table)

41) Four birches grew, On each birch – four large branches, On each large branch – Four small branches, On each small branch – Four apples. How many apples are there? Answer: (None, since apples cannot grow on birch trees.)

42) There was a grandmother to Moscow, to meet her three old men, the old men – by the bag,

and in each bag – on a cat. How many went to Moscow? Answer: (Only the grandmother went to Moscow, but the old men went the other way.)

43) When is it easier for a black cat to get into the house? Answer: (It is easiest for a cat to get into the house when the door is open.)

44) Which question cannot be answered yes?

Answer: (Yes, you can not answer the question Are you sleeping?)

45) A flock of ducks flew: two in front, two behind, one in the middle and three in a row. How many are there?

Answer: (Three ducks flew)

46) A flock of birds flew, sat down by two on a tree – one tree remained; sat down on one – one was missing. How many birds and how many trees?

Answer: (Three trees and four birds)

47) Which way do you go for half a year and half a year?

48) What always increases and never decreases?

49) How to make four out of three sticks without breaking them? Answer: (Add from them the number 4.)

50) My grandmother carried a hundred eggs to the market, and the bottom fell. How much is left in the basket of eggs? Answer: (None left: the bottom has fallen)

51) Knocking, knocking – they are not told to be bored. Go, go, and that’s it. Answer: (Hours)

52) Why do birds fly? Answer: (Birds fly through the air.)

53) Irina dreamed of a chocolate, but she did not have enough 10 rubles to buy. Lesha also dreamed of chocolate, but he lacked only 1 ruble. The children decided to buy at least one chocolate bar for two, but they still did not have enough 1 ruble. What is the cost of chocolate?

Answer: (The cost of chocolate is 10 rubles. Ira had no money at all)

54) What can’t magnify a magnifying glass in a triangle?

Answer: (The magnifier in the triangle can not increase the angles)

55) What will happen to the crow when she turns 7?

Answer: (It will go the eighth year)

56) If you had only one match, and you entered the room where there is a kerosene lamp, a fireplace and a gas stove, what would you have lit the first thing?

57) How to say: “I do not see the white yolk” or “I do not see the white yolk”? Answer: (The yolk can not be white)

58) How many peas can enter one glass? Answer: (Not at all,

59) Under the roof – four legs, Over the roof – soup and spoons. Answer: (Table)

60) What is lighter than 1 kg of cotton or 1 kg of iron?

Answer: (They weigh the same)

These are interesting logic puzzles for children. Hope you liked it. but in general, a collection of collections of puzzles with us – for feast for the eyes! Check for yourself, you will not regret!

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