Ear pain remedies

Any pain in the ear? This means that there are some problems in the area of ​​the external ear canal. These include, for example, blockage of the channel accumulated sulfur, inflammatory processes. Other diseases can also be caused by pain in the ears: antritis, tonsillitis, inflammation of the maxillary joint. And this symptom is accompanied by sinusitis, maxillary pathology, inflamed tonsils. Among other diseases that can lead to pain in the ear: groups of neurology, spinal lesions, neck.

Causes of ear pain

Ear inflammation, called otitis, is the most common cause of ear pain, especially in children. There are such forms: external, medium and internal, as well as acute and chronic. Inflammation of the middle ear is the most common type of otitis.

Otitis can be caused by acute respiratory diseases. The nasopharynx and the middle ear are interconnected by the Eustachian tube, which means that viruses and bacteria can creep to the ear and cause inflammation there. Microorganisms to the middle ear can penetrate in another way – through the auditory tube. How is this possible? Very simple: sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose. Rarely (but occurs) viral otitis due to infection through a damaged eardrum.

Lovers of diving and swimming, as well as professional water athletes often overtake the so-called swimmer’s ear. From constant stay in the water, the skin of the ear canal softens, which is more susceptible to infection. The swimmer’s ear syndrome ends with otitis media. The disease makes itself felt strong acute pain at the slightest movement of the ear shell.

Infectious damage to the hair follicle (furunculosis) also causes severe pain. The usual movement of the jaw or ear can provoke its growth.

The cartilage of the ears is very thin, and their very structure is fragile. Try to protect them from winds, frost and sunburn. It is difficult to believe in it, but weather manifestations can provoke hematoma formation in the ear.

Cause pain and skin infections that form on the tissues covering the ear cartilage. This disease is called perichondritis.

A common cause of complaints of ear pain in children is the entry of a foreign body.

Mastoiditis (inflammatory lesion of the mastoid process of the temporal bone of infectious genesis) is accompanied by constant throbbing pain, giving to the ear. In addition to pain, mastoiditis is accompanied by general weakness, fever, the area of ​​infection has thick discharge. With such symptoms, a visit to a specialist is needed immediately.

The pain in the ear can be irradiating, with diseases of completely different organs: with neuritis, diseases of the teeth, ulcers in the lower jaw, and neurological diseases.

Is itching in the ears a precursor of pain and disease?

Otolaryngologists say that the most common reason for visiting their office is itchy ears. Dryness causes a lack of sulfur. Where did it go? An allergenic fungus settled in the ear canal, for which the most favorable conditions have been created there.

By itself, earwax is necessary to protect and moisturize the ear canal, but in excess it should not be there. The clogging of the ear canals is also not a pleasant phenomenon, which can provoke pain. In this case, the specialist will prescribe special ear drops to soften the sulfuric substance. In some cases, more radical measures will be needed, for example, the suction of excess sulfur with a syringe.

Ear pain treatment

Of course, for any disease, the disease itself must be treated, not the symptoms, one of which is ear pain. And since the pain in the ears can be caused by a variety of reasons, only a doctor can prescribe treatment, after a competent diagnosis and, possibly, the necessary tests and instrumental examinations.

Fortunately, emergency medical care for pain in the ears is rarely required, however, do not pull on a visit to the doctor. “Ambulance” is to be called in if the pain is very strong and is accompanied by a significant deterioration in general well-being, or if it is caused by a serious injury, by hitting the head.

First aid

And while you are expecting a visit to the doctor, you can try to get rid of the pains yourself or at least reduce their intensity.

Ear pain remedies

  1. In the sitting position, the pain in the ears is not as acute as in the lying position.
  2. If there is a discharge from the ear, this means that the eardrum is perforated, which ensures the flow of pus. Removal of suppuration reduces pain or eliminates them altogether. If this does not happen, you can stimulate the elimination process: drip a couple of drops of warm baby or mineral soap.
  3. There is an excellent means of prevention from a variety of viral diseases that can contribute to the development of ear diseases. This natural herbal antibiotic is simply called garlic.
  4. OTC pain relieving tablets will help to relieve severe pain for a while. But this is not a panacea, but only a small respite before the main treatment of ear disease.

Causes pain in the ears and the phenomenon of barotrauma: the imbalance of pressure between the outer and middle ear. Such inconveniences arise when atmospheric pressure changes, for example, during a flight on an airplane or after it, when climbing to a great height in the mountains, diving into the sea depths, and the like. First aid in this case – hold your nostrils and blow air thoroughly. If even after 24 hours the pain did not go away, then you definitely need to see a doctor.

Do not remove foreign bodies from your ears yourself – this is the work of specialists. When ears are sick, it is recommended to sleep, with the head higher, for example, on two pillows, so as not to provoke stagnant fluids during sleep.

Folk remedies for ear pain

Traditional medicine recommends to get rid of pain in this way: washing the ear canals with tincture or decoction of rose petals. If the ear shoots, it is recommended steam inhalation and heating: cover over the vessel with his head, and the directed action of the steam will provide any funnel. After steaming, wormwood milk solution is buried in the ear and caulked with a cotton swab (soaked with the same agent).

Heat in general is very helpful for pain in the ears. You can make a bag of warm rock salt or wrap a bottle of hot water with a towel and use it as a compress. There is a hot-water bottle in the house, use it. All the same, you feel severe pain, dull them with aspirin.

For some reason, when a person has an ear disease, he becomes overly irritable. Experts explain this change in mood by the position of the ears in relation to the brain, that is, they act as a factor in influencing nervous and mental disorders.

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