Ear congestion treatment

Causes and treatment of ear congestion. How to get rid of congestion in the ears with a cold?

The ear is a very important organ in humans, necessary for the full perception of the surrounding world. Due to the hearing, a person has developed his own speech, you can enjoy the sounds of nature and your favorite music.

The principle of the ear is to capture the sound with its further transformation into a nerve impulse to process the information received by the brain.

You will learn what is congestion in the ear causes and treatment of this symptom, as well as what ear drops for ear congestion are used to treat the auditory organ.

Ear congestion treatment

Causes of nasal congestion

Ear congestion (one or both) may occur due to the following factors:

  • the formation of sulfur plugs;
  • inflammation in the Eustachian tube;
  • complicated form of otitis media;
  • penetration of an alien body (insect) into the ear cavity;
  • due to rhinitis;
  • water ingress during swimming, bathing;
  • curvature of the nasal septum;
  • long-term use of certain pharmacological drugs;
  • swelling of the Eustachian tube resulting from the take-off or landing of an aircraft or when diving to a depth.

With a feeling of stuffiness in the ear, the patient complains of poor hearing, pain when swallowing, distortion of his voice, the appearance of extraneous sounds and noises in the ears. May be accompanied by slight dizziness and fever at night.

A bumpy ear without pain can be the result of a complicated otitis. After it sometimes there are spikes or small scars, which reduces the mobility of the eardrum. A continuous symptom of congestion may be a sign of a formed sulfuric plug or a foreign body entering the auditory organ cavity.


In order for the treatment to be successful, and the situation does not worsen, it is imperative that you see the otolaryngologist (ENT).

After the first examination, he will be able to assess the situation and prescribe the correct treatment or send him to a more productive examination. This is tympanometry and audiogram.

Ear noise and congestion are signs of Meniere’s syndrome. Its exacerbation occurs against the background of existing disorders in the body. An allergic disease, not healthy drops in blood pressure, hormonal changes caused by menopause and

How to treat ear congestion?

After the doctor diagnoses the ear and finally finds out in which of the ear areas there is a congestion, he prescribes the optimal treatment.

It can be not too serious ear congestion, the treatment of which occurs very quickly and painlessly. Sulfur plugs in the ears are considered the most common and easily resolved problem. The doctor simply removes it and washes the ear. To fix the result, special ear drops can be assigned. If sulfur plugs appear periodically, then it is necessary regularly, once every three to four months, to be shown to the otolaryngologist.

However, do not think that the accumulation of sulfur is a completely harmless problem, which itself will disappear with time. Neglecting the above recommendations can complicate the situation even before the development of deafness.

With a congestion in the ears, which appears after flying in an airplane, it is not necessary to run to the hospital. Eliminate the result of atmospheric pressure drops easily and yourself. It is good enough to clear your nose (blow your nose or drip drops).

To get rid of nasal congestion after water ingress is necessary with the help of cotton swabs. But you should use them very carefully.

Ear congestion may be a sign of disorders in the temporomandibular joint, which means that you should consult with an osteopath.

Deformed septum often causes congestion in the ear. It is possible to correct this defect with the help of septoplasty. This surgery will help get rid of the problem of both the nose and the ear.

The symptom of inflammation in the middle ear is the same stuffiness. In this case, the doctor must prescribe ear drops for the treatment of inflammation and procedures with a blue lamp.

If inflammation develops only outside the ear canal, then any heating procedures are strictly prohibited. In this case, only antimicrobial photodynamic therapy is permitted.

How to treat ear congestion is better solved with a doctor. Drops in the ears with a stuffy ear can help and hurt, so their selection should be taken very carefully. Otipaks has a very good anti-inflammatory effect, so it can be used for ear congestion caused by otitis. Hydrogen peroxide is used for healing after removal of the sulfur tube. There are many more types of ear drops, they include Otinum, Garazon, A-Cerumen, Remo-Vaks, etc. But how to treat ear congestion with any of them you need to find out in the instructions and strictly follow it.

In no case do not use boric alcohol in the treatment of ear congestion, without the permission of the doctor.

Why does it cause a cold ear?

With the onset of spring comes not only deceptive weather, but also vitamin deficiency, and, consequently, a high probability of a cold. Very often, her symptoms can be not only fever, headache and runny nose, but also congestion in the ears. Let’s see what is happening.

First you need to remember a little lesson in human anatomy. In the human nasopharynx there are two holes that supply the tympanic cavity of the middle ear (left and right ear) with the necessary air flow during chewing and swallowing.

During normal operation of the Eustachian tube, pressure is formed in the tympanic cavity, which is equal to atmospheric pressure. If any factors appear that make it difficult for air to enter the tympanic cavity, then pressure decreases in it, and as a result of all this, a person has a feeling about the congestion of the ear with a cold.

With a cold, the edema of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity also occurs, which complicates the flow of air into the middle ear.

Ear congestion during a runny nose is the result of negative pressure in the nasopharynx.

Ear congestion treatment

It can be concluded that when dealing with a stuffed ear during a cold, the first step should be to restore nasal breathing.

Treatment of ear congestion for colds

How to treat ear congestion at home if you have a cold?

Take advantage of our advice:

1) Buy a pharmacy ready-made solution of sea salt or prepare it yourself at home. You will need to dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm boiled water. Wait until the solution has cooled to room temperature, and rinse them with the nasal sinuses.

2) After rinsing, complete the procedure with vasoconstrictor nasal drops (for example, Noksprey, Lasolvan Reno, etc.)

Thanks to such simple procedures, ear congestion after a cold will disappear very quickly.

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