E. coli smear treatment folk remedies

Oddly enough, but E. coli can not always cause only harm to the body. It is representative of the conditionally pathogenic human flora, and is necessarily involved in the process of digestion. Thus, it is impossible to say that this microorganism is an exceptional evil. Without it, we simply can not function properly, we will not be healthy. But what happens in the human body when, for example, E. coli is detected in a smear?

E. coli smear treatment folk remedies

In fact, this is a very bad sign. Indeed, according to experts, there are two types of this microorganism. This is Citrobacter and E. coli. The wand was discovered by T. Escherich at the end of the nineteenth century. And if the first type of bacteria, while in the human body, does not cause any diseases, the second is able to bring a lot of trouble. So, if, for example, E. coli is found in a smear of a pregnant woman, then there is a serious danger of infecting the fetus, which is in the womb. In general, the presence of this microorganism can lead to a very serious form of cystitis, and will be treated for a long time and painfully.

That is why, if you have found these microorganisms in a smear, you must immediately take emergency measures. As a rule, antibiotics are prescribed to such patients. But, as has already been said, if E. coli is found in a smear of a pregnant woman, then you must be very careful with antibiotics. Although, according to some doctors, it is necessary to choose the lesser of the two ills, and for fairly long periods pregnant women are sometimes prescribed these strong medicines to combat the identified misfortune.

E. coli smear treatment folk remedies

But, in the event that treatment is not carried out, it is quite possible that E. coli will be detected in the infant. If this happens, it is necessary that the treatment is carried out simultaneously to both the mother and the baby. The fact is that E. coli in infants can lead to dysbiosis and diarrhea. Treatment should be administered only by a specialist, no self-treatment is allowed. As a rule, babies are prescribed the drug Hilak Forte and bacteriophage. Moreover, the first must be given between feedings, because it is forbidden to take it with milk. And in order to choose the right bacteriophage, it is necessary to make a special analysis on the sensitivity to phages. After all, in fact there are a huge amount of them. But all this should be prescribed by a doctor.

When E. coli is detected in a smear, antibiotics are usually prescribed. But you need to know that long-term use of these drugs violates the bacterial balance in the human body. E. coli naturally dies, and then intestinal dysbiosis begins to develop. Also, in women, vaginal dysbiosis is quite common. In this case, the flora of the female body can be detected not only chlamydia, but also other pathogens, including the described ones. And this happens most often due to a sharp decrease in beneficial bacteria, such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

How can an adult person get E. coli? As a rule, this is an oral-fecal method or sexual contact through the anus. But there are also known cases when such a wand entered the human body through blood. The consequences of infection with this microorganism are quite serious. It usually infects organs located near the intestines: the uterus, urethra, vagina, gallbladder, and so on. But in young children, this bacterium is found even in the lungs. In the event that the whole body is completely infected, sepsis can begin. And the consequences can be unpredictable. So, if you have found E. coli in a smear, then, without delay, immediately contact the experts and begin treatment. And to identify this bacterium is possible only by examining a smear.

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