During the month can not

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Hair coloring is overgrown with a huge number of myths and prejudices. We constantly hear that the paint is harmful to the hair, and it is safer to walk with grown roots when it is pregnant. In general, it is better not to wear gray hair. And what does the science of hair coloring during menstruation say?

The question of whether it is possible to dye your hair when you have many girls worry about your period. And, despite the fact that this fear, by and large, is not justified by anything, it has with it several logical, but very dubious arguments.

First, it is believed that if you dye your hair during menstruation, the color when dyed will turn out to be uneven, will be taken in pieces or it will become a product transfer, a meaningless waste of time and money. But is it?

The prejudices of the girls and some masters are connected with the fact that during menstruation the hormonal background in the female body completely changes, the body is naughty and the paint can not come from. Also, this is due to the fact that modern hair dye is the final process of many chemical elements, compounds and components that can be harmful to the body and affect it more seriously during the “red days”.

Hormones and hair

When talking about the possibility or inability to dye hair during menstruation, you should contact to the chambers of reason to the possible connection hormonal background of a woman and her hair.

The fact is that the hair on our head is dead. Roughly speaking, they die when they grow by 1-3 cm. “Live” hair is located exclusively in the root zone and problems can appear only on the scalp and hair roots.

When we have menstrual periods, the hormonal background changes: the first few days testosterone rises and produces more sebum, making the hair dirty. For a 3-4 day cycle, estrogen comes to replace it and makes the scalp more dry. But this natural process is unlikely to affect the work of hair dye, which, by its composition, wanted to sneeze on our games with sebum.

However, it is worth remembering that to dye freshly washed hair is a rather pointless exercise: the paint will not be taken as it could have been taken on tainted hair. In addition, if you dye your hair from a proven master, then there should not be any discrepancies a priori.

Common staining myths during menstruation

To dye or not to dye hair during menstruation. This question is overgrown with myths and legends stronger than the stories about Merlin and King Arthur. The most common prejudices about this action are as follows:

During the month can not

  1. The paint may lie unevenly and you can get leopard hair;
  2. During menstruation, the hair is dry, brittle, and this will not allow the paint to “lie down” correctly and completely ruin the hair;
  3. Because of the smell of paint, the physical condition of the girl may be aggravated;
  4. Hair may not be colored at all;
  5. Hair loss may occur.

Of course, most of these myths and prejudices may have a sound grain in themselves, but only a small one. The most likely and logical of them – the deterioration of health during hair dye. Here everything happens individually and you can really feel sick, dizzy. But this is not a priori state.

Expert opinion

In order not to be unfounded, we turned for help to an expert, obstetrician-gynecologist Oksana Babenko, who answered our question about whether hair coloring affects women’s health.

During the month can not

When we talk about whether it is possible to dye hair during menstruation, we must remember two main points.

The first: the regrown part of the hair is its dead part, which cannot react to changes in the hormonal background of the whole organism. The second: at the root (base) of the hair are sebaceous glands, the production of which during menstruation may slightly increase.

From the above we can conclude: in general, hormonal background does not directly affect the coloring, as the hair is dead.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that some women may have a more fatty basal part (as mentioned above), which means that the paint can be taken worse in this part (the roots will be lighter and the main part darker).

The professional master will surely take these nuances into account before starting the coloring. Only he must be warned. The master can either degrease the hair (which completely removes the fact of oily scalp), or leaves the dye at the roots of the hair for a longer period. In general, when dyeing hair during menstruation, a professional with modern means does not have problems.

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