Drying the body for women

Today, one can talk about the ideal figure without a shadow of a doubt, because every woman or man imagines this very ideal in completely different ways.

From generation to generation, the concepts of beauty and perfection, corresponding to a specific time, have changed.

For example, we can recall the times when great artists depicted pompous ladies on the canvases of their paintings, because such women were then quite popular. And in the period of antiquity, famous sculptors, for example, such as Policlet, Miron, Praxitel, saw their ideal image of a man with a beautiful and rather developed musculature of the body.

Drying the body for women

In modern days, fashion for a beautiful and well-groomed body has not sunk into oblivion, quite the contrary – more and more women and men want to make their bodies slim and fit. But, unfortunately, it is not always the case that, regularly practicing in gyms, you can bring your muscles to an ideal state. And to be more precise, not everyone can make them more prominent.

But there is a way out – in order to achieve your plans, you need to use a special program for drying the body.

But what is this technique, and what feedback did it collect from people? Of course, there are a huge number of opinions on drying the body, and they are extremely contradictory. Someone argues that this approach is very dangerous to health, and on the contrary, someone is confident that it should be carried out regularly. In this article we will try to figure it out.

What is the drying of the body for girls?

So, the very concept of drying in the first place implies the burning of subcutaneous fat and fat, with the help of reducing calories due to carbohydrate starvation. At the same time, muscle mass should remain without loss. As a rule, professional athletes and bodybuilders follow this procedure in order to achieve a spectacular and beautiful body before any competitions.

Drying the body for women

And in order that your body does not experience tremendous stress, you need to learn how to perform proper drying.

Why do we focus your attention on this fact!? Because even professionals involved in sports for many years, learn to sit on a special diet for drying the body. And each person has this method displayed on the body purely individually. Someone, wanting to make progress faster, eats dairy products and comes in the right shape quite easily, while this method is absolutely contraindicated for another person.

What happens in the body during such a diet? During the period of active sports in the human body there is a whole set of different anabolic reactions, but when getting rid of fat mass it is very difficult to achieve simultaneous muscle growth. As a result, to transform the energy of fat into the muscle cell is problematic, and all the muscles that are actively involved in the workout continue to hide under the fat layer.

But perfect drying is not at all a loss of water from the body, as many people think! If it is right to do it, then this should primarily lead to active fat loss.

Let’s start, perhaps, with the most important thing – the carbohydrates obtained by our body from high-quality food are the main source of energy, so everything that we spend throughout the day, our body takes in the first place from them.

In order for glucose (simple carbohydrate) to be normally absorbed by the body, the presence of the hormone insulin is necessary. If it enters the body in excess, it is actively beginning to be deposited in the liver and muscle tissue in the form of glycogen. After all the cells of the body are filled with glucose, there is a glut of the body with it, and it will certainly be processed into fat.

If a person begins to create a glucose deficiency, then the body will begin to slowly use glycogen stores, and when they run out, then gradually break down body fat. The process of fat breakdown is still quite energy-intensive, so the body can stop at some point, while leaving small residues of it, the so-called ketone bodies. Then the blood may become sour for taste, and ketoacidosis develops.

If the first signs of this problem occur, take a small amount of carbohydrates or protein, which the liver partially processes into glucose, and ketones (acetone, hydroxybutyric acid, acetoacetic acid) will self-dissolve using the energy received.

But if you miss this moment, the consequences can be pretty scary, even to the extent that a person gets into a coma. Therefore, once again we focus your attention on how to properly do the drying of the body. Also in this matter you may be useful coach or other specialist in this area.

Many people are interested in this question – … is it worth taking any additional drugs or, for example, fat burners …. My advice to you – do not do this in any way, because it is very dangerous to human health, since such drying tablets and other drugs can only enhance the metabolic processes of substances in the body, which can lead to the development of ketoacidosis.

And more! You can not carry out the drying, if you still have not increased muscle mass, which, by the way, may be hiding under a layer of fat. But if you have an irresistible desire to lose weight, then another approach would be optimal – watch your diet, go to the gym and do any kind of sport.

Body drying diet and its features

We all know that the basis of any diet is the lack of intake of calories by the body, to be precise, we must consume a little more calories throughout the day than we consume. This was the first rule, and the second says – in order for your body to work properly, you must maintain a high level of metabolism.

If you, based on the recommendations of various diets throughout the day, begin to consume a small amount of food or refuse it altogether, this may threaten you with a slowdown of all metabolic processes.

This is due to the fact that your body, getting into such nutritional conditions, begins to “think” that the hunger strike will soon come, and begins to carefully consume the energy obtained from foods, while also saving all previously deferred fats on a “rainy day”. As a result, already in the second or third week you stop losing weight, plus the development of weakness, lethargy and dizziness.

In order for this to happen to you, there are strict drying rules that you need to adhere to, these are:

  • Permanent daily calorie deficit.
  • Maintain a high metabolic rate.

At the first stage of drying it is necessary to completely abandon the use of carbohydrate foods. But this should occur smoothly, without stressful situations for the body. And then try to eat more carbohydrates and fats in the morning, not leaving them in the evening. Drying involves maintaining a strict diet, which should be based on easily digestible protein.

Also, do not forget about training programs with a lot of weight, because exercise is very good help to maintain a stable level of metabolism. In the last days of your diet, you will be a little harder, because then it is necessary to abandon vegetables and other products.

Diet and diet menu

The diet should be quite strict. You will need to abandon the sweet, flour, milk and animal fats. This, by the way, will only bring benefits to your body, because these products are not useful, but you can easily replace sweets with fruit or honey, fatty meat with fish.

Also, the body should receive daily at least 40% of the total carbohydrates from a complex type – such as cereals, nuts, vegetables, cereals, pasta from wholemeal flour.

After each workout, you must refrain from eating for one and a half hours, and you should not eat two hours before it. Compliance with these rules will allow you to ensure the recovery and energy of muscle tissue due to fat reserves.

Every day you need to drink at least 2.5 liters of pure water, but at the same time consume a huge amount of protein, otherwise the muscles may merge. Do not eat cereals and cereals in the evening; good products for drying the body are buckwheat, rice, lean meat, legumes, fruits and vegetables, cottage cheese and milk.

Diet rules:

In no case should you eat fruits in the first week, but the fiber for you will be just right. Give your preference to wholegrain cereals, which will be carbohydrates for you, for example, buckwheat with a low glycemic level. You can also eat boiled chicken breasts, chicken eggs (preferably without yolk), white fish in baked form, squid fillet, cottage cheese in your diet. Discard the maximum use of salt, seasoning and oil.

The amount of protein consumed should be about 50%, fat no more than 20% (preferably less), all other percentages are carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates to take better in the morning, and in the evening give preference to protein.

The second seven days: this week you can eat only one gram of carbohydrates per kilogram of weight and you need to completely abandon the salt. The amount of protein consumed must be increased to 80%, the fat remains the same and very few carbohydrates.

You can safely eat low-fat cottage cheese, kefir and milk, boiled beef and chicken breast, fish and seafood, bran one spoon each day, greens, fresh vegetables: tomato, cucumber, cabbage.

The third week of the week: the daily rate of carbohydrates last week should be reduced to 0.5 grams per kilogram of weight. If you smell acetone from your mouth or skin and there is constant dizziness, you can drink some sweet juice, which, by the way, should always be with you during the drying period, at least a small bag. During this period, try to use only proteins and fats, less water, preference is given to distilled.

This week you can also take low-fat dairy products. Do not forget that in eggs it is best to eat one protein, give the yolk to someone who is not on a diet. It is better to abstain from beef, but chicken breasts are possible only without skin. Bran take three times a day. You can also connect receive multivitamins.

Fourth week: this week you have two choices. First: you eat everything the same way as the third week; second: you can spend it exactly the same as the second – the choice is yours.

The fifth week of the week: it is necessary to hold it in the same way as the first. Acceptance of carbohydrates in a short time before any competition will bring your muscles into a tone and help restore the desired, or rather, the previous volume.

Immediately I want to note, as soon as the body drying diet is over, you can immediately gain weight. This method is used mainly by athletes, for all others this program is difficult, because few people can withstand it.

In addition, during drying, you must adhere to the correct training regime, and in any case they should not be missed, otherwise all your efforts will fail, and you will not see the relief body, but a constant feeling of hunger and a not very spectacular look is guaranteed.

Optional: exercises while drying the body

What are these exercises and how do they look !? This is a series of specific physical activities for your body using iron, that is, weights. Such training will be held for you not as usual, because the body will work in an enhanced mode.

If you work out in the gym with a good trainer, he will prompt you what to do. And if you do all the exercises at home, then you need to know how to properly perform them.

The whole set of exercises must be performed without rest or with a short break for one minute, but no more. The weight of the burden should be such that you can make the right amount of approaches without any effort. Take better small working weight, interchanging it with a large number of approaches.

Try to do all the exercises, including aerobic and cardio. Run on a stationary bike and a treadmill also in several runs, three times 30 minutes better than one and many, go for a swim, morning run, exercise, swing the press. These exercises can be performed every day, and the best time for them is morning or evening, but not lunch.

  • Diabetes.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Problems with the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract.
  • When doing mental work.

Diet reviews

Marishka: “… girls, I literally recently experienced all the delights of a diet on myself. The only thing I want to say is that for some reason, for some reason, for some reason, for me, with proper aerobic exercise and strict protein nutrition, I fell. I raised them with the help of L-karnitinchik, and everything turned out …

Natalie: “… and my coach did good workouts for me, for example, I did five approaches 20 times each exercise instead of three approaches twelve times, of course, together with an anti-carb diet.

But I want to note the following: during the period of drying the body, it is better to do aerobic workouts, jogging or even rollers, by the way, this is my favorite activity than just going to the gym, as usual. Combining a diet and physical. load, the result will certainly be tested on myself …

Drying the body for women

Stepan: “… I do the drying all the time, and the words are very few here. I advise everyone, and it is useful for the body, and the body will be beautiful. The only thing at first was that it was hard for me to count carbohydrates, I had to strain myself, but then I got used, of course, not without the help of a coach, he told me everything, but then everything seemed to be good. The first thing that I can advise especially to sweet tooths, to give up sweets, and then it will be easier …

Vitalinka: “… I did not try myself; somehow I was scared to experiment on myself, but I was a witness with my own brother. He was drying before the next competition (he is my athlete), and I could observe how and what he did.

So, he also ate everything, in which there are no carbohydrates, and was a little angry when I ate apples with him. It was just their period, and he also wanted, probably))) refused flour and fat at all. In general, the body, of course, it became beautiful and relief, but I’m not ready yet, although I go to the gym regularly. Here I sit, read and meditate))) …

Nadia: “… girls, how can you completely give up sweets, because carbohydrates are present almost everywhere, and in buns, and in compote, which is what you need to have will power to endure all this. I decided to study this question, but also somehow I do not dare to such an experiment …

Milenka: “… I read that the male body is much easier to form relief, and that we are not all destined to have a flat tummy. After all, many girl trainers with such heavy loads do not have stunning figures, why. But we do not give up, though, and those girls who go to the gym just clever?))) I really respect them for that.

She herself recently started playing sports and heard about drying, she decided to read. Maybe someday I will do this diet, I liked the article, it is very interesting. In addition, the rejection of carbohydrates – it is useful for the body, only I realized that it is necessary to do this with someone’s help, so as not to hurt myself …

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