Drugs at the first sign of a cold

Immunity in the life of every person plays a major role. If it were not, people would regularly suffer from various diseases. During the cold season, many think about how they can strengthen their immune function. For such purposes, there are immunostimulating drugs.

Drugs at the first sign of a cold

Types of immunostimulating drugs

Immunostimulatory drugs allow you to increase the body’s defenses, so that a person begins to hurt less. They are recommended to take to children, adults, women during gestation and breastfeeding.

Immune drugs are divided into:

  1. on interferons. This group of products contains proteins that are able to block a viral infection;
  2. on interferon inductors. These drugs do not contain in their composition of protective proteins. But they help the body produce its own immune cells;
  3. on immunostimulating agents of bacterial nature. The effect of such a group of medications resembles the effect of vaccines. With the introduction of bacteria into the body, the body begins to independently synthesize antibodies;
  4. on immunostimulatory drugs, which include nucleic acid. Such medicines allow to intensify the fight of leukocytes with infection;
  5. on immunoglobulins. The action of such funds is aimed at neutralizing the actions of many pathogens. The production of proteins occurs by the blood cells;
  6. on preparations from the thymus. They are made from the organs of domestic animals. The action of drugs is aimed at activating cellular immunity. They are prescribed for diseases of a severe nature;
  7. for synthetic drugs. The main components are chemical compounds that are artificially produced. They enhance immunity in both adults and children;
  8. on biogenic stimulants. This group of drugs is of plant and animal origin. Their impact is aimed at stimulating metabolic processes, increasing the activity of the endocrine glands;
  9. on vitamin complexes. They are able to strengthen the immune system through the normalization of processes in the body;
  10. for medicines that are of vegetable origin. Their action is aimed at stimulating the immune bodies at the cellular level. Increased phagocytosis also occurs.

Immunostimulating drugs of plant origin

Medicine for the immunity of plant origin belong to the group of safe means. They have a natural composition, due to which they have practically no contraindications and do not cause adverse symptoms.

The main property of such funds is to strengthen the immune system and increase resistance to infections. But in some situations they can cause an allergic reaction.

The most popular are the means in the form of:

  • tinctures of echinacea, ginseng, eleutherococcus, lemongrass;
  • Immunal, Immunorm, Estifiana. Drugs are available in the form of tablets, and in their composition have echinacea;
  • Dr. Tice. These funds include calendula, echinacea, comfrey.

Although they have a small cost, but have a number of restrictions in the form of children up to two years, increased susceptibility to the components of the drug and the presence of allergies.

Interferon preparations and their inductors

Often, doctors prescribe immunostimulatory drugs for colds and flu, which include interferons. They are highly effective, but only if they were started at the first signs of a cold. They are also often used for preventive measures.

Drugs at the first sign of a cold

Drugs that have interferon in their composition, have no contraindications. That is why they are allowed for use in children from birth, adults, women during gestation and lactation.

This group of funds include.

  1. Grippferon Available in droplets. There is an analogue in the form of Interferon in drops, which costs two to three times cheaper.
  2. Viferon. Sold in the form of candles and ointment. Candles instantly affect the viral infection, thereby speeding up the process of recovery from a cold. The ointment is used as a prophylaxis for lubricating the nasal passages.
  3. Anaferon and Ergoferon. Sold in pill form. Anaferon is allowed for children from the first month of life, and Ergoferon is recommended to be given to children from six months.

Also on sale are drugs that belong to the group of interferon inductors. They have high activity in viral infections. Their action is aimed at prompting the body to independently produce protective proteins.

Immune remedy for colds has a minimum of adverse events, but has several contraindications. It is prohibited during pregnancy and increased susceptibility to the components of the drug.

To this group of funds include:

They are available in pill form. To get the effect of medicines, they need to start taking at the first sign of a cold. One of the effective means of this group is Kagocel. It can be taken by children from three years. In this case, he is discharged with delayed treatment.

Immunostimulatory drugs of bacterial origin

Many patients believe that such medicines are harmful to the body, but it is not. They are discharged to adults and children. The effects of drugs aimed at the natural raising of immunity with the introduction of bacterial cells.

In this group of funds include:

  • Imudon Sold in the form of lozenges. Effectively cope with infection in the oral cavity.
  • BronchoImunal. Sold in the form of capsules. It shows efficacy in regular inflammatory processes in the upper airways.
  • Ribomunil. Sold in the form of tablets and capsules for solution.

Prohibited for use in pregnant and lactating women, as well as in children under two years of age.

Immunostimulating drugs with nucleic acid

This group of drugs include Derinat and Ridostin. Derinat is available in the form of a solution for injection, spray and drops. Discharged as adults and children. It has only a single contraindication in the form of individual intolerance.

Ridostin is also available in injection solution. It is considered an effective immunostimulating agent in the treatment of viral and bacterial injections.

Immunoglobulins and vitamin complexes

Immunoglobulins have a high price, but, unlike vitamin complexes, they still have antibodies to pathogens of various diseases. If the patient does not have allergic reactions, then such medicines will become simply indispensable for enhancing immune function.

For immunoglobulins include Intraglobin, Gamimun N, Humaglobin.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the body to carry out many processes. If their level falls, the immunity is sharply weakened. Vitamin complexes that are sold in pharmacies usually contain several vitamins and minerals at once. In childhood, doctors prescribe Pikovit, Multi Tabs, Complivit, Alphabet.

For children under three years old, the drugs are available in the form of syrups. These include Pikovit, Calcium D3. Often, as a prophylaxis and vitamin deficiency, fish oil is dispensed in drops. This is true for those parents whose children very rarely eat fish. Adults can take Alphabet, Complivit, Vitrum, Supradin, Centrum.

Recommendations for strengthening immunity

Many physicians prescribe immunostimulating agents while weakening the immune function. But they do not always help patients. Some believe that they have a placebo effect, others argue that they are completely inactive, and others praise them.

Drugs at the first sign of a cold

But in order not to weaken the immune system, you need to follow simple rules.

  • The first thing to think about nutrition. If you eat some semi-finished products and fast foods, then naturally the immunity will fall. On the table every day should be fruits and vegetables. At the same time it is necessary to exercise and hardening.
  • Do not forget about the regular washing of hands and face after the street and before eating.
  • You also need to walk more often. After all, experts have established that those who walk more than two hours a day in any weather suffer from infections less frequently.
  • Another rule for maintaining immune function is to air the room and humidify the air in it.
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