Doppler for listening to the heartbeat

Each examination method during pregnancy is safe and effective. Especially accurate and complete information about the health status of women and children can be obtained with ultrasound Doppler. This technique is simple, but provides an excellent opportunity to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus and blood flow in the arteries of the umbilical cord. This procedure is necessary for specific indications and situations. The process is absolutely painless and safe.

Doppler for listening to the heartbeat

Ultrasound and Doppler during pregnancy

Unlike conventional ultrasound Doppler allows you to determine the following parameters:

Doppler for listening to the heartbeat

  • The state and level of development of the child’s heart health;
  • Check fetal heartbeat, umbilical cord vessels;
  • Determine the level of blood supply to the vessels;
  • Identify any violations in the functioning of the placenta or hypoxia at the earliest stages.

The apparatus for the procedure allows you to explore the body of the baby and mother, without harming health. The principle of operation is simple: the ultrasound responds to the blood flow in the vessels and arteries and displays the data on the monitor. Thus, it is possible to obtain the most accurate information about any symptoms or to make sure that there are no various pathologies in the development of the fetus.

Such a study can be carried out in two ways. The duplex method helps to detect the causes of impaired blood flow if a similar symptom is observed, as well as to fully assess the permeability of each vessel. The effect of Doppler gives an idea of ​​the state and level of development of the fetus. Triplex technology allows you to clearly highlight on the monitor the movement of red blood bodies, thereby giving this type of ultrasound greater accuracy and usefulness.

Most modern ultrasound-assisted examiners already have an integrated doppler function. The process of the procedure is very simple. The patient should be in a horizontal position, and special preliminary preparation is not required. Indications for ultrasound may be different, but most often it is included in the routine inspection.

Carrying out ultrasound doppler

In order to determine the level and developmental standards of the baby, experts often use Doppler. Thus, it is possible to identify violations at the earliest stages during pregnancy. Early treatment will help avoid serious consequences. The main indications for Doppler ultrasound:

  • Rhesus factor, which can lead to serious consequences, such as miscarriage;
  • The presence of a pregnant woman with any infectious or chronic diseases (diabetes, kidney diseases, hypertension, and others);
  • If the duration of pregnancy is not appropriate for the size of the fetus;
  • If you suspect a pathology in the development of the baby;
  • If the rate of the results of cardiography is not true.

Also, an ultrasound scan of this type can be performed if a woman has an abnormal functioning of some organs – gestosis. This symptom often occurs in such a period. Doppler can be carried out shortly before the expected moment of birth. In this case, you can determine the degree of readiness of the woman’s body to the birth of the baby.

In addition to the condition of the vessels and arteries, the level and patency of the blood flow, ultrasound Doppler determines other important medical indicators. Such data include the mass of the fetus, the size, condition and development of organs, anatomical features, and more. Thus, careful monitoring of the health of the mother and baby is carried out.

The study Doppler is carried out quite simply: the woman should be on the couch in the prone position, and the doctor carries out a full range of examination. First of all, in the standard mode, the general condition of the fetus, uterus, umbilical cord and other organs is observed. Next, the specialist determines the location of the vessel of interest, in order to examine the artery more clearly and carefully. These can be brain arteries or the umbilical cord vessel. Then on the monitor the movement of a blood-groove is displayed, the automatic analysis of the obtained data is carried out. If there are any deviations from the norm, the device notifies the specialist who simultaneously controls the ongoing analysis.

Process features

The main advantages of Doppler are the following features:

  • Safety process. Ultrasound does not affect the health of the woman or the development of the baby;
  • A fairly quick process;
  • The results are fairly accurate and complete, which provides an informative picture of what is happening;
  • Doppler greatly simplifies the preparation for the birth of the baby.

Based on the results of the examination, a complete picture of the health of the woman and child is assessed. Most often, the total number of ultrasound procedures for the entire period is three to four sessions, Doppler is used once shortly before delivery. The definition of any complications allows you to prepare for the solution of the problem.

Doppler for listening to the heartbeat

Triplex ultrasound Doppler reveals foci of blocked blood flow, thereby providing an opportunity to take the necessary action. The results also show the cause of any abnormalities, for example, abnormal functioning of the placenta or the state of the umbilical cord vessels. Doppler during pregnancy is extremely effective and necessary methods of examination. Each artery and vessel is carefully examined, the blood flow rate and lumen are examined. Preliminary preparation for the process can be discussed with your doctor depending on the specific situation.

Modern doppler during pregnancy in the second trimester is necessary in order to exclude the presence of intrauterine infections, as well as to monitor the operation of the systems of a small person. Compliance with all the recommendations of a specialist will help make pregnancy and childbirth easy, and the baby will be pleased with good health. Studies of any type in this period for women are necessary, because pregnancy is an important and responsible time. Each mother seeks to give her child maximum attention, and care about him begins in the process of pregnancy.

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