Does the temperature in allergies

Allergies are not rare, both for adults and for children.

In babies, it can be provoked by food, drugs, pollen, house dust and other factors.

In all these cases temperature increase may occur.

Although fever for allergies is not characteristic, its appearance signals the inclusion of a protective reaction of the body to external stimuli.

Often, such a reaction is also accompanied by some kind of disease, for example, a respiratory disease, which is asymptomatic for some time, is masked by it.

Can the baby’s temperature rise?

Allergies can cause fever in children. with the following problems:

Does the temperature in allergies

  • with him intolerance for any food;
  • as a reaction to medical preparations;
  • under exposure to allergens, present in dust, pet hair, plant pollen;
  • after insect bites, due to the flow in the blood of various poisons from them. This type of allergy is characterized by increased blood pressure and pulmonary edema;
  • as vaccination reaction. In this case, the temperature can rise to 38 degrees, rarely higher.

This phenomenon accompanied also: rash, pruritus, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, weakness.

As a rule, all these symptoms characterize the manifestations of the body’s immune response to an already familiar allergen.

After the first meeting with him in the blood already formed antibodies. And the more they accumulated the more the body reacts on this antigen, forming immune complexes with its participation.

Does the temperature in allergies

At the same time, it is possible that such an unusual manifestation of allergy as rise in body temperature.

And the more actively such protective complexes are produced, the more histamine and other substances similar to it are released.

And they cause a variety of allergic symptoms in the body of the baby.

It happens that a child has only a local manifestation of allergy, and there are no other symptoms.

Then the temperature rise speaks of inflammatory processes in the body, associated with any infection (virus, bacterial poisoning and

The baby should be examined to determine the cause of this phenomenon.

Food irritants

Food allergies, as a negative reaction to a particular product, occur in young children more often than in adults. This reaction is observed with each use of the allergen. The most vulnerable age group is under 4 years old..

Food irritants in most cases are:

High fever, as a result of allergy, is observed soon after a meal (less often – in a few hours or later). In isolated cases even the appearance or smell of such food triggers a response.

At the same time, edema and itching of the face and throat first appear, and then diarrhea, abdominal pain, urticaria, eczema and skin flushing appear.

No exception are the manifestations of rhinitis with cough, runny nose and shortness of breath.

The temperature at the same time can rise to a critical point of 40 degrees.

An extreme manifestation of an allergic reaction to food is anaphylactic shock with a sharp decrease in blood pressure, loss of consciousness.

Fortunately, food allergies only found in 3% of young children and most often passes by itself when they reach three years.

Parents, reinsuring, often unreasonably deprive children of certain products, considering them to be the culprits of allergic manifestations in children.

To make such conclusions is the prerogative of the specialist..

Exclusion from the diet of the kid’s entire food groups can lead it to avitaminosis and weakening, then already various various infectious diseases with an elevated temperature cannot be avoided.

Food allergies with a high temperature are often observed in children with aggravated heredity,

In severe allergic reactions repeated at close relatives repeatedly, seek help from a doctor even during pregnancy future mommy.

How to treat the temperature for allergies?

With an increase in temperature up to 38 degrees there is no reason to worry. Such a reaction should be taken as a reflection of the body’s defense against the antigen that caused the allergy, and there is no need to reduce it.

Removing from the diet the product-irritant, you need give him antihistamines (suprastin, claritin), preventing the destructive action of active histamines. It is also useful to make a cleansing enema, to feed the child more.

Milk with honey, tea with lemon or raspberry tea are good in this case. Any drink, from which the baby does not refuse, during this period is beneficial.

For other types of allergies, you need to identify their cause and immediately remove it: leave from the street where pollen flies, remove your pet, whose wool has a negative effect and

If the temperature rises catastrophically and besides her there are obvious signs of a child being bitten by an insect, then it is urgent to seek help from a health facility. avoid anaphylactic shock or threatening edema.

The real cause of the problems with the health of the crumbs can only install a pediatrician or profile specialist – allergist.

It is impossible to prescribe a child for treatment independently.

Many types of allergies (for certain foods, for beetles bites, plant pollen, drugs, serum inoculation, etc.) may be accompanied a slight and brief rise in temperature in children.

After removing the allergen, the temperature returns to normal. High fever is characteristic of life-threatening conditions for the baby (angioedema and anaphylactic shock).

The rise in temperature with urticaria or dermatosis – signal to find out the reason, caused them. Antihistamines often do not justify the expectations placed on them. A child with such a non-allergic manifestation as high fever should be examined to eliminate intoxication and stop allergies.

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