Diagnosis of inguinal hernia

Various pathologies and disturbances in the functioning of the body systems lead to pain in the groin area. This symptom is a strong argument for going to a doctor. To begin with, you should contact the therapist, and he will already give a referral to either a urologist, or a gastroenterologist, or a surgeon.

During the examination and interview of the patient, the specialist determines the exact location of the pain and its nature. The pain can cover the entire groin area, or localized in the left or right side.

Important! Only a doctor can conduct a full diagnosis, establish the correct diagnosis and start therapy.

Pain in the groin area of ​​men can be a symptom of such systems:

  • digestive;
  • nervous and musculoskeletal;
  • sexual;
  • urinary.

Digestive system

Pathologies of the digestive system that can cause pain:

  1. Inguinal hernia. Manifested in the form of a painless protrusion, which is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort. Sudden severe pain in the groin arises when a hernia is pinched. On palpation of the protrusion, its compaction and pain are felt. The same condition is accompanied by stool retention, nausea and vomiting.
  2. Appendicitis. The pain initially occurs in the center of the abdomen, after which it moves to the right side. In case of inflammation of the appendicitis, the patient has a sharp pain on the right side of the inguinal region, which may radiate to the lower back and leg. The temperature rises. May be constipation, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Abdominal muscles are tense.
  3. Irritable bowel syndrome. Abdominal chronic pain that occurs in the area of ​​intestinal irritation. With the defeat of the sigmoid and rectum, the pain is concentrated in the lower abdomen. In addition, the patient has abdominal distension, discomfort, a change in the frequency and consistency of the stool.
  4. Intestinal obstruction. The appearance of sharp pain is the main symptom. Localized in the region of the intestine where the obstruction has developed. There are painful sensations in the iliac region on the left side, radiating to the groin.
  5. Chronic constipation. Pain in the iliac abdomen and gives in the groin. Accompanied by abdominal distention, pallor of the skin, belching, loss of appetite. There is no feeling of complete bowel movement.
  6. Colon cancer. The disease is asymptomatic. Pain syndrome appears only after the tumor begins to spread to neighboring organs. The aching pain of the ileum and inguinal region on the left side is observed with the defeat of the sigmoid colon.

Nervous and musculoskeletal system

Pain in the groin often provoke:

  1. Injuries to the groin. Accompanied by pain, which, when trying to take the leg to the side, increases.
  2. Damage to the nerves of the lumbar plexus. The disease is accompanied by pain and loss of sensation in the groin area. As a rule, pain radiates to the inner thigh and lower abdomen.

Reproductive system

Pathology of the reproductive system, accompanied by pain:

Diagnosis of inguinal hernia

  1. Acute prostatitis. It is characterized by a sharp pain in the groin, perineum and rectum, which increases with the act of defecation. Urination painful, speeded up, or difficult until acute delay. Headache and weakness may occur, and body temperature rises.
  2. BPH. Increasing, adenoma squeezes the urethra. The patient complains of frequent urination, or on the contrary, his delay, there is no feeling of complete emptying of the bladder. Pain in the groin becomes more intense when urinating, as well as radiating to the lower back and suprapubic part.
  3. Prostate cancer. The first symptoms of the disease appear when the tumor from the primary focus spreads to other tissues. Spasmodic pain occurs in the groin and perineum. Urination difficult. There are frequent urges and urinary retention.
  4. Vesiculitis Pain above the pubis and perineum, extending into the groin. With the act of defecation, full bladder and during ejaculation, the pain increases. Blood or pus may be excreted in the urine or semen. The patient is experiencing general malaise.
  5. Epididimoorchitis. The disease begins abruptly. Body temperature rises. There are sharp intense pain in the scrotum, radiating to the groin and sacrum. Observed compaction, tension and soreness in the testicle and its appendage. The skin of the scrotum turns red, feels hot and swells.
  6. Tilt the testicles. There is a sharp pain in the scrotum and groin area. The pain is accompanied by urinary retention, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. On palpation of the affected testicle there is an increase in the scrotum, compaction and tenderness.
  7. Venereal diseases. Pain in the groin area. Urination fast and painful. The lymph nodes in the groin area are enlarged, and a painful sensation arises on palpation. The body temperature rises, ulcers form on the external genitals. There are frothy, slimy or white discharge from the penis.

urinary system

Diseases of the urinary system that may cause pain:

  1. Urolithiasis disease. The disease is asymptomatic. The movement of the stone through the ureter can lead to blockage, which can cause an attack of renal colic in the patient. In the place of the location of the calculus there is a sudden unbearable acute pain, which, as the stone moves, goes down the abdomen, gives in the groin and leg.
  2. Cystitis. Shrill pains in the groin and lower abdomen, aggravated by urination. The patient does not feel the complete emptying of the bladder, urination becomes more frequent. Urine muddy with blood.
  3. Bladder cancer. As the malignant cells spread to neighboring organs, painful sensations appear in the lower abdomen and groin area. In this case, urination is frequent and painful. There are blood streaks in the urine.
  4. Urethritis. In the groin there is a feeling of heaviness and pain. During urination, there is pain and burning. In the urine there is an admixture of pus.

Pain in the groin area on the right

Pain on the right side of the groin is caused by:

Important! In addition to pain syndrome, the doctor must pay attention to the accompanying symptoms in order to make a correct diagnosis.

With hernia through the abdominal wall, the hernial protrusion is palpable.

With appendicitis The specialist observes the symptoms characteristic of peritoneal irritation.

Less commonly, the cause of pain on the right may be renal colic, when the stones injure the right ureter. In this case, the pain is felt not only in the groin, but has a surrounding character and is concentrated in the lower back.

Pain in the groin in men on the left

Pain occurs in the left side of the groin with:

In some cases, diseases of the colon can be the cause of the pain. Pain extending to the left inguinal region may be caused by proctitis and sigmoiditis.

If you experience aching, pulling, or acute pain in the groin area, you must immediately undergo a full examination in a medical institution and determine the cause of the pain.

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