Deprive the signs

Infectious disease, accompanied by skin lesions, scaling and itching, is called lichen.

Depending on pathogens and causes, several types of lichen are distinguished: multicolored, ringing, shingles, red flat.

How to install the form of depriving on the body?

Deprive is often a contagious disease, so you need to know the signs of depriving a person, and contact your dermatologist at the first symptoms. Only a specialist is able to professionally diagnose the disease and prescribe an effective treatment.

There are signs that help determine the variety depriving, but the correct diagnosis, on the basis of special tests, can only be delivered by a dermatologist.

Accordingly, the correct treatment, which will help get rid of the disease, is determined by the doctor.

Deprive is an inflammatory skin disease. Most often, it appears in the form of spots with a changed skin color: redness, darkening, lightening. Places affected by this disease begin to peel off, itching occurs, hair loss occurs.

Ringworm affects the hairy area of ​​the skin (head, mustache and beard). There are rashes (spots with rough edges), which are most often covered with a white crust. In the affected area, the hair breaks off and bald spots appear. In areas where the hair coat is not pronounced, ringworm manifests itself as pale pink, inflamed foci.

When pink lichen first on the body appears maternal spot, around which then formed other, round or oval spots, flaky and having a color from light pink to brownish. Almost all parts of the body can be affected: back, shoulders, abdomen, chest.

Hitting the central nervous system, herpes zoster, manifests itself in the form of eczema on the skin in places of localization of large nerve trunks. It is accompanied by severe pain, burning and itching.

On the body are formed watery bumps, which can eventually burst. The first sign of the disease is considered severe pain and burning in the area of ​​the ribs.

There are many varieties of lichen. Each of them has its own symptoms and signs, which may have some similarities. Independently determine the type of disease is difficult. Therefore, given that each of the possible infections can be eliminated by completely different methods, the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the correct diagnosis.

Diagnosis and signs of depriving

The diagnosis is determined by the attending physician based on the symptoms and results of the tests performed.

A major role in determining the type of disease have initial distinctive features:

  • With ringworm, caused by the action of Trichophyton fungi, spots on the hairy part of the human body have uneven edges. The hair in these places is broken, in the place of the spot is clearly visible peeling and white crusts or scales. The inflamed area may cause slight itching. The disease does not develop immediately after the fungus hits the skin. Signs of lichen can be seen on day 5, and sometimes only after 6 weeks. The patient is dangerous to others, hence the need for immediate medical attention.
  • When lichen pink on the body spots form a characteristic pink color, sometimes light brown. The spot is bordered by a reddish rim, slightly flaky. First one spot appears, and then a few more. Pink versicolor affects different areas of the body: abdomen, chest, back, shoulders. The nature of the occurrence of pink lichen is still not exactly known. It is believed that the causative agents are viruses.
  • In shingles, the herpes virus is the causative agent, affecting areas along the intercostal nerves or nerve trunks. When shingles are characterized by pain in the lesions and itching. Observed specific rash, as with chickenpox. Bubbles burst and crust.
  • With lichen planus, severe symptoms are severe itching, red bumps on the skin or mucous membranes. These bumps merge to form plaques.
  • When pityriasis on the body appear light spots that are most noticeable on tanned skin areas. On fair skin, such versicolor can be seen, due to the slight peeling of the affected areas.

Deprive the signs

If you detect any of the signs of the disease, you must immediately contact a dermatologist in order to prevent the spread of the virus and start treatment in a timely manner.

How is lichen treated?

Each form of lichen has its own origin and cause. Therefore, the treatment of each type of the disease should have an individual approach aimed at eliminating the specific pathogen.

General recommendations that contribute to improving the effectiveness of treatment and prevent the spread of the disease are as follows:

  • Avoid wetting of affected areas, taking baths and other water procedures (the fungus is spread with water).
  • You can not use a washcloth, soap and wipe the inflamed lesions with a towel.
  • Abandon the use of synthetic underwear and clothing.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays.
  • Eliminate exercise and other stress, leading to increased sweating.
  • Be sure to stick to a diet and stop drinking.

The body often self-copes with rosy lichen. Patients are recommended to take antiallergic drugs, treatment of inflamed lesions with antiseptics.

The use of iodine and salicylic acid can cause burns. There are special ointments, however, without a detailed study of the specifics of the course of the disease by a specialist, their use is not recommended.

Treatment for ringworm is based on the use of antifungal drugs, special ointments and shampoos. However, you need to remember that the use of a particular ointment is possible only with the permission of the attending physician (most of these drugs have contraindications and side effects).

The treatment of herpes zoster is based on taking antiviral drugs, strengthening the immune system and taking vitamin complexes.

Deprive the signs

It does not matter what form of the disease takes place. In order to avoid complications, and in order to prevent the infection of those around us, it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as the first signs of infection are revealed. Constant supervision by a specialist and the strict implementation of all his instructions are the key to a speedy recovery and the safety of loved ones.

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