Date of delivery by last monthly

The onset of pregnancy is accompanied by the onset and a number of worries that usually accompany this important and natural state of a woman. During this period, you need to prepare your family for the emergence of a new and most important little participant in it. It is necessary to create the necessary conditions in your house or apartment – to equip a nursery, make repairs and

The date of birth must be calculated even in early pregnancy for various reasons.

Date of delivery by last monthly

  1. First, as mentioned above, it helps the family to make all the necessary preparations before the birth of the child and to meet him already, being ready and fully armed.
  2. Secondly, knowledge of the approximate date of birth allows a woman to mentally and physically prepare herself for the upcoming birth process and reduce fear and pain, as well as plan her life as comfortable as possible for this period.
  3. Thirdly, the calculation of the approximate date of delivery is necessary for medical personnel: for women with a complicated pregnancy, the determination allows for preliminary hospitalization and training of women for the possible implementation of an operational cesarean allowance.
  4. Fourth, the calculation of the date of childbirth allows a woman to arrange the maternity leave and other necessary documentation necessary for her.

Key indicators for calculation

As a rule, the date of birth is calculated by such indicators: on the date of the last menstruation, on the date of conception, taking into account the data of ultrasound, taking into account the date of the last ovulation, as well as the magnitude of the standing of the bottom of the uterus. The calculation of the date of birth by the date of the last menstruation is the most common among all methods for calculating the gestational age of labor. It includes the definition of the first day of the last menstrual period.

determine the date of delivery together

After determining this date, three months are taken from it in reverse order. Then add 7 days to the result. The received date is the approximate delivery date for the woman. In this calculation, the estimated month of birth is first determined, and then an additional seven days are added, during which the birth process can occur.

Date of delivery by last monthly

Lunar and online – methods for determining

There is also another method to calculate the date of pregnancy by the date of menstruation. In this method, at first, the presumptive first day of her last period is determined in the same way by interviewing a pregnant woman. After that, 280 days are added to this date, which correspond to 10 lunar months, where the duration of 1 month is 28 days. This method is more generalized, but it allows you to calculate the approximate start date of the generic process relatively faster than the method described above.

You can also use the services of special resources that allow you to independently calculate the date of presumptive delivery on selected websites and devices. As a rule, they represent a kind of calculator program. In this program, the date of delivery is also calculated by the last monthly, the calculator itself carries out all the necessary calculations and already gives a ready date. In fact, the calculator performs exactly the same calculations as in the first method of calculation. Such an online test is distinguished by a quick calculation of the result, but it is not always correct, and therefore the primary determination of the probable date of birth must still be carried out with the help of a medical officer.

Ultrasonic methods for determining the approximate date of the generic process

Along with the computational methods that allow to calculate the approximate time of activation of the generic process, there are also similar instrumental methods. One of these techniques is to determine the upcoming delivery date on a planned ultrasound examination of a woman. Most often, this method is optional and is added to the basic methods for calculating the date of delivery described above. It allows you to adjust the previously appointed by taking into account the latest date of the monthly date and set a more accurate date for completion of pregnancy.

Date of delivery by last monthly

Determination of the term of delivery by ultrasound includes the establishment of signs of fetal activity, the formation of certain structures. In addition, ultrasound establishes certain dimensions of the fetal head, girth of the trunk and limbs. According to the correspondence of the indicators determined in the study to the normative indicators characteristic of a particular period of pregnancy, the most probable date of the birth process is determined.

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