Daily intake of vitamins and minerals

For normal body function and its resistance to infections, a person needs to consume enough vitamins and minerals. However, the modern rhythm of life does not always provide such an opportunity. In addition, not all micronutrients (nutrients) come with food. There is a need to additionally take vitamin and mineral complexes. You can buy them at any pharmacy, the composition is selected under the individual characteristics of the organism.

What are the vitamins

They can be divided into two main groups:

Daily intake of vitamins and minerals

  1. Fat soluble. Over time, they accumulate in the human body, the excess is deposited and can reach a critical level. This category includes vitamins of groups A, E, K, D. You can not abuse them.
  2. Water soluble. This includes all the trace elements of group B, also vitamin C, biotin and choline. They are characterized by a lower concentration, so they accumulate in the body more slowly.

Essential Minerals

  1. The first group is phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It is very important for a person to strengthen bones and prevent the destruction of tooth enamel.
  2. The second group is chlorine, sodium and potassium. Very often they are also called electrolytes. Their use plays a significant role in supporting the input-salt balance at the required level.
  3. The third group – zinc, iron, iodine. Not as important as the minerals of the previous groups, but their lack affects the general state of health and the work of individual organs and the production of the necessary hormones.

Daily intake of vitamins and minerals

Vitamin deficiencies: symptoms

The lack of beta-carotene is characterized by dry skin, especially in the winter period of time. It is also possible visual impairment in the evenings.

The appetite disappears, the person feels a breakdown, becomes absent-minded. In most cases, hair begins to fall out.

There is a slight tingling sensation in the limbs, weakness in all muscle groups during the day.

Immunity decreases, the body fights poorly with the disease and slowly recovers. Appetite noticeably worsens, a person feels very weak.

Symptoms appear only in advanced cases. Expressed as a violation of coordination.

The body begins to defend itself worse from infections, so the person feels weak and quickly falls ill.

The lack of this trace element provokes skin damage. They may appear as dry, peeling or redness.

A person constantly feels tired and weak, hair begins to fall out, nervousness rises.

A person does not sleep well, feels light tired, nauseous.

To feel good at any time of the year, you need to use vitamins and minerals, then the immunity will not weaken, and the body will resist seasonal infections.

Mineral deficiency symptoms

Impact on the body

It promotes the production of insulin, stimulates the formation of hormones and significantly strengthens the human immune system.

Unreasonable depression, severe hair loss and frequent colds.

Maintains the desired level of cholesterol in the blood.

Atherosclerosis, elevated cholesterol levels.

Ensures that the human body is always in good shape, removes excess cholesterol.

Mood swings, constant irritability, severe pain in the temporal lobe.

It helps strengthen bones, monitors the condition of teeth and tooth enamel.

The gums begin to bleed, a toothache hurts.

Kills germs and soothes the nervous system.

Iodine deficiency in childhood can lead to mental retardation, impaired memory and coordination.

Participates in carbohydrate metabolism and insulin.

The blood sugar level rises, which soon leads to diabetes.

Stimulates constant blood clotting, helps to produce energy for the whole day.

Frequent constipation, high blood pressure and sudden hair loss.

Supports the body’s acid-base balance.

Frequent pain in the stomach, constipation (food is poorly digested).

Promotes the production of hydrochloric acid.

Low acidity of the stomach, pain and as a result – gastritis.

It produces hormones and improves brain activity.

Osteoporosis, inattention, severe fatigue (chronic).

Stimulates blood circulation and monitors the normal functioning of the nervous system.

It makes muscles more elastic, strengthens the structure of bones and teeth.

Daily intake of vitamins and minerals

Possible cramps, dull hair, begin to exfoliate and break the nails.

Allows the body to absorb iron more easily, makes the skin elastic.

Mental disorders, low body temperature.

It monitors the normalization of metabolism, contributes to the breakdown of fats in the body.

Constipation, a sharp set of excess weight, stomach pain.

The composition of one of the multivitamins includes minerals of different origin. It is recommended to use seasonal vegetables, fruits in order to maintain the normal functioning of the body.

Who needs to carefully monitor the use of the daily micronutrients

  1. Modern rhythm of life can not always allow to monitor regular proper nutrition. Drug complex vitamins and minerals are sometimes recommended to take each person.
  2. If a person is actively involved in sports, his body constantly needs to be energized and beneficial microelements so that immunity does not decrease.
  3. Vegetarians. They are at risk because they do not consume meat, which contains many beneficial substances that have an important impact on health.
  4. Children and people in old age.
  5. Under constant stress.
  6. When following a diet.
  7. During pregnancy and lactation. Vitamins and minerals for women (there are enough of them in the body) are very important.
  8. With chronic and catarrhal diseases.
  9. People with bad habits (drinking alcohol, smoking).
  10. Those who take contraceptives and other hormonal drugs.

Vitamins and minerals mainly enter the body along with food, but sometimes it is desirable to take special drug complexes to improve their overall health. This recommendation applies to everyone – children and adults. It is especially important to think about health in the period of the risk of colds.

Daily intake of vitamins and minerals

Norm per day (mg)

Cereals, yolk of chicken eggs, pork, chicken offal (can be pork).

Grapefruit, oranges, lemons. Virtually any citrus present this trace element.

Kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream. From meat – rabbit, pork and beef. Also, vitamin B2 is found in green peas, onions and dill, buckwheat, eggs and beef liver.

Offal chicken, potatoes, bananas, yeast.

Seeds, any nuts, seasonal vegetables, all fruits. Also found in fresh meat (when freezing, boiling or frying, vitamin is lost)

Cabbage (vitamins and minerals can be found here from almost all groups), green onions, orange, spinach, eggs, potatoes, avocados, leafy vegetables.

Fish (low-fat), cottage cheese products, chicken meat, cheese.

Dairy products, fish liver, all greens, tomatoes, pumpkin, carrots, mangoes, oranges.

Wheat (germinated seeds or young shoots), olive oil, leafy vegetables, eggs, nuts.

Chicken liver, green tomatoes.

Egg yolk, butter, fish oil, cream.

Meat – chicken, rabbit, turkey. If you are looking for vitamins and minerals for hair, be sure to eat right. Sufficient iron can be obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables.

The highest content of iodine in sea kale and other seafood.

The direct source of sodium is ordinary salt, which is consumed every day by absolutely everyone. Also, the trace element can be obtained by eating fish.

Mainly in dairy products. Also found in some fruits (winter pear).

Wholemeal flour and all seafood.

Buckwheat, oatmeal, any nuts.

Meat, nuts, fish, cheese, milk. It is better to consume with products that have calcium in their composition. So easier absorbed by the body.

Dried fruits, oatmeal and buckwheat, chicken liver and beef, chocolate, beets.

The daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, presented in the table, is designed for the average person. Sometimes, due to the individual characteristics of the body, the rate may be more or less.

Getting micronutrients with food

Natural foods contain vitamins with minerals and trace elements, which have a positive impact on human health. In addition, there are dietary fibers, which are simply indispensable for ensuring normal digestion. These fibers reduce the risk of heart disease.

In order to protect themselves and consume all the necessary nutrients, you should always follow the diet. Daily turmoil does not always allow you to do this, so very often a person feels weak and sleepy (caused by a micronutrient deficiency).

Vitamin complexes

If there are not enough micronutrients in the body, it is recommended to start taking additional vitamin complexes. Be sure to consult with your doctor to choose the best option for yourself. Drug selection is very large, consider the most popular today.

  1. Vitrum (17 minerals and 13 vitamins).

It promotes immunity, restores strength. Contains important vitamins and minerals for children and adults. No side effects have been identified, an allergic reaction can only occur if an individual intolerance to certain components is observed.

  1. Complivit (11 vitamins, 8 minerals). Increases the body’s resistance to bacteria and microbes.
  2. Duovit There are complexes for men and women with a different selection of micronutrients in the composition. A balanced drug that prevents the development of heart disease, improves the condition of nails and hair. Relieves stress and increases sexual activity in men.

Competently selected complex of microelements and vitamins replenishes the content of micronutrients in the body, improves overall health, relieves fatigue. It is not recommended to buy drugs without first consulting with your doctor.

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