Cystitis treatment in boys

A pressing issue for all parents who have been granted happiness in raising their son is the opening of the head in boys. Aspects of attention are such aspects as the age of the baby, best suited for exposing the head of the penis, the necessary hygienic standards and whether you should try to open the head yourself. This article will help to understand these sore and quite popular topics.

What is the reason why the boys do not open the head?

In infants, the head almost never opens, properly protecting the penis from penetration of various infections. There are two reasons why the head is not fully exposed at an early age:

  1. The birth of children with the foreskin, which is in the oblong state.
  2. Hole in the head of the sexual organ, which is not wide enough. The pathology of the foreskin, having a narrowed character, has a medical name – phimosis.

If phimosis in a child’s body is harmless to health, does not cause pain, and does not prevent urine from escaping from the urethra, then there is no reason for the parental panic. But if the disease is no longer of physiological nature and continues after 15 years, then this is a dangerous phenomenon.

At what age do boys open their heads?

There are an infinite number of opinions on this issue, but in this article we will focus on the points of view of qualified specialists. At the stages of the first 6 months in newborns, the opening of the head in a natural way is observed quite rarely in medical practice, but still real.

In most cases, the head opens in boys to three or four years. However, if this does not happen, then this should not be done artificially. These actions are threatened by circulatory disorders and the appearance of an irreversible cessation of cell vital activity caused by the influence of pathogens.

It is worth remembering that the process of the possibility of complete exposure is strictly individual. A child can get rid of natural phimosis in a year, and at the age of 6, and at 9, and at 10 and even 15 years. We strongly recommend that you register at a medical clinic and carefully, and most importantly, correctly observe this crucial process for the future life of a man.

If the boy’s head does not open, but he has already reached 6-9 years and does not make claims on the issue of men’s health, then be patient and just wait for it to happen naturally. It is important to know that doctors who recommend surgery for children 6–9 and 10 years of age are not competent specialists. Such inclinations threaten life-long problems with childbearing and self-confidence.

Statistical data found that the optimal range for the complete exposure of the penis in children is as follows: up to six months (but in single cases), by 6 years (most), between 9-10 years (in of boys) and until puberty the rest.

It is important to know! Do not make independent efforts to move the foreskin to the head of the penis, if the child is under 6 years old! This pinching of the head will lead to complications of phimosis, which will require urgent assistance and may develop into chronic pathology.

Rules of personal hygiene when opening the head

Here the crucial role is played by smegma. This substance helps a more comfortable sliding head of the penis, has a white color and oily consistency, and most importantly – shows a bactericidal effect. Smegma is quite effective natural hygienic means.

Cystitis treatment in boys

Hygiene standards are not the same for everyone. For children subjected to the process of circumcision, they are of a special nature. For the rest, it is recommended to take a warm shower every day and wash the head of the penis with soap.

Dr. Komarovsky notes in his councils that the soap should be thoroughly washed off and not accumulated in the head area so as not to cause skin burns.

If a boy at 9-10 years old still does not fully expose the head of the penis, then special attention should be paid to hygiene standards. In the absence of any complaints on the head and foreskin, one daily wash is more than enough. You should not be zealous in this regard, because the risk of harm to health is greatly increased!

Do I need to sound the alarm if the head does not open?

In how many years your child’s head will open is difficult to predict exactly. Many parents start to panic and sound premature anxiety. The presence of natural phimosis is not a cause for concern. It can be observed up to 15 years, which is quite normal. By the age of 17, the head should fully open in all boys. If this did not happen, then special ointments will help in exposing the head of a teenager.

Cystitis treatment in boys

In the presence of a painful urine output through the channels, unusual for expansion of the foreskin, edema of the penis, inflammatory processes, the formation of purulent formations – it is worth worrying about the health of the child. These factors indicate the formation of scars in the zone of the foreskin. Then phimosis is already of a pathological nature and the head of the penis, which does not open, is not the only dangerous consequence to health.

Do I need to help the boy open the head?

Boys who are at a young age and have no health problems will not be required to surgically open the head of the penis. If the baby is worried about adverse symptoms, then we recommend consulting with your doctor.

It is worth remembering that the presence of the foreskin provides adequate protection against the ingress of harmful microorganisms, and also makes a huge contribution to human immunity. For this reason, this procedure is not health friendly and is prescribed only for the reasons of religion.

Independent disclosure tests taken prematurely have a detrimental effect on the entire body and cause psychological trauma to the child.

If the boy does not open the head of the reproductive organ and plus to all, there is a difficult urine movement through the canals, accompanied by pain, inflammation, swelling, and redness in the foreskin area, consult a doctor immediately. He should help the child. It is important to find a qualified doctor in order not to harm the boy’s health. In other cases, helping to open the head is not recommended!

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