Cystitis home treatment

Symptoms of cystitis at home

Cystitis is among the fairly common diseases that affect both men and women, although the latter are more common. This circumstance explains the relevance of the issue of treatment of cystitis at home. Causes of cystitis are colds lesions of the genitourinary system. The result is a chronic form of cystitis by the age of twenty. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.

Its symptoms are frequent painful urination and pain in the lower abdomen. In some cases, there may be an increase in temperature. With a strongly neglected form of the disease when urinating, the discharge of pus or blood is possible. This situation requires immediate placement in an inpatient medical institution.

Treatment of cystitis at home in women

Treatment of cystitis in women does not necessarily have to be associated with a visit to a hospital. A sick woman should be given rest and bed rest. At the same time, it is necessary to bring the amount of fluid consumed per day to two liters per day at least, and alcohol should not be consumed. You also can not eat all salty dishes, dishes with a high content of seasonings and spicy foods. It should be warmly dressed and carried out at home warming procedures.

The diet should be made from products on the sour-milk basis, also include fruits, vegetables, various cereals. It is recommended to drink plenty of liquids containing herbal teas, juices, fruit drinks, as well as teas. Eating a large amount of fluid contributes to the rapid elimination of pathogenic bacteria from the body and subsequent recovery. Accepting the described simple measures is more capable of easing the situation and speeding up recovery.

Cystitis in men home treatment

For a complete treatment of male cystitis at home, it is necessary to use a comprehensive method of conducting medical procedures. It includes some stages. It should be borne in mind that the chronic form of cystitis is less painful than acute cystitis. The first stage of the treatment of the disease involves strict adherence to bed rest, as well as dietary prescriptions. Alcohol should not be taken, water should be drunk at least a couple of liters per day.

When introducing the second stage of treatment of a disease, consultation with a physician is necessary, since we are talking about the destruction of pathogens of the disease with the help of medical preparations. Such means as Monural, Biseptol and others are recommended for taking. The use of decoctions of herbal infusions will only help to enhance the effect of the introduction of traditional medicine.

The next stage of treatment of male cystitis involves the introduction of thermal procedures, warming baths, as well as the wearing of warm clothing. Infusions of dandelion and chamomile when organizing baths for sitting in them will be quite effective and should be taken at least twice a day for a quarter of an hour.

Cystitis home treatment

Home Treatment for Cystitis

Treatment of cystitis at home can be quite effective if it is properly organized and carried out using really effective methods of eliminating the disease. These methods can be very different.

Cystitis: home treatment quickly, with pills

There is no need to conduct specialized treatment of cystitis, if it is observed in old age and at the same time has no pronounced symptoms. This requires the reception of a sufficient amount of fluid and only. If we are talking about women, then we can recommend to use some effective pills that can provide reliable protection of the body against the disease and cure it.

One of such means is Monural. Reception is carried out once a day at night, immediately after emptying the bladder. The tool is relatively inexpensive and quite effective, has no pronounced side effects.

Nolitsin is a good remedy. Eliminates many strains of bacteria from the bladder and has a significant antibacterial effect. It should not be used by adolescents under the age of 18, because at this age the formation of the skeleton of the body has not yet completed. In addition, it is not recommended to take this drug if liver disease or renal failure occurs. A simple form of cystitis implies the need to take the drug for its treatment, one tablet three times a day for three days. In chronic cystitis, you should take the drug every day for a week.

Home Treatment of Cystitis with Antibiotics

The appointment of antibiotics for cystitis is justified in cases where there is an exacerbation of the disease more often than twice a year. It is recommended to take antibiotics in continuous mode in small doses. When deciding to take antibiotics for the treatment of cystitis, it is imperative that you consult a physician. In no case should not be carried out uncontrolled, as this may have negative consequences.

Any antibiotic that can be recommended as a treatment for cystitis has its own individual differences. When choosing it, you should take into account such factors:

  • antibiotic focus. Different types of antibiotics can destroy various types of bacteria that cause cystitis, and this fact should be taken into account when choosing a remedy;
  • antibiotic activity. The highest activity of the agent is the most important factor in its selection in some cases;
  • individual tolerance of antibiotics by the human body. Not all products are safe when they are taken, and this must also be taken into account.

Candles for cystitis

Candles for cystitis have earned a well-deserved reputation as a reliable and effective means of eliminating the disease. It is not easy to understand them on their own due to the wide variety of drugs presented in pharmacies today. There are several main groups of described means.

  1. Candles, whose action is aimed at achieving an analgesic effect. They are also good at treating all sorts of inflammations.
  2. Candles, characterized by antiseptic action.
  3. Antibacterial suppositories.
  4. Candles fortifying action, improving the trophism of body tissues.

The bulk of candles combines several described qualities that characterize them in a very favorable light.

Hot water bottle for cystitis

The use of heating pads for cystitis is not able to eliminate the main cause of the disease state, since cystitis is an infection, not hypothermia. Another thing is that heating a heating pad with cystitis can stop discomfort and neutralize them to a certain extent. True, a hot-water bottle in some cases can provoke an intensive growth of microbes causing the disease and this is its minus. But at the same time, it effectively relieves painful symptoms, such as pain when urinating, as well as various cramping muscles.

Treatment of cystitis folk remedies at home

Folk remedies have proven themselves very well as an opportunity to get rid of cystitis, because of their ability to quickly stop the flow of inflammatory processes in the body.

Collecting herbs from cystitis

When choosing herbs for cystitis, emphasis should be placed precisely on those agents that are able to accumulate in the urine over time, since they are the ones that help with cystitis. Among them are:

  1. Golden rod or goldenrod. Poisonous grass, which can have a stronger effect than an antibiotic, should be taken only in consultation with a doctor. Infection eliminates very quickly.
  2. Lingonberry leaves. Contraindications do not have and are not characterized by side effects. Reception means can be long, held several times a day, half a teaspoon, pre-brewed in a glass of boiling water.

Cystitis tea

There are several recipes for making tea from cystitis.

Cystitis home treatment

  • Mixing tablespoons of lingonberry leaves and berries, you should pour them with boiling water in the amount of one cup, then cover and insist half an hour. Tea can be drunk several times a day with lemon and honey added to taste;
  • In a half-liter can of boiling water, infuse a tablespoon of hop cones and a couple of tablespoons of sleep. Drink half a glass several times a day;
  • Air and linden color are mixed in equal proportions, after which a succession and a white yarnotka three times larger volumes are added to them. One tablespoon of the composition is brewed in a liter of boiling water. After insisting in a thermos for three hours, strain and drink half a glass half an hour before meals.

Cranberries for cystitis

Cranberry has been used since ancient times as a means of combating cystitis. It contains in its composition of substances that prevent the flow of inflammatory processes in the bladder, which explains the expediency of its use. These substances are not exposed to gastric juice, freely enter the bladder and quickly remove the bacteria from it.

Chamomile for cystitis

Among all the traditional medicine used to treat cystitis, chamomile has always occupied a special place. It is available, inexpensive and at the same time, quite effective and easy to prepare. For this you need to mix chamomile with elderberry and birch buds. The ratio is as follows: for one part of the chamomile, one part of the elderberry and two parts of the kidney are taken. The agent is taken six times a day. To relieve the symptoms of chronic cystitis, you can take a bath of chamomile decoction.

Lingonberry for cystitis

Lingonberry is one of the famous healing plants. With cystitis, its use is very effective. The effectiveness of treatment is explained by the significant amount of vitamins and nutrients contained in the berry, which makes it able to reduce the risk of recurrence of this disease.

Lingonberry is collected immediately after the snow melts. This is necessary to preserve its beneficial properties and the most effective subsequent drying of the leaves of the plant.

Dill for cystitis

The use of dill as a treatment for cystitis can reduce the intensity of the inflammatory processes, as well as eliminate pain. This is possible because dill has sufficient bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the dill-based decoction can enhance the body’s metabolic reactions.

Bearberry with cystitis

Bearberry in the treatment of cystitis is highly desirable because it has significant antibacterial, astringent and diuretic properties. In addition, bearberry is a very good antiseptic. With cystitis, the plant is widely accepted. Two weeks of regular and verified administration of the drug is enough for the disease with all the symptoms to be completely eliminated. Prepared on the basis of bearberry solutions and infusions can not only eliminate pain, but also to remove the infection from the urinary tract. A characteristic feature of the use of this tool is the staining of the patient’s urine in a green color some time after his reception.

Essential oils for cystitis

Essential oils are very effective in treating cystitis, but it is imperative that you get medical advice before you take this remedy. In the event of recurrence of the disease, essential oils can also be very useful. The combined use of several essential oils at once can only enhance the overall effect of their use.

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