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Cystitis was ill at least once every third woman. Every fifth of us hardly presents his day without coffee. Do I have to give up coffee during the period of this disease?

Is it accurate cystitis?

Frequent (including false) urge to urinate, aching pain during the process itself and turbid urine with blood drops are not always signs of cystitis. Other diseases of the urogenital system have similar symptoms. Initial cystitis is easily confused with cystalgia, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, bladder tumors and

Why follow a diet if I’m already undergoing treatment?

Cystitis doctors forum

In addition to medical treatment, the doctor prescribes an appropriate diet. The main objective of the new menu is to reduce irritation of the mucous membrane of the urinary tract and cause a diuretic effect. Let bacteria, viruses, or chemicals that provoke inflammation go out of the body as soon as possible with urine.

  • sweet fruits (grapes, pineapple, sour apples, etc.) and any sweets (chocolate, cookies, sweets), sugar and even sugar substitutes;
  • salty, sour, smoked;
  • energy drinks and alcohol;
  • spicy seasonings, alcoholic beverages;
  • tomato sauce, asparagus, beans;
  • citrus;
  • hard cheeses should also be abandoned for a while.
  • milk, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese;
  • any porridge, especially oatmeal and buckwheat;
  • light chicken and rabbit meat;
  • vegetables are recommended potatoes, beets and carrots.

The menu is not rich, but it contributes to the speedy recovery. Diets must be followed throughout the treatment and a week after the cystitis is defeated.

We help drugs – we wash out the bacteria

During cystitis, doctors advise to use from one and a half to three liters of fluid a day. Compotes, fruit drinks (especially cranberries and lingonberries), fruit and vegetable juices (with the exception of tomato), and mineral water (without gas) wash out bacteria from the bladder, which are just the cause of the infection. Good helps broth hips, only without sugar. Drink more – go faster on the mend. But coffee is also a drink! Why does he have doubts?

Dispel the myth of coffee

Everyone knows that coffee (like tea) contains caffeine. It causes all body systems to work more actively, accelerates the pulse, causes dilation of blood vessels and increases urine output. Many of us can not without the coffee dope.

Drinking coffee in normal doses stimulates the nervous system and enhances the process of excitation in the cerebral cortex. You drink a lot of coffee – you feel invigorated, you work for wear and you often run to the toilet. Coffee in large doses (more than 1000 mg – two large three hundred gram mugs per day) causes the depletion of nerve cells.

What conclusion do? It seems to be coffee in small doses is useful. After all, with cystitis, this is necessary: ​​more often empty the bladder and flush out harmful bacteria from there. What is the difference, do you drink coffee or lingonberry juice?

Cystitis doctors forum

The unpleasant secret is that with cystitis the bladder mucosa is inflamed. It is already attacked by pathogenic bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. They cause pain. Caffeine with its invigorating properties is an ally of these very bacteria. It irritates the mucous even more – and the pain you feel is much sharper. Drink the pills prescribed by the doctor, but their analgesic effect is neutralized by caffeine. Cystitis already delivers unpleasant troubles, so why bother to aggravate the situation?

Opinion of doctors

Use coffee during cystitis or not – it’s up to you. If you are a hopeless coffee lover, an unhappy hypotensive person or a chronic workaholic who cannot survive at work without 10 cups of coffee, think: what is more important – to recover soon or quench your caffeine addiction?

Drank a cup of natural, freshly brewed coffee – watch. If the pain does not become more noticeable, allow yourself coffee in limited quantities. But no more than two cups a day! Dilute the drink with milk or heavy cream to smooth out the irritating mucous effect.

And if cystitis is chronic?

Doctors strongly recommend eliminating the use of this aromatic and tonic drink only in the period of exacerbation. Caffeine can trigger complications. If you are weak, take a can of coffee to your neighbor.

You decide: either despite the advice of doctors to use caffeine or to give up an invigorating drink for a week and get well sooner.

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