Cough and nausea

Cough, provoking the appearance of vomiting reflex, may have a different nature of origin.

A considerable number of diseases that are associated with inflammatory processes of the respiratory system, can cause coughing, provoking vomiting. Usually such diseases include acute respiratory infections and bronchitis. Moreover, the more the disease manifests itself, the heavier its course, the greater the likelihood of vomiting. Most often, children suffer from such disorders, but in some cases adults may experience the same problems. It is important to know that if a child can tear out due to a viral disease, then in adults this indicates the presence of a more serious process. Often this is a severe course of complicated pneumonia or other even more severe conditions, when cough is present before vomiting.

A very strong cough as a result of irritation of the receptors of the throat walls contributes to vomiting. It is important to know that all attempts at self-treatment will not lead to a positive effect, but at the same time may lead to more serious problems. In no case should we postpone the visit to the doctor, since this is fraught with transition to the next, more severe stage of the disease, which will be difficult to treat.

To alleviate the suffering, until the moment you go to the doctor, you can resort to using the most benign remedies that are not capable of causing a serious side effect. The best means will be milk, honey, as well as tea with raspberries. In any case, it is impossible to take medicines without a doctor’s recommendation. Especially dangerous is the manifestation of allergy, in some cases it can lead to death, especially with late treatment.

If a child has a strong cough up to an emetic effect, this may indicate a disease such as whooping cough, transmitted by airborne droplets. Immunity to the disease is produced in the course of the disease. You can distinguish such a disease by drawing attention to the fact that it is impossible to stop a coughing fit with any antitussive drugs. This feature of the manifestation of the disease should alert, it is important to consult a doctor in time. Whooping cough can be accompanied by swelling of the vocal cords, making breathing difficult and dangerous to the health and life of the child. It is advisable to hospitalize such a patient, since only under the close supervision of a doctor can you quickly eliminate the threat to the life of the child and begin the correct treatment.

Cough and nausea

Adults can in some cases also suffer from the appearance of a strong, unbearable cough, which leads to an emetic reflex. Since the organism of an adult is significantly stronger, its immunity is much higher than that of a child and therefore it is more resistant to various kinds of infections and viruses. Accordingly, any catarrhal inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract have a more mild course. It is for this reason that you should be wary if a disease of the respiratory tract is accompanied in an adult with such a strong, intense cough that this causes an emetic reflex. Most often this is a consequence of a very serious illness. It is possible that the complications of the disease on the part of the upper respiratory tract are manifested in this way, which is a danger to the health or even the life of a person. Only a timely appeal to a specialist will help in time to identify the cause of this condition and get high-quality treatment aimed at eliminating negative symptoms and recovery.

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