Corn on the nipple

Corn on the nipple appears in women, usually during breastfeeding of the infant. This is due to the inflammatory process and nipple sores that cause the mother severe pain and severe discomfort when feeding the baby at the time of sucking. Corns are especially often formed on the nipples on the first day of feeding, since the young mother and her baby do not yet have experience.

Corn on the nipple

Factors leading to the development of corns on the nipples

Typically, this formation is a blister or blister, within which there is a liquid of a liquid type. If you open a similar formation, then in its place will always remain a crack, which will still be quite a long time to hurt. In some cases, these corns can be hardened, covering the top with the skin. They will be issued only seal, which appeared at the location of the corn.

The main reasons for the occurrence of such tumors are the following factors:

  1. While feeding a baby, his head is in the wrong position relative to the mother’s breast.
  2. The woman wears a rough, tightly squeezing bra.
  3. Bubbles can appear with heavy sweat due to high humidity in the decollete area.
  4. Corns often appear due to the wearing of synthetic clothing by a woman.

In the first period of formation of a corn, swelling and swelling appear in its place, and then this zone begins to ache. After that a blister forms that fills with lymphatic fluid. At this time, painful sensations appear when pressing on the walls of the bladder. Then the corn is opened, and in its place there is a wound or crack. If you do not start treatment, this area may be attacked by microbes, which will lead to the development of infection, and then the inflammation will go to the nearby skin.

How to treat calluses on the nipples?

The treatment process begins with the training of women in proper breast care. For example, after the end of feeding the child must wait until the moisture on the chest dries, and not to hide wet nipples under clothes. So-called air baths should be made three times for 10 minutes throughout the day. If spontaneous release of milk occurs, then it is recommended to put special absorbent wipes in the bra.

If there is pain on the surface of the breast, then first you need to massage the nipple, wetting it with drops of milk. This is due to the fact that a woman’s milk contains various vitamins and fats, which allow you to quickly restore normal skin. Doctors recommend doing this procedure to young mothers before each feeding of the baby.

Of the drugs for the lubrication of the nipples are usually appointed ointment type Lansinoh or Bepanten, as they do not affect the health of the child and do not spoil the quality of the mother’s milk.

Corn on the nipple

You can treat scrapes with the following drugs:

  1. Sea buckthorn oil.
  2. Tincture of oak bark and chamomile – it relieves inflammation.

Sometimes prepare a homemade ointment from dried herbs and vegetable oil. The components are pasteurized using a water bath. A cream made in this way is rubbed on the affected areas. Before feeding the baby, excess drug should be removed with a napkin.

Some young mothers often wash their breasts and apply brilliant green on it. Doctors do not recommend this, as soap and medicines can cause thinning of the skin in the nipple area. Compliance with the rules of care in the first days when feeding a baby leads to the appearance of the so-called working corn, which protects the skin from friction and does not cause severe pain.

Prevention of corns on the nipples

In order to avoid negative phenomena, it is necessary to massage the breast with breast milk, as described above. This allows you to strengthen the skin on the nipples, which prepares it for mechanical action when sucking.

But the main method of prevention is considered the correct location of the infant when feeding.

Many children initially grab the nipple, which subsequently leads to various complications. To eliminate them, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. The baby should be turned to the mother’s body with the whole body, and its chin should only touch the breast.
  2. When feeding, the infant should not hang down, as this leads to the nipple delaying. Therefore, the child must be kept very tight.
  3. The baby should completely grip the dark circle near the nipple, and its lower lip should bulge out.
  4. The mother should hear the sounds of the baby when swallowing, but there should be no suction effect on the cheeks.

If the size of the corn has increased despite all the means used, then it is necessary to feed the child with another breast for several days. You can apply and decanting milk, which is given to the child from a mug or with a spoon. This is done to eliminate the nipple habit on the bottle.

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