Cookies in the microwave

Acting on the gap

Despite the fact that the microwave oven is considered safe equipment, its waves can change the composition of the food. One lunch, warmed up in the microwave, will not kill anyone, but if there are such dinners for 10 years, the altered food can create a safe environment in the body for the development of diseases, for example, the gastrointestinal tract, asserts nutritionist, dm Mariyat Mukhina.

Cookies in the microwave

The main part of the microwave oven – magnetron – creates microwaves with a frequency of 2450 MHz. They act on the water molecules in products that begin to rotate and, due to the friction created, heat up and make food warm. “There are many dipole molecules in food, at one end of which there is a positive electric charge, and at the other – negative. These are molecules of protein, fat and sugars, but the main thing is that the water molecule itself is a dipole, the expert continues. – Usually the molecules are arranged randomly. But the magnetron aligns them strictly in the direction of the field lines, plus in one direction, minus in the other. Once the field is reversed, the molecules immediately rotate 180 degrees. In one wave, the field changes its polarity 2 times, for a total of 4,900,000,000 times per second! The microwave causes the molecules to tumble with a mad frequency, and the friction between water molecules and other molecules in food breaks and distorts them.

After a couple of minutes, cereals from cereals become saturated carcinogens. Free radicals are formed in them, which are formed by the friction of molecules and the detachment of an electron. “Free radicals are vampire molecules that restore a lost electron due to healthy cells of the gastrointestinal mucosa,” says Mariyat. – It is no coincidence that we have disappointing statistics: the mortality rate from diseases of the gastrointestinal organs increased in 2017 to 63.3 per 100 thousand population, which is 28.1% higher than the number of deaths in 2012 – 49.4 per 100 thousand population.

Cookies in the microwave

Burn the stomach

Lose vitamins and frozen foods. This is especially true for berries such as strawberries, cherries and cranberries, nutritionist Alexey Dobrovolsky. – Under the influence of microwaves, up to 60% of vitamin C is destroyed. It is better not to put some vegetables in the microwave. For example, the alkaloid solanine contained in eggplants becomes harmful due to the carcinogenic transformation of a substance under the influence of microwaves. Some vitamins lose broccoli. ”

Health risks are office workers who warm up food in plastic containers every day without the “allowed for use in a microwave” icon. “Using them, we add a portion of carcinogens to the food, as part of the toxic substances goes from plastic to food,” says a nutritionist. “Plastic substances negatively affect the endocrine system, which over time leads to serious health problems – autoimmune diseases, asthma, obesity, certain types of cancer, etc.”.

In addition, you can not put in the microwave products in a solid shell. “First of all it concerns eggs. When a product is warming up, water vapor is released and, if the product is in a casing, an internal pressure is created which can lead to an explosion, says Associate Professor, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Moscow State University, Andrei Drozdov. “And the products do not always explode inside the furnace; this can happen even after it was taken out.” The same thing happens with food in a sealed plastic wrap. ”

Cookies in the microwave

By the way, you can not put products with high water content (for example, tomatoes) in the microwave oven. Due to the sharp increase in temperature, the volume inside increases and the food, like eggs, just explodes.

In general, the expert advises not to abuse the microwave, and when using it, strictly follow the recommendations for heating: “If you warm up food under the action of 1000 W for 1-3 minutes, the product will lose most of its properties. In order for the product structure to change insignificantly, leave it in the oven for 6–7 minutes at 800 watts. Then it will evenly warm the food with almost no consequences. ”

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