Constantly temperature 37 2

I noticed recently that my temperature constantly became 37, 37-1, at first I measured in the evenings, I thought it was rising by night, then I measured it in the morning — also 37, before this was not, how do you think this is connected? can blood donate? And where to? for what? In general, I’m confused.


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[1370636281] – February 4, 2009, 13:59

possibly an inflammatory process. To pass the clinic, ESR, total urine. Well, to the therapist.

[324368428] – February 4, 2009, 13:59

I have the same. Already somewhere year holds. Analyzes revealed nothing. The only assumption that this is due to the fact that my back hurts, I can not sleep, the muscles are jammed, nerve strangulation. By the way, when she came to the therapist with a request for direction, she looked at me suspiciously and said: What kind of infection are you afraid of? I was not even pleased. Which I say in the subway, on the handrails. She came with the results to her, and she smiles sweetly and says everything is fine with you. What is the matter say? Somewhere inflammation is small. where am I? She – I do not know :)

[415917244] – February 4, 2009, 14:05

This may indicate the presence of parasites in the body.

[452018] – February 4, 2009, 2:12 pm

nothing hurts, there is an opinion that this from taking COC (I drink only 10 days) can rise from this?

[3120042917] – February 4, 2009, 14:21

I have been holding on for five years. I also can not understand why .. I already got used to it. all this is strange of course.

[3361018590] – February 4, 2009, 2:34 pm

I had a temperature of 37 – 37.5 for about half a year. What tests did I give: for all kinds of infections, such as STDs, AIDS, tuberculosis

[3081119408] – February 4, 2009, 14:56

in my school I went up in the evening, then it passed

[1823777839] – February 4, 2009, 15:17

[2719769638] – February 4, 2009, 15:37

It may also be due to nerves – did not worry about stress?

[3653675531] – February 4, 2009, 15:51

The author is a thermoneurosis. do not bother, stop measuring the temperature and do not think about it, will pass.

[452018] – February 4, 2009, 16:32

worried, some kind of irritable lately

[1368] – February 4, 2009, 17:37

Constantly temperature 37 2

I have this often happened. The temperature remained at 37-37.4 for several weeks. Handed over analyzes, revealed nothing. By the way, I have 2 thermometers: the usual mercury and electronic. So the mercury I consistently gives the temperature of 37.4, and the electronic 36.7. Strange.

[2573081131] – February 4, 2009, 17:44

check thyroid gland for knots, the relative had

[719663444] – February 4, 2009, 17:47

I also had 37 constantly after taking OK, the doctor said it was normal, some kind of nonsense, I also tend to get more inflammation.

[250245585] – February 4, 2009, 19:52

this temperature is called subfebrile. may be for various reasons. after ovulation. due to general fatigue. some kind of inflammation. I would have slept more, ate better, did not do much physical exertion — in short, would give the body a rest.

[1717323907] – February 4, 2009, 19:57

Make flurography. Experts say that such temperature can talk about the early stages of tuberculosis.

[930463895] – February 4, 2009, 20:12

Maybe on the nerves. Maybe chilled. Take the necessary PCR for hidden infections. Ureaplasma gives such a temperature. Well, blood and urine is also desirable.

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[290353282] – February 5, 2009, 00:09

Buy another thermometer, I’m not kidding. Once at home we shoved him somewhere, searched, spat and bought a new one. He showed everyone the temperature of 37 with a penny. Frightened, they began to measure every 2 hours, morning and evening. Already decided that the epidemic and amicably die out. And then there was an old one, so he showed everyone’s normal temperature (by the way, there are five of us in the family). Imagine, for the sake of interest, they put 2 thermometers under their arms, and the difference in temperature was 6 tenths. They threw a new nafig, nothing to steam, if the state of health is normal. And the pediatrician tells us the same thing: stop measuring the temperature of a child for no reason, if you get sick, you will notice. Sorry for oftop, of course.

[3457691475] – February 5, 2009, 10:14

Hello) Everyone loves to scare each

[2525066028] – February 5, 2009, 10:26

My daughter (12 years) such nonsense. They passed all the doctors, passed the tests, all the rules. A neurologist prescribed pills from. vegetative dystany. I ask, and what, it can give a temperature, and she answers, so you drink the pills, the temperature disappears, it means, it can, but it does not, it means it cannot.

[452018] – February 5, 2009, 10:31

Well, today I will invite the therapist, let’s see what he says you scared me so much. now it seems to me that I have a terrible disease .. (((

[3846994277] – February 5, 2009, 14:01

damn, I have the same garbage! but I started with all the illness I have chronic tanzallitis and now I have recovered and the temperature never drops. already the same tests I donated blood, urine, fluku everything is normal! Of course, I’m worried about this auger! 37 is always 37.2 in the evening Doctors also can not say anything.

[3846994277] – February 5, 2009, 14:19

Yes, and by the way, I read about fever in different forums! One doctor wrote that the temperature from 35.7-37.2 is considered normal! I don’t know. how good it is but before the illness I have never observed a fever. and who does not write for everyone different reasons in polyclinics put: who has immunity. who has stress and

[1074618755] – February 5, 2009, 19:31

I also created such a topic, I did not notice this one, my mother has such a temperature, analyzes are normal, but a breakdown. she calls me and is going through everything and makes me nervous, I see the frequent occurrence of subfebrile temperature, it will be necessary to calm her somehow

[1074618755] – February 5, 2009, 19:32

And in the evening t goes down a bit

[288029342] – February 5, 2009, 20:38

Constantly temperature 37 2

and I have such garbage for several years

[452018] – February 7, 2009, 00:00

passed all tests, everything is normal, and the pace rises and rises. what happened with me.

[3846994277] – February 8, 2009, 3:13 pm

Mda solo to say that with you! must probably go to a good specialist. What city do you live in?

[452018] – February 9, 2009, 16:10

I live in St. Petersburg, I have already bypassed everyone, checked it at night in a dream, there is no tempo. the tests are clean

[3846994277] – February 12, 2009, 15:25

I, too, with Peter))))) I have none at night either.

[2755450909] – February 14, 2009, 18:55

30 – I have already passed all the tests, biochemistry will be said on Tuesday Did you get tested? if not, I can tell a good clinic where I was doing. we can handle =)))) write if that I vdohhh @

[2755450909] – February 14, 2009, 18:55

[2146351657] – February 17, 2009, 18:18

tell me that

[1843039393] – February 18, 2009, 10:41

Tata, I as an experienced walker on this issue I advise 1) therapist and phthisiologist 2) give blood from finger and urine 3) biochemical blood if after that you have nothing, exclude pregnancy, if not, you have thermoneurosis.

[2146351657] – February 18, 2009, 20:27

You know my urine is all right, like they were leukocytes, but I pulled them, I also donated blood from my finger, but not about this, everything was also good. Anastasia, can you tell us in more detail what is thermoneurosis? Never encountered such a thing.

[822481242] – March 17, 2009, 18:50

I have the same situation! At first, Torepevt said it was due to the transitional age! I was 17 then! It’s 20 now and still has a temperature of 37! I recently began to notice that the temperature rises after ovulation! And after menstruation it returns to normal 1 again before ovulation!

[725345487] – March 21, 2009, 14:31

I have a temparature for 2 years now, 37.1-37.3. ESR shows high, but doctors no one can find where inflammation. I don’t know what to do.

[1538301598] – March 21, 2009, 14:33

With such cases, it is necessary to the endocrinologist, sometimes the hypothalamus reacts to some drugs like afobazl.

[2380449213] – March 22, 2009, 22:37

Yes. many have touched this problem. My temperature remained after a cold, already 2.5 years. Blood tests, good urine, thyroid is normal, was at the gynecodisal. nothing too. Neuropathologist prescribed a sedative, propyl no effect. She came to the neuropathologist at the reception, she asked me: How do you feel?. Everything is fine, I say, only the temperature does not decrease. And she told me: With the temperature, not to me, but to the therapist. So no one can give an answer or advise. Basically, I keep it 37-37.2, if I start to worry, worry 37.4 and it hurts my head, it hurts my eyes. This is a problem not only of the 21st century, but also of the past. My girlfriend’s mom had this for a long time, gone by herself. The doctors did not find anything.

[3752141027] – March 24, 2009, 13:48

And my temperature is 37-37.4 for about 10 years. After I gave birth to my first child. Maybe it’s a matter of metabolism?

[715454455] – March 27, 2009, 19:46

Constantly temperature 37 2

Periodically, my temperature rises to 37, I start to burn,

[1346790545] – March 31, 2009, 12:16

I am 18 years old. I have more than a week temperature

[2057401499] – March 31, 2009, 23:30

I am 26 years old and the situation is very similar. ill side with the right hand, the temperature has risen to

[1346790545] – April 2, 2009, 12:41

pancake. and here I thought, why am I nervous? I cut a wisdom tooth. Gums like and does not hurt, but the growth of the tooth can give a small temperature. And in general, I advise everyone not to panic))

[2146351657] – April 6, 2009, 00:10

I have been cutting a wisdom tooth for a year now and from that time I began to notice that the temperature was constantly

[2942368144] – April 6, 2009, 12:55

My daughter is 9 years old already the 8th day temperature is 37-37.5. She came from the artistic gymnastics competition and the next day the pace rose. Nothing but the temperature does not bother her. First, the doctor said that he needed to treat the throat, made all the appointments (bactrim, rinses, warm drinks, anaferon, vitamins). Constantly sing her tea with lemon, honey, raspberries. At night, the pace is gone, and she sweats a lot. And in the morning again, 37, today we are waiting for the doctor, but have not yet passed the tests.

[1786029582] – April 7, 2009, 19:53

I have now for several days the temperature rises to 37 in the evening,

New on the forum

[335613327] – April 8, 2009, 17:01

I have 7 years of such a temperature, already tortured.

[3732792989] – April 15, 2009, 16:08

Its high temperature from 36.8 at night and 37.3 at day, which is strange! I can also explain only by stress. Handed over the general blood test, urine – everything is fine. The therapist just led her hands that knows nothing. But it still bothers me. I think to pass another analysis of feces and do a X-ray.

[1364684563] – April 27, 2009, 15:36

Yes, it turns out so many people with the same problem. I suffer for 3 years and found nothing. Blood is normal, biochemistry too, fluorography is the norm, STD is normal. I already had all specialists and nothing. My temperature rises after dinner to 37 for a few hours and passes by itself, and so every day it all goes after childbirth. Gynecologist spreads his hands. I do not know the horror. Can someone tell me what?

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