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Brown spots on the skin may appear due to many reasons and differ from each other in the intensity of their color. These tumors, as a rule, are physiological in nature and do not cause any harm to a person, but sometimes they can be a manifestation of a skin disease.

Cone around the neck photo

It is known that the cells of the upper layer of the skin are responsible for the production of melanin skin pigment. It prevents the penetration of UV rays and thus protects the deeper layers from damage.

The fact that a person has spots on the body of brown color, due to the increased content in the cells of this particular pigment. These formations can occur in different areas of the skin, but they often appear in open areas and areas of frequent friction.

Causes of

Human skin actively responds to any changes that occur in the body. Hyperpigmentation can occur as a result of overwork or constant stress, but there are other reasons for its occurrence. The main ones include:

  • prolonged skin contact with the rays of the sun. When this occurs, excessive production of melanin, which is necessary to protect the skin from UV radiation;
  • Spots on the skin of brown color may appear after healing of blisters from burns or small wounds. Such formations, as a rule, disappear on their own after some time;
  • hormonal activity before or after childbirth. At the same time, spots can remain on the body for a rather long time, but they will also disappear sooner or later;
  • use of improperly prescribed drugs. Formations will begin to gradually disappear after the termination of their admission;
  • problems in the adrenal glands. Often, in this case, brown spots on the body begin to itch and peel.

In adults, hyperpigmentation may manifest as a placer of small brownish neoplasms that do not rise above the surface of the skin, and also do not cause pain or any particular inconvenience. In old age, open areas of the body become covered with senile spots, the reason for their appearance lies in the fact that in a certain place a large number of melanocytes accumulate, provoking the production of melanin – a coloring matter. It is his excess and affects the formation of brown spots.

Sometimes light brown spots on the body appear as a result of sunburn, and pigmentation can also intensify after a visit to the tanning bed.

Perhaps the rarest and most terrible reason for which these spots can appear is the consequence of Recklinghausen’s disease. When it develops neurofibromatosis (a disease that stimulates the appearance of malignant tumors throughout the body). Rough brown spots are formed on the skin and small pink nodules appear, bone deformation is initiated. Further, tumors of the spinal cord and nervous system are formed. Such symptoms after a certain time will lead to loss of hearing and vision, as well as complete paralysis of the spinal cord.

Another common reason for the appearance of brown spots on the back, neck and abdomen is color lichen, which is not particularly contagious and in most cases passes without any treatment. The size of lesions in some cases reaches 5-10 cm. The color varies from light to dark brown. Pityriasis versicolor is usually not accompanied by any subjective sensations, in isolated cases there may be a mild itch in the area of ​​the rash. The etiology of this type of lichen is also associated with the chemical peculiarity of sweat, since it is most often diagnosed in people leading an active lifestyle and suffering from hyperhidrosis. Another provoking factor is considered a strong hypothermia and a sharp decrease in immunity.

Photo of brown spots on the body

In order for sure to get rid of brown spots, it is worth initially to establish the cause of their appearance. A competent and qualified specialist will be able to do this on the basis of the prescribed examinations; it is not recommended to self-detect it. At the same time, it is important to take into account that either esthetic discomfort or the onset of peeling of spots can be the reason for treatment. Today there are several effective methods:

  1. laser therapy – brown spots on the body are treated with a laser beam, as a result of which they begin to turn white after several sessions;
  2. cryodestruction – the effect of liquid nitrogen on the skin, which leads to the death of melanin cells responsible for pigmentation;
  3. chemical peeling – in this procedure, the top layer of the skin is removed along with brown spots. Peeling is of three types: superficial (it is the most gentle), middle and deep, the choice is made by a doctor;
  4. photorejuvenation – a method based on the effects of radiation on the skin and the subsequent destruction of the melanin pigment. It may take 3-4 procedures, after which the spots will completely disappear.

If brown spots on the skin appear due to any disease, then they should be treated with the use of complex chemotherapeutic and drug courses. You also need to know that you can not remove the spots formed during pregnancy, until the childbirth occurs. They may disappear themselves, but if this does not happen, then a short course of treatment will quickly correct the situation.

When I was pregnant, in the second trimester, several brown spots appeared on the neck and abdomen. My gynecologist explained this hormonal failure, said not to worry, everything will pass after giving birth. And indeed, after the birth of a daughter, after 2-3 weeks and a trace of these spots remained, and for 2 years they have not appeared.

My color lichen manifested in the form of two large brown spots on the abdomen. I went to the doctor, she advised not to rush and wait a couple of weeks, saying that she would pass. After 10 days, the spots really discolored, but not completely gone. Only in the summer after sun was it possible to get rid of them. It’s good that the conscientious doctor got caught, otherwise the other would have given me the drugs for joy.

In my arms, small brown spots began to appear after 40 years, my husband speaks a little on his back. Never treated them in any way, and common sense dictates that it is useless. Brown spots after the age of 40 almost always mean aging and nothing can be done about it.

Good afternoon, please tell me. A girl, 27 years old, did not give birth, just a few days ago, three brown spots appeared in the groin area. Size 1-2 mm. Do not hurt, do not itch, do not seem to increase in size. Could it be a color lichen or something else? Do I need to run to the doctor or can I watch them? Thank you very much.

Asya, I have exactly the same situation as you describe, after 40, I think you can’t do anything about it, but my daughter, dug out the cream from that clearing, had been reading in the Internet, as if it was bleaching the skin, on the nose like spring and until the end of summer freckles appear, so it smears, let’s see what happens, of course, I understand her, she is young, and of course she cares more.

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