Cold ovarian symptoms

This disease is often a lot of disguise. As a rule, colds of various forms are considered to be catarrhal diseases, but in our people there is such a thing as “ovary cold”.

Symptoms of ovarian cold

This is an insidious disease that can even lead to infertility. This ailment, like any inflammatory process, often rapidly develops, and can also end in a rather pitiable way. And this means that it is very important to “catch” this type of cold at the initial stage and thoroughly treat it.

Painful symptoms of the disease appear in the lower abdomen or in the sacrum, which are aggravated by physical exertion and menstruation. It happens that the pain is felt in the hips. The disease is sometimes accompanied by fever. If you do not start treatment in a timely manner, there may be unpleasant consequences, these are painful critical days before the violation of the cycle, as well as purulent damage to the ovaries.

Features of treatment of colds ovaries

Why is treating a disease so important? The fact is that this disease can lead to infertility. This is especially true of bilateral oophoritis. So, if you find the above symptoms, contact your doctor for treatment. Most often, patients are prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics, physiotherapy procedures. Useful also rest in a sanatorium. Used to treat colds and candles, vitamin complexes. The acute form of the disease is most often treated in the hospital, since during this period there is a high probability of the patient’s state of health.

Cold ovarian symptoms

Surgical treatment is rarely done – in cases where the disease is neglected and not treatable. Refusing surgery is not necessary because oophoritis can quickly spread throughout the ovaries and throughout the body, leading to infertility. If the treatment is carried out in a timely manner, this can be avoided.

For the treatment and use of traditional medicine. Do not forget to consult with your doctor before using them to combat the disease was as effective as possible!

Cold ovarian symptoms

Treatment of folk remedies for colds ovaries

Home remedies can also be used to alleviate the course of the disease and reduce pain:

Clean the stomach. To do this, it is not recommended to use castor oil, it can increase the pain. After cleansing, put a bladder on the stomach, remaining lying in bed with ice, especially when the temperature is elevated.

Taking mud baths and potassium iodide helps in the treatment of chronic colds of the ovaries. There are useful hot douching.

Abandon all sexual intimacy until the pain passes.

You can lubricate the abdomen with Ichthyol ointment; you can use Ichthyol-glycerin tampons.

In the diet for colds of the ovaries include pumpkin juice, pumpkin dishes, decoction prepared from the hair with corn cobs.

The main thing to remember is that it is not the symptoms of the disease that need to be treated, but the cause of the inflammation of the ovaries. In order not to start the disease and prevent its transition to the chronic form, you should visit your gynecologist at the first symptoms.

Causes of colds ovarian disease

In the literal sense of the disease with such a name as cold of the ovaries in nature does not exist. Since neither the kidneys, nor the appendages, nor the ovaries is simply impossible to catch a cold. Here we are talking about inflammatory processes, which are often triggered by either a previous respiratory tract infection, or a banal hypothermia. The disease often has both a chronic and acute form.

The main cause of the disease is an infection resulting from non-observance of the usual rules of sexual hygiene and personal hygiene. This cold can be provoked by an infection that gets into the ovaries from the fallopian tube, intestines or peritoneum. Such colds as SARS, douching with cold water or hypothermia favor the action of the infection, which is why they call it “ovarian colds”. If you delay the treatment of such inflammation, do not start in a timely manner, then it will become chronic.

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