Cold or Allergy Quiz

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Take care of the Earth, take care!

Author : Zatulnaya Zoya Ivanovna, a primary school teacher of MBOU Annovskaya Secondary School named after Hero of the Soviet Union

PROGRESS 1. Organizational moment The class is divided into 2 teams. Each team has a name, emblem.The teacher holds the globe. 2. The main part. Like an apple on a saucer, We have one Earth.Take your time peopleAll exhausted to the bottom.No wonderUntil hidden caches.Plunder all the wealthIn future centuries.We are the common grains life,One fate kin.Shame on usOn account of the future day.Understand this peopleAs your own order.No Earth will notAnd each of us. Students read poems. 1. I look at the globe – a globe, And suddenly he sighed as if he were alive; And continents whisper to me: You save us, save!2. In the anxiety of groves and forests, Dew on the grass, like a tear! And the springs silently ask:You save us, save!3. The deep river is sad, losing your shores And I hear the voice of the river: You save us, save!4. The deer stopped his run, Be a man, man!We believe in you – do not lie: You save us, save!5. I look at the globe – a globe, So beautiful and dear! And whispering lips in the wind: I will save you, save! Presentation presentation

Teacher: – Look around: what a wonderful, wonderful world surrounds us – forests, fields, rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, sky, sun, animals, birds. This is nature. Our life is integral to it. Nature feeds, waters, clothes us. She is generous and unselfish. At the writer Paustovsky

Now we will hold a quiz Take care of the land, take care. We will compete with teams, the winning team will receive a medal Connoisseurs of the surrounding world.There is one planet gardenIn this cosmos cold.Only here the forests are noisyBirds shouting migratoryOnly on her one bloom,Lilies of the valley in the green grass,And dragonflies only hereLook in the river in surprise.Take care of your planet -After all, the other, similar, no!

1st competition. Quiz Forest riddles. Teams take turns answering questions. 1. What are the names of animals whose body is covered with feathers? (Birds).2. What are the names of animals whose body is covered with scales? (Fish).3. What are the names of animals whose body is covered with wool? (Beasts).4. Chicks, which birds do not know their mother? (Cuckoo).5. Who travels by air on a string? (Spider).6. Who has a pantry on the bitch? (Do squirrels).7. What is the thinnest thread in nature? (Web).8. What bird is called white-sided? (Magpie).9. There are lumberjacks on the rivers In silver-brown coats From trees, branches, clay Build strong dams. (Beavers).10. Little animal jumps: Not a mouth, but a trap. Will fall into the trap And the mosquito and the fly. (Frog).11. Above the river he is in flight This wonder plane. Over the water it soars smooth, On the flower of his landing. (Dragonfly).12. I carry a house on my back, But I will not invite guests: In my bone house Only one place. (Turtle).13. There is a ropeHissing cheatIt’s dangerous to take her Will bite. Clear? (Snake).14. Waves to the beach areParachute – not parachuteHe does not swim, does not dive,Only you touch – burns. (Jellyfish). 2nd contest. Game Fourth odd. Cross out the extra. Tell me why?1 team1. Maple, mountain ash, spruce, tulip. Because …2. Birch, oak, wild rose, poplar. Because …3. Apple tree, currant, raspberry, mountain ash. Because …4. Aspen, linden, oak, spruce. Because …2 team5. Pine, poplar, mountain ash, willow. Because …6. Linden, aspen, maple, apple. Because …7. Pear, plum, poplar, cherry. Because …8. Strawberry, rose, lily of the valley, violet. Because …

Cold or Allergy Quiz

3rd competition. Game Collect cones. (Cones are scattered on the field. One member of the team leaves each).- Who will collect more cones. (Repeat several times).

Students read poems. 1. Everything – from the old pine at the fenceTo a big dark burAnd from the lake to the pond -Environment.And the bear and the elkAnd Vaska the kitten, I suppose?Even a fly – wow! -Environment.I love silence on the lakeAnd in the pond are roof reflections,To rip the blueberries I love in the forest,Badger love and fox. I love you forever,Environment!

2. In nature, so much beauty -Look and you will understandWhy dewy bushesEnvelops shiver.Where, murmuring, the stream runs,Clear glassWhat about the evening, in the field of rye,Sing quail. Let it be your heartBird speech is clear -And you will learn toHow to protect it all.

4th contest. Collect the word. Letters are confused in words, change their places so that words would turn out. 5th competition. Collect a proverb. Team members receive envelopes with the proverbial text cut into words. At the master’s signal, they must open the envelope and glue the proverb.(If there were a forest, the nightingales would fly in.).The proverb text is presented to the jury, which assesses the accuracy and speed of the assignment.In the meantime, the teams are working, we offer fans to guess the riddles and bring an additional point to their team.Riddles1. Russian beauty, We all love it. Bela she is slim The clothes are green. (Birch tree).2. They rush straight into the sky, upwards;Look carefully:Not birch, not aspen,There are no leaves, there are needles. (Ate).3. Here is a keg with a cap,From the tree fell. A year has passed – and a tree He became small. (Acorn).4. The branches over the river inclined,The river looks sad. (Willow).5. Autumn will come quietlyMarvelous tree will be: The leaves are bright stars, Golden, hot. (Maple).6. Summer hot bloom -Immediately the bees are calling to themselves. Round leaflets Light flowers. Delicious, sweet is their nectar. Did someone tree know? (Linden).7. What kind of tree is it? He treats bullfinches? The snow stands, the frost cracks, But the berries are delicious. (Rowan). 6th contest. Funny little animals. If you watch the animals, you can see a lot of interesting and funny. And now I suggest teams to depict animals, so that everyone guesses – WHO IS IT?1. Crane and heron.2. The lion and the dog.3. Crow and fox.4. Three bears. Teacher: Guys, now, before we will hold the next contest, let’s see Scene Turnip Host: Grandfather planted a turnip. And when it is planted? (Children respond: spring) Grandfather: How much time has passed, but it does not grow. Grandma, go help! Grandma: Yes, our nurse is small! I’ll go get some water from the river, some water. (Brings water red) Grandfather: Something strange water. Where did you get her? Grandma: In our river. Likely, it is necessary to call the granddaughter, to consult. Granddaughter, come here. Look how beautiful the water is. Granddaughter: Grandma, where did you get this water? Grandma: In our river. Granddaughter: What, you! What are you! This water can not be used. The turnip will die immediately. This plant pours out the used water. I’ll go bring water from the spring. (Brings water from a spring, waters, everyone sits near the turnip and waits)Grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter sigh: Not growing!Granddaughter: Bug, go help! Bug: We must loosen the ground! (Bug paws loosening the ground, throws cans, bottles)Bug: Probably, the tourists rested near our garden. Cat, go home, help! (The bug and the cat loosen the ground and throw out different trash) Cat: Wow, tired! Well, tourists. Rested and littered all around. (The bug and the cat sit next to the grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter) All: Grow, turnip, big-very big. Now the water is clean and the land is loose. (The turnip starts growing) Mouse: Why don’t you call me? Turnip has grown? All (in unison): Yes! Host: Grandpa for turnips, grandma for grandpa, Granddaughter for grandmother, Bug for granddaughter, Cat for the Bug, mouse for the cat, Pull, pull – and pulled the turnip.

Cold or Allergy Quiz

7th contest. Sort the trash Use the arrow to move the pictures of items in the squares with the inscription. 8th contest. Forest Rules You should say yes and clap your hands.If you came to the forest for a walk,Fresh air to breathe,Run, jump and play.Just don’t mind it, That one cannot make noise in the forest, Even sing very loud!Scared little animals Run away from the forest edge.Do not break oak branches, (yes)And remember more often:Clean up trash! (Yes)In vain the flowers do not tear! (Yes)Do not shoot a slingshot, (yes)You came not to kill!Butterflies let them fly,Well, to whom they interfere?There is no need to catch everyone, (yes)Stomp, clap, stick to beat. (Yes)You are only a guest in the forest.Here the owner is oak and elk.Take care of their peace After all, they are not our enemies. While the jury is half the results, the students speak. 1. Let’s be Make friends with each otherLike a bird – with the sky,Like a field – with a plow,Like the wind – with the sea,Grass – with rain,How friendly the sun isWith all of us!Let’s beTo strive forTo love usAnd the beast and the bird.And they trusted us everywhereAs the most faithfulTo my friends!2. Take care of the earth. Take careLark in the blue zenith,Butterfly on the leaves dodder,On the paths sun glare.On the stones of a playing crab,Above the desert is the shadow of baobab,A hawk hovering over the fieldClear month over the river calmSwallow flashing in life.Take care of the earth! Take care!3. Let’s decorate the Earth togetherPlant gardens, plant flowers everywhere.Let’s respect the earth togetherAnd treat with tenderness, like a miracle!We forget that we have one -Unique, vulnerable, alive.Beautiful: even summer, though winter …She’s the one, the one!

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