Clear mucus discharge

During the menstrual cycle, women’s secretions vary in consistency and quantity, and in the presence of various diseases, their color and smell may change. The appearance of unusual vaginal discharge sometimes raises a lot of questions for a woman. Is their change a sign of illness or is it a variant of the norm? For example, clear stretching mucous secretions – is this normal or not?

Normal discharge is considered to be mucous, slightly turbid, insignificant discharge. Their opacity is explained by the presence of epithelial cells in the vagina, and during the day they get a slightly yellowish color on the laundry or lining.

However, during ovulation, that is, about 12-16 days of the menstrual cycle, the amount and nature of discharge in women changes, they acquire a stretching consistency, become more slimy and more transparent, resembling egg white (see signs of ovulation). Their number also changes, they become more abundant, but last no more than 2-3 days. Moreover, during ovulation, the lower abdomen can hurt, or rather the ovaries – this is normal if the pain occurs in literally 1-2 days. It is considered normal and do not worry and go to the doctor about it.

Clear mucus discharge

Also, it is considered normal to increase clear discharge before intercourse, when excited before or after sex. In such cases, discharge does not irritate the genitals, does not cause burning, itching, discomfort, and is considered normal.

If a woman still doubts whether her vaginal discharge is normal, it is better to have a smear test, if the number of leukocytes does not exceed the norm, and the sticks prevail in the flora, it means there is no inflammatory process and you should not worry about it.

You can also not worry if after ovulation, that is, in the second half of the cycle, the excretions become more scarce, they acquire a kisseloobrazny, creamy consistency. Before menstruation in 2-3 days, such discharge may be more abundant. If transparent stretching mucous secretions do not have an unpleasant smell, then the woman has nothing to worry about.

But if the smell becomes saturated, unpleasant, sour, putrid, or the smell resembles the smell of rotten fish, it can be symptoms of bacterial vaginitis or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Clear mucus discharge

If the discharge becomes abundant, yellow-green or rich yellow – also an alarming sign (abundant yellow discharge from women). You should definitely consult a gynecologist for advice if a woman over 40 years old has an abundant discharge, watery or slimy.

If the amount of discharge for a long time is more than a teaspoon per day, if the color of discharge is not transparent, and brown (brown discharge instead of menstruation, blood discharge in the middle of the cycle) is green or yellow, if in addition pains in the lower abdomen, pain during sexual intercourse Act, during urination, itching in the vagina, redness, burning sensation in the genital area, especially if there was even a slight increase in body temperature – all this is a serious reason to see a specialist to find out when the appearance of even one of these symptoms.

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