Chigger treatment

Benzyl benzoate, ointment and emulsion: official instructions on the use of drugs based on benzyl benzoate are presented according to the data of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, prices are as of March 2016. In the video at the end of the article review dermatologist

Chigger treatment

The composition of the ointment and emulsion Benzylbenzoate includes:

  • the organic compound benzyl benzoate of the same name, an ester of benzyl alcohol and benzoic acid with the formula C6H5CH2O2CC6H5;
  • Composite substances can be different: trolamine, stearic acid, macragol, etc. They stabilize the emulsion and complement its effect on parasites.

Benzyl benzoate is a thick liquid or a flaky substance that has a mild, herbal balsam smell that resembles hyacinth or tuberose flowers. Benzyl benzoate is found in Peruvian and Tolutan balsams and Sudocrem.

Chigger treatment

Ointment or emulsion of white or slightly creamy, yellowish shade with a sweetish odor

Official instructions for use

We asked the dermatologist Irina Solovieva to supplement the official instructions, leave feedback on the use of drugs based on benzyl benzoate, ointment or emulsion.

Pharmacological action and indications for use

The WHO – the World Health Organization – included benzyl benzoate (as a chemical) in the list of essential medicines necessary for the life and health of mankind.

Formally, benzyl benzoate belongs to the group of anti-scabies and the main indication: simple scabies and Norwegian scabies, but its effect extends to other parasites:

  • it is used as a remedy against ticks, to combat scabies, itching, subcutaneous ticks with demodexes, as well as lice, but the pediculocidal effect is limited only to lice, the drug does not work on nits, is used when infected with pubic lice;
  • acts as a weak deterrent for chiggers, ticks and mosquitoes. This is a very inexpensive remedy for topical treatment of scabies in humans.

Side effects

Benzyl benzoate is a little toxic in animal experiments. It is quickly cleaved by hydrolysis to benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol, which are then converted to benzoic acid. Benzoic acid compounds are rapidly excreted through the kidneys.

  • It is believed that in adults the drug benzyl benzoate in the form of an ointment or emulsion cannot have a toxic effect, since it is practically not absorbed through the skin.
  • Benzyl benzoate irritates the skin.

A warning!

In children, especially in preterm, the substance is absorbed, the products of benzyl benzoate metabolism are toxic to the infant’s body.

The medical literature describes cases of poisoning with benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol with the development Gasping syndrome – shortness of breath, choking, skin rash – purpura and brain damage.

In Europe, benzyl benzoate is prohibited for use in children under 3 years of age, and in our instructions for use of the drug the age of 18 years is indicated (for benzyl benzoate ointment 20%). Under the daily supervision of a physician, 10% benzyl benzoate emulsion is sometimes used in young children (with caution), babies are treated in the hospital!

Application features

Applying an ointment or emulsion for the treatment of scabies, it must be remembered that the substance is applied to the skin twice and is not washed off in between the applications! Put on the first day of treatment and 4 days of treatment, on the fifth it is necessary to bathe and be sure to change clothes.

Feature: the drug is used at night when the female mite is most active, before the first application to the skin, you need to wash, rubbing the skin with a washcloth to destroy a little surface layer of the epidermis and scabies moves (throw the washcloth).

Benzyl Benzoate Analogs

All domestic analogues, which contain Benzyl benzoate, are also called, only the manufacturers and the form are different: ointment or emulsion Benzyl benzoate.

The price of the drug is just wonderful. Most manufacturers stopped at the national price of 20 rubles

  • Price 1 tube ointment 25 g in Moscow in 2016 from 20 rubles. up to 100 rubles (course $ 1 = 70 rubles);
  • The price of 1 bottle of emulsion 20% 200 g – 128 rub.
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