Chest pain causes

The appearance of constriction in the chest, many people associate with heart disease, usually it happens. Quite often, violations of the heart muscle function become the causes. But not only this will cause discomfort and pain in the chest. Patients have chest pains of various etiologies.

What could be the causes of oppressive chest pain?

Why is pressing in the sternum in the middle and breathing hard?

The main causes of compression

The main causes of compression in the sternum are diseases of the heart, digestive organs, neuralgia, increased rib brittleness. Sometimes this is how spinal diseases manifest. To establish the root cause, you need to pass tests and be examined.

Unpleasant sensations of constriction in the chest can appear as symptoms of a developing disease. They will have different strengths or appear at certain times. According to characteristic signs and test results, the doctor will be able to make the correct diagnosis.

What causes sensations, as if crushes in the chest:

  1. Pathology of the musculoskeletal system, which is called osteochondrosis of the spine. With its development in the thoracic region, the patient feels tight in the chest. This disease occurs due to changes in the height of the vertebrae. In this case, the nerve endings, which provoke pain, are impaired. Stronger they become during exercise.
  2. Signs of diseases of the digestive system are in the appearance of painful spasms. They occur when the contents of the stomach in the esophagus.
  3. Neuralgia, which will be called intercostal. It occurs after injuries or in inflammatory processes. The pain becomes stronger when moving, especially turning the trunk. At this point, the chest wall will narrow as you exhale and inhale.
  4. An ulcer or gastritis helps produce more gastric juice. So, it happens before the meal. Therefore, accumulates gas, which causes an increase in the volume of the stomach. It puts pressure on the thoracic obstruction, because of this difficulty breathing occurs and a tightness in the region of the heart will be felt.
  5. Problems with the lungs when blocking the artery of the lungs with a thrombus or air embolus. The pain will be quite severe and death will occur without medical care.
  6. The consequence of attacks occurring with the appearance of panic. The patient has increased respiration and pulse, and seizures may occur.
  7. Angina provokes chest pains. This is due to the malfunctioning of the heart or the lack of oxygen for the myocardium. Circulatory impairment due to the formation of a blood clot or plaque. The development of this disease is quite long.
  8. When aortic dissection may occur, pain in the chest. The pain develops rapidly. The patient needs urgent medical attention.

These causes will provoke pain in the middle of the ribcage or on the right side. A timely appeal to a specialist will help to cure the disease and relieve a person from unpleasant sensations.

Chest pressure on the left

The main causes of painful sensations on the left can cause difficulty breathing, along with pain. She is very strong or aching, oppressive.

The main precipitating factors:

  • Aortic aneurysm. In this case, the vessel membrane is exfoliated and the tissues are compressed. The patient requires urgent diagnosis and surgery;
  • Ischemia or heart attack. Always accompanied by pain in the left side of the chest. A person begins to worry, breathing is difficult. Such signs appear with a large lesion of the heart muscle;
  • A stomach ulcer. Characterized by the appearance of pain after eating. Helps to relieve its antispasmodics;
  • Inflammatory process in the pancreas. It provokes a rather strong pain on the left side. When eating, it will increase;
  • The resulting hernia of the esophagus. Will cause difficulty in breathing and pain after eating;
  • changes in the spine which provoked damage to the nerve endings.

These are the most common causes of pain on the left side of the chest. They may differ from the factors that caused the discomfort, on the other hand.

Crush in the middle of the chest

If there is a heaviness in the sternum in the middle, breathing heavily must be considered other reasons.

Most often these are:

  1. Spasms in the muscle, which appeared with a large load or stressful situations. The use of special medication allows you to get rid of this problem, but it is not recommended to select it yourself.
  2. When the deformity of the vertebra, directly his thoracic. Any pinching of nerves, pressure on muscles or soft tissues can cause pain in the chest. It is able to change the shape of the spine: curvature of the spine, crushing of the vertebral discs, hernia, inflammatory process in the joints.
  3. Intercostal neuralgia, which is characterized by muscle pain, can provoke pressure.
  4. In children, pressing pains in the chest appear with laryngitis, adenoids, inflammation of the laryngeal nerve or pharyngitis.

It is important to be able to help a person with a feeling of tightness in the chest. It is necessary to call an ambulance, but before the advent of doctors, emergency assistance may be needed. If a person has a diagnosis of angina pills take a nitroglycerin tablet. To help a person take a comfortable posture and restore breathing. The causes of the development of pain can be determined by examination.

Diagnosis and treatment

Any treatment can be prescribed after the diagnosis has been established. The doctor decides which examination the patient is undergoing. After the diagnosis is established, the specialist selects the methods of getting rid of the disease.

Chest pain causes

Quite often, contraction in the area of ​​the diaphragm is accompanied by difficulty in breathing. Diagnostic and treatment methods depend on many factors and feelings of the patient.

Ways to determine the nature of pain in the sternum:

  • a small test is carried out: the patient raises his right arm, if he feels a squeezing of the heart on the right, this indicates neuralgic causes of constriction;
  • To study the work of the heart, they do an ultrasound scan, an electrocardiogram. Such measures are necessary in violation of heart rhythm. The results of the study are studied by a cardiologist, who will prescribe treatment afterwards;
  • when pain is observed when breathing, the lungs need to be examined. To do this, do x-rays, fluorography. With their help identify tumors and inflammatory processes;
  • if pain and deterioration occurs after eating, the digestive organs should be examined. To do this, blood tests and FGDS;
  • chest pain when swallowing food is characteristic of a sore throat. The patient is examined by an otolaryngologist;
  • fracture of the ribs provokes a complication in which air can get into the pleural cavity. Pneumothorax can be determined by X-ray. Such a patient is placed in a hospital and the treatment requires surgery.

The most common causes of constriction and heaviness in the chest are diseases of the cardiovascular system, signs of pulmonary embolism. These patients need immediate medical attention.

The factors that caused chest discomfort may have individual characteristics. At occurrence of characteristic symptoms, self-treatment is prohibited, therapist selects all methods of investigation and treatment individually. If necessary, a specialist is involved. This may be a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, or a neurologist.

Breast pains have a different nature of appearance. Their appearance should not go unnoticed and requires an appeal to doctors. Often this is due to heart disease. The stomach, pancreas, spine also provoke pains in this area. Self-treatment leads to complications and irreversible processes in the human body.

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