Champagne Snacks

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Today I have culinary delights. Bite something necessary! And not just like that, but with the mind, with knowledge of etiquette, rules of compatibility of products and alcoholic beverages.

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No one will argue that champagne is a drink of celebration and happiness. We raise glasses of sparkling wine in honor of the birthday man, celebrate New Year with champagne splashes, accompany them with a fun party and celebrate the successful completion of the case.

Many are interested in the question: what is served to the champagne, and then pineapples are already trite, but the grouse is somehow not in the future. I did a real research job – and now I will not make annoying mistakes, like most of us, setting the table with champagne.

But, all in order. Champagne can be served in different ways – as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to the entire banquet or buffet, and as the final drink to the dessert. Depending on this, any sweets are selected to him.

It turned out that there are certain rules for combining sparkling wines and products, and some stereotypes familiar to us from Soviet times are puzzling, if not horrified, by the gourmets tempted in this business.

Taboo on the table with champagne

For example, connoisseurs are considered unacceptable to combine with champagne pork, dark chocolate, coffee and oranges. In a bad way, mushrooms will be served to the noble drink – well, except for truffles. And since they do not threaten us, then do not put any mushrooms on the table.

Also, salads with mayonnaise do not go to the bubble drink at all. And that is exactly what our parents did – what a New Year without a Olivier basin! True, then the choice of products was very limited – there was nothing to sort out. But now you can do it right!

Champagne Snack

So. If you serve champagne as an aperitif, then such products and dishes are served for snack:

To brut and dry champagne:

  • seafood (but, no lemon juice!);
  • goat cheese on skewers;
  • Brie and Camembert cheeses;
  • canape with pineapple and yellow cheese;
  • raw apples in sugar caramel.

To semi-dry and semi-sweet:

  • French and Italian blue cheeses;
  • aged hard cheeses;
  • foie gras;
  • salted red fish;
  • canapes with fish (trout, pink salmon) and quail eggs;
  • canapes with caviar;
  • sushi

For sweets (although it is practically not served at the beginning of the feast):

  • White chocolate;
  • sweet and salty almonds;

Already drooling, but we have not yet reached the hot.

With the main dishes of champagne so

To brut and dry champagne:

  • grilled fish and seafood dishes;
  • sea ​​fish and trout in any form;
  • chicken in nut sauce;
  • quail in honey sauce;
  • green salad with shrimps and pears;
  • baked turkey with Mediterranean herbs;
  • medium-fat veal steaks;
  • lamb chops with cherry;
  • Hot dishes with squids.

Champagne Snacks

To semi-dry and semi-sweet:

  • chicken with oranges;
  • chicken cutlets (for example, in Kiev);
  • poultry rolls;
  • duck in any form – to pink varieties;
  • tuna in any form;
  • Do not believe it, but good pizza! (without oregano);
  • cold soups (mashed cheese, onion, spinach);
  • fondue of any kind.

For sweet varieties:

  • fruit and meat skewers;
  • chicken rolls in nut bread crumbs;
  • cheese and chocolate fondue.

Sparkling Wine Desserts

To brut and dry marks:

  • sweet fruit jelly;
  • fried peaches and apricots with powdered sugar;
  • mango and kiwi salads;
  • pineapple with white chocolate;
  • sweet nutty desserts.

To semi-dry and semi-sweet:

  • all strawberry desserts (including chocolate);
  • fruit sorbet;
  • puff pastries with coconuts and fruits;
  • watermelon and melon;
  • light cakes without butter creams.

For sweet champagne is served:

Champagne Snacks

  • berry and mint jelly with pastilka;
  • cakes with a light cream and berries;
  • grapes;
  • desserts with plums;
  • cherry strudel

In general, I urgently go to the kitchen – and I don’t need any champagne! Simply, yummy need to distract, and then you can get sick. And we will save a bottle of sparkling Asti – soon there will be a reason. Just peaches ripened.

You all the best. Treat yourself too – do not wait for this New Year. And look at my blog – I will be glad!

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